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Speeding Up...Slowing Down
by Jane Adams
Citation:   Jane Adams. "Speeding Up...Slowing Down: An Experience with Coffee (exp57652)". Mar 22, 2020.

6 cups oral Coffee (liquid)


For a while I had wondered what it would be like to push caffeine consumption to the limit, to really see what happened when it was consumed in a ridiculous manner. So one morning, feeling confident and daring, before school I decided to drink as much coffee (my source of caffeine) as possible in the short time available, so I got up and brewed some seriously strong coffee. Into a percolator I put three spoons per cup (18 spoons in total) of some really macho Columbian roasted coffee and then added boiling water and stirred it for about five minutes In total the volume of the liquid was a little off a litre.

I then proceeded to make and drink (as fast as possible) six large cups of coffee. Adding sugar and a little milk I drank the viscous liquid over about three minutes. Then I went to get the bus to school. For the first five minutes I felt nothing and I began to think “Why am I still not feeling anything?” apart from a feeling of mild nausea.

About ten minutes after ingestion the effects began. I was able to recall songs really easily and I could hear them with startling clarity in my head, even with songs I barely could remember normally, I could suddenly remember every lyric, chord and drum beat in perfect order, added to this my mood was substantially elevated.

As I got onto the bus and sat down the effects really hit. Prior to the experience I had imagined a gradual “come up” phase where the effects would slowly become more intense. Forget it. The intensity of the experience surged all at once. I suddenly felt very light-headed and yet at the same time I had a lucidity and clarity of thought I thought unimaginable. I was amazed by the speed with which I could think and calculate.

At this point, thirty minutes after ingestion, I really felt a pressing need to urinate, realising I should have realised this would happen before I crossed my legs and willed the bus to go faster, a lot faster. Now I began to have a strange sensation of weightlessness, I felt like I was floating on the seat , added to this I noticed that my vision had changed, objects seemed in some way distorted by soft focus, this change wasn’t major, but noticeable nether the less.

Finally, the bus reached the centre of town and I got off and ran to a nearby toilet. Feeling relieved I set off towards school. Here things became really strange. (It is worth noting at this point that I had not taken any drugs before in my like except for moderate amounts of alcohol and caffeine). Walking towards the school I continued to feel weightless and then glancing at the police station which was due to be demolished I felt a bizarre feeling of empathy. Sure the station was an ugly stalinesque pile of junk, yet I felt that I had a unique and powerful character due to its deformity which made it far superior to the more elegant trendy buildings springing up all over Chester.

By now I began to feel happy and elated in a way I never had before. Walking to school I felt so free and uninhibited. Here the experience reached its peak about fifty minutes after ingestion. After this I arrived at school and the light-headedness remained while the exhilaration passed. Over the next three hours the effects subsided until I felt normal although my breathing felt a little tight and restricted. I had just enjoyed my first significant drug experience, it had been different that I expected yet still really good.

With hindsight I can see that many of the effects such as the happiness and elation were merely the results of the novelty of the experience and the enjoyment I got from it. It was my first experience of that kind and obviously I would get abit carried away(as is my nature). Looking back (with nostalgia) it was very mild compared to other experiences of stimulants such as ephedrine or BZP/TFMPP and pathetic when compared to amphetamine. However, as the start of a journey I could ask for no better introduction to the wonderful world of chemical stimulation.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 57652
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 22, 2020Views: 1,983
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Coffee (173) : General (1), Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53)

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