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Like Being Drunk, but With a Clear Head
Ketamine (oral)
by Glaz
Citation:   Glaz. "Like Being Drunk, but With a Clear Head: An Experience with Ketamine (oral) (exp57735)". Jun 6, 2018.

50 mg oral Ketamine (liquid)
  350 mg oral Ketamine (liquid)


Special K Trip Report

I got my hands on two vials of pharmacy-grade ketamine, 500mg/10ml each. Not knowing much about the drug, I did some research on dosing and what to expect. Following the advice that was posted, I decided to try 50mg (1ml) as a threshold dose, diluted in cranberry juice. The effect took something like 20 minutes to come on, mostly a numbing sensation of the body, some dizziness, my mind felt a bit disconnected from my body. I went to my garage to punch the heavy bag, felt my body getting tired, but felt that I could will it to continue to work indefinitely. There wasn't much in way of a hallucinogenic experience. I felt a bit talkative if anything, and felt that I could function quite well if I didn't have to walk, drive, etc. Overall, I was less than impressed with that dose. In essence, it was alot like being very drunk, but with a clear head.

That same night, I decided to give the K another go, this time with a larger dose. That same vial now had something like 400-450mg left in it, so I shook out roughly half of that into a glass, diluted it with OJ, and down the hatch it went. I waited something like 20 minutes, and started to get a similar effect to the earlier described dose. I've already been that route, so back to the kitchen I went, diluted the rest of the vial with more oj, and drank that. Hence, a total of roughly 350mg K now on board (I actually spilled a few ml down the drain coz I was afraid that entire dose would be too much). About 20minutes later, I started tripping.

This is a different kind of hallucinogenic. I never lost touch with reality. My wife was in and out of sleep, and I was easily able to hold a conversation when she was talking to me. Meanwhile, the sounds for the tv in the next room came into my bedroom as a indistinguishable rumble. I could hear the traffic outside from the nearby expressway...another rumble. I felt all noise as soundwaves, passing thru my body. The visuals reminded me of an acid trip, but without the accompanying mindtrip. I got up to pee, that was pretty weird.

My mind felt entirely disconnected from my body. It was like my brain was floating above my body, and my body movements were that of a puppet on a string, being 'walked' to the bathroom.
It was like my brain was floating above my body, and my body movements were that of a puppet on a string, being 'walked' to the bathroom.
I was quite dizzy, and had to feel out walls and doorways to maneuver to the toilet. LOL! Everything felt fragile, the consistency of styrofoam or better yet, that green foam stuff that baby plants are planted in, like when you buy them at Home Depot or whatnot.

Something else cool was the 'ghosting' effect described by others. I'd see images for a few seconds, even with my eyes closed. Hence, if I looked at the clock, I'd see that clock even after I turned away or closed my eyes.

I took that second dose at about 11:00 pm. I peaked for something like 30 minutes, I'd say, sometime a little before midnight. By 1:00 am, the trip was basically over, save for the body drag. I was dizzy, it was hard to concentrate on images (the digital clock was hard to read), and had a slight headache (which has carried over to this morning).

Overall, I'd call special k an entertaining drug. It's probably fun to do in a party setting provided I'm cool that way with the other guests present. The mind remains clear, so I could function pretty well in a social setting.

Conversely, if I'm looking for a mind-altering 'questions answered' type of experience, I probably won't find it with k, and will be better served in that respect with LSD, mushrooms, or salvia.

Last thing of note, about the dosing. Your milage may vary. From what I understand, 400mg is a pretty hefty dose, so do be careful. I'm a bit of a rare case in that regular oral doses of anything don't seem to do it for me. Vicodin, xanax, tizanidine, dilaudid, I tried all of those in doses that commonly reap effect in other folks, with little to none effect on me.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 57735
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 6, 2018Views: 4,346
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