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The Infernal Masquerade
Salvia divinorum (45x extract)
Citation:   Fourth Musketeer. "The Infernal Masquerade: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (45x extract) (exp57583)". Jul 3, 2009.

2 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
My experience with Salvia began when I heard about Salvia a few years ago at a party. I never really researched it seriously until I became hugely interested in psychedelic drugs, but I had always maintained an interest in Salvia. In the next paragraph, I will describe my previous experience with Salvia as to give the observer an idea as to what I had expected. I will try to describe in absolute detail to the very best of my memory exactly what and how I felt using Salvia. Hence, this will be a long read, so that's just a heads up.

Anyway, this was not my first experience with Salvia - prior to this I had had several trips involving some 6x extract which my friend had procured. To summarize those experiences, I will say that I took some pretty moderate hits, but never really experienced the full-blown trip which I was looking for. Some of the effects were feeling disconnected with my body – on more than one occasion I felt confused as to how to properly use my legs. On one occasion I was standing and fell (thankfully I was leaned on a wall), and on another I started running in a very strange, robotic manner. On each of these occasions, I did not really get any visual alteration – the major effect was what I would describe a mild insanity. I was disappointed by the lack of visuals and shamanistic insight. On each of these occasions, I must also note, that I completely forgot I had taken Salvia on the peak of my trip, which I usually feel about 20 seconds after inhalation. Sometimes, I would feel a strong pressure in my head centering between my temples and just above my eyes. Also, my speech would be slurred following my Salvia trips – I would attempt to describe them to my fellow trippers immediately afterwards, and I would feel naïve about how I describe the trips.

So, about two weeks following this sequence of trips I had with a friend's Salvia, I decided I would find out what the plant is really about, and I ordered a gram of 45X Salvia off the internet. I received the package in a letter envelope three days later, and that night, I pack my pipe with what I eyeballed to be just under half a gram. I call my friend (and soon to be trip sitter) who's in the room next to me and tell him, “Let's go for a smoke.” Basically, I kinda forced him to be my trip sitter. Anyway, I went outside, in a slightly wooded area very close to my dorms. It was dark and peaceful out. So, I went ahead. I light the pipe, take a big hit, hold for five seconds, exhale. The pipe is a bubbler so I have no problem taking huge hits. The second hit I tried to finish the rest of the pipe – I am not sure if this goal was accomplished as I totally forgot where I was and what I was doing at that point, in the middle of the hit, as I can remember starting the hit, but not exhaling.

The parts of the trip which I remember, I remember clearly. The beginning of the trip was sort of a clarity. I wasn't thinking about much. I got up from where I was sitting by the corner of my dorm building and started walking into the trees which were planted near there in rows. The trees are planted about 10 feet from one another, so it's pretty dense, and there is sort of an end to the trees where there are lights, and a street can be seen with cars passing, etc. As I look at this horizon, I see a sort of light beaming at the end. All of a sudden, this “horizon area” that can be seen at where the trees end and there is a clearing, I see a brilliant light.

All of a sudden, I am granted understanding. It's extremely difficult to explain the emotions and thoughts that go through my mind when I'm tripping, but I'll try to use words as best I can so the reader can have maybe a tenth of an idea of what I felt. Through the light that I saw on the woods, I could feel a sentient being which had decided that this world is useless. For a second, I considered the objects that I held in my hand (they were the pipe and lighter I had used), and I wondered why I was holding them. I decided that I had no idea what they were, and in any case, they didn't matter in the light of this revelation. This world is a sort of puppet world, for show – and it was no longer needed. So that's why this rift came to be – the world was being observed, and it was decided that it is useless.

At this point, I saw my trip sitter, Burger, and I could understand that he knew this. Actually, I don't think I actually saw him – I imagined him, because at this point, I was not really seeing anything, I was completely removed from my body. Past the point where I saw the light, I don't think I directly perceived any visual stimuli through my eyes until after the trip was over. This is not to say that I was not seeing things clearly. Not only could I see, but I entered an extremely bizarre perspective. I can only describe it as being in the back of my skull, peering through my brain. Also, the way I felt was as though my point of vision was in such a manner placed that it was as though my eyes were on this plain, but the rest of my body was outside of my vision. I was the ground, yet every other part of my body was still attached, but on the outside, sort of just hanging. And on this plain where I could see, I could feel my mind. While this may sound like a pleasant feeling, I assure you, it's not, coupled with the knowledge that had been imparted to me by the light.

Next, I saw (though I don't think “saw” is an accurate word – I experienced) a very strange place. This place was directly related to my realization of the world's insignificance, as well as its imminent end due to its uselessness to the creator(s) whose presence I could feel through the light. This place was a sort of explanation as to how this was possible – I felt as though I was an inanimate object which could be manipulated, disassembled, and opened. Interestingly, I saw zippers – that's right, my body was zipped to other things, and I remember associating myself with various inanimate objects such as a chair. I also saw myself as a yellow, banana shaped object next to many others, presumably other people. My physical being was being unzipped as if with a zipper. The reason that I don't say “my body” is because I don't think I actually envisioned my body being unzipped, but I still remember feeling concern as to that my internal organs would be lost.

Again, the face of my trip sitter appeared, pleasant and friendly, yet that of a sort of disconnected observer. I felt sad that he had known about this, and was so disconnected and accepting to the fact that our world was such a sham, and was to soon end. The knowledge that had been imparted to me now grew, and grew, and grew, until all I could feel was despair. I said my full name several times in an attempt to prove to someone that I mattered, or maybe to ask. What was the meaning of it then? Why did I have to go through this? Didn't I matter? These thoughts went through my head. And then it was over. I could see the ground, and my friend was trying to herd me back to the dorm.

I was so grateful that the trip had come to an end, that I sat down and cried in happiness for a moment. I asked him my trip sitter what had happened, and whether I was hard to manage. He said that I had been tripping for about 10 minutes. I had walked around in circles and been mumbling incoherently occasionally. The only words he could understand were when I had yelled my name three times, but overall I wasn't too much trouble. Nothing else worth noting.

Since I haven't used Salvia. I probably will in the future. I hope everyone has at least one such experience, it was humbling, scary, enlightening, weird, and so many other things. I do not regret the experience, and I would not categorize it as a bad trip, despite the intense sorrow and despair that I felt.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 57583
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 3, 2009Views: 15,663
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Entities / Beings (37), Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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