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Mind Turned Inside Out
2C-I & 2C-T-2
by Tron
Citation:   Tron. "Mind Turned Inside Out: An Experience with 2C-I & 2C-T-2 (exp57848)". Jun 14, 2007.

  repeated oral 2C-T-2 (capsule)
      2C-I (capsule)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  


It all happened by chance that I was able to try these. Someone who was in my chemistry class in high school just happened to have a hold of 2C-I and 2C-T-2. He had 2 tablets of 2C-T-2 and one of 2C-I, all at 20mgs. I paid 35USD$ for all three, which in my opinion, was a pretty good deal considering I have no way of getting it elsewhere. After I buy them, I kindly offer to smoke a bowl with him. He agrees, and we smoke, do some small talk, etc. I am 17, and he is 18 or 19 attending college now.

He had tried 2C-T-7 with a few of his friends some nights prior to this sale. I consider him an experienced user, as he's done mushrooms, acid, x, opium, weed, and maybe even more. During the summer at a local gathering of hippies, he took mushrooms and x at the same time. He told me that the 2C-I and 2C-T-2 are both sort of a 'Hallucinogenic Euphoriant'. Also, he said to expect something that feels like a mix between acid and x. We part our ways, or rather he leaves, since this short visit was at my house.

I hide them away for now, in my opinion it would be stupid to take a chemical like this right after buying it. For all I know, I may never see either of these chemicals again. I decide to prepare myself mentally for a couple weeks. When I first took acid, I rushed it and took it at one of the worst times of my life. It really screwed me over mentally because I took it right after a breakup, (although I did have a really good first trip with acid.)

So mentally, I prepare, for these drugs aren't even studied yet. These are so new that they don't even have street names, let alone solid scientific research. I want to be as careful as possible with research chemicals. I try and make myself happy, calm, and collected over the next few weeks so that my mindset will work well with the trip. Right when I got these chemicals, I stopped taking my antidepressants (prozac) for a few weeks to ensure that they will have no interaction. I cannot even imagine what it would be like if the two had a nasty interaction, I've read that some people have bad experiences when they mix antidepressants with illicits, namely hallucinogens.

It seems like I took all the necessary precautions to have a good trip, by this point I was anxious to experience what kind of things the chemicals had to offer.

First Trip -- 2C-T-2 @ 20mg + Cannabis

I will first explain why I choose this chemical first. I am taking these orally, as they are already in pill form. The capsule is transparent, and so I am able to witness what each one looks like. They were both a white/off-white powder. The 2C-T-2's powder clumped slightly, sort of how flour clumps, except on a smaller scale. The 2C-I looked similar, although a slightly different color, and there was less substance in the 2C-I capsule. I realize that since there is less substance in the 2C-I, it is more potent than the 2C-T-2. So I decide to start off with the 2C-T-2, also because I have two of them to begin with.

Lucky me, that I should time the trip to the day I get paid. I buy a 1/4 oz of pot to potentiate the effects of the chems. In all of the trips that I've done prior, there has always been weed, so I feel like using weed with these as well.

T+0:00 -- This, and the other two trips are solo journeys, by the way. It is about 8PM, and I take the 2C-T-2 orally with water. I smoke some bowls to reduce nausea that I may have. It was a bad idea to take it at this time because my dad was coming home from work soon. He bought dinner and everything, all while I am tripping balls. I grab a couple slices of pizza on a plate, but my appetite is completely killed. I take one bite of the pizza and I just could not eat any more. I'm glad I didn't eat the slices of pizza, because it would've weakened the trip since I had taken it on an empty stomach.

T+0:30 -- I have a cigarette. Not much is going on so far by this point. There is a sort of, giddy feeling all throughout my body. It's sort of like the emotion you get when you are really excited about something, except this triggered that feeling.

T0:45 -- Suddenly nausea hits me, and I hurl a disgusting colored barf. After that is cleared up, I start to feel much better.

T+1:00 -- Loaded a bowl, I like to do one at this point because I am coming up, and it can trigger aspects of the trip. I am watching T.V, Mind of Mencia. Some of his jokes I found funny, but I don't like how humor has targets, and promotes stereotypes. Especially on this show, there are some racist things he says and he gets away with it 'cause he's Mexican. So after about an hour or so of watching tv, I have another cigarette break.

T+2:30 -- I go outside for a cigarette, and to my surprise, my dad joins me. This made me think that I was going to get really on edge, because I was tripping balls on something that is very comparable, strength-wise, to mushrooms/acid. Not to mention that pot I smoked. But this chemical was different. I didn't get weirded out by the situation at all. I felt great. My dad said some things to me, but I am usually pretty quiet in the first place, so he didn't think anything out of the norm was going on. Visuals were present by this point. I was seeing tracers and dots, and for all I know, I might've been hearing a few sounds that weren't from reality, but nothing too serious. I am still coming up. Whatever my dad was talking about I knew it didn't mean anything to me at this moment that us time/space travelers should meet on this plane at that moment. But I feel so good... the best way to describe the body high is light as a feather, sort of jittery. There was a lot of laughter throughout the trip.

T+2:40 -- We both put out our cigarettes, and head inside. I'm glad that the conversation with him is over, 'cause if he wanted to have a serious discussion about something, I would have no way of communicating with him. A whole new universe is resonating in my mind, as I steadily come up.

T+3:30 -- The peak hits, and I load some bowls. I turn off the T.V because my thoughts are now speaking to me in a voice that has never been so clear. It sent me straight into an introspective journey, just observing all of the things that I have experienced in my life. Unfortunately, this was not good. I am a very depressed individual, mostly because of the experiences I have had in life. I begin to observe my drug use, and how it has distanced me from all of my old friends. I think of friends I used to know, and I sigh because some are still on track according to society's standards of how one should regulate their life, and obey every law. I wonder why I am alone at this moment in time.

I start getting all of these thoughts. I start thinking more and more. The way that these thoughts spoke to me, is sort of like when you are having a normal day, after thinking about some things that are going in your current situation suddenly a revelatory thought comes across your mind, that is so simple yet so profound, it makes it feel like I am putting together pieces of an ultimate puzzle. I think of ways that I can improve my situation.

I shed a tear because this money came from my mom, and then a few more tears dropped. I think of how much of a disgrace I am for being out of school with no job just mooching. One of the things my mom couldn't stand was my dad's weed habit, and she would probably feel betrayed if she knew what I was doing on this night. And then I realize I am travelling in the wrong direction with this trip. This trip makes me understand that weed isn't doing much for me, and it is costing a lot of money. And I decide that it is best to slow down on the weed after these chemicals are gone and my good friend's birthday party. Below is a Tool song 'Sober', and I think that the lyrics really relate to this part of the trip as I look at my addiction to cigarettes, and a psychological need for marijuana. I wish that on that day freshman year I decided to not get stoned. I also got hooked right after my first cigarette, so some may say I have an addictive personality.

There's a shadow just behind me,
Shrouding every step I take,
making every promise empty,
pointing every finger at me.
Waiting like a stalking butler
who upon the finger rests.
Murder now the path called 'must we'
just before the son has come.
Jesus, won't you fucking whistle
something but the past and done?

Why can't we not be sober?
I just want to start this over.
Why can't we drink forever.
I just want to start things over.

I am just a worthless liar.
I am just an imbecile.
I will only complicate you.
Trust in me and fall as well.
I will find a center in you.
I will chew it up and leave,
I will work to elevate you
just enough to bring you down.

Trust me.

Mother Mary won't you whisper
something but what's past and done.

Trust me.

I want what I want.

T+4:30 -- What can I say, this chemical made my thoughts so entertaining that I had nothing on, and was just sitting in my room thinking for an hour and a half. I decide to have a cigarette. I like having cigarettes during trips because it can divide a trip into different sections. So for instance, right now, I am able to turn the trip around and still enjoy everything that is going on despite the earlier thoughts. I am enjoying the visuals, and glad my dad is asleep. I feel like I can now fully enjoy the trip without his presence in the living room. I smoke a bowl, when I get inside and decide to look at digital art and listen to music. I look up at the ceiling and notice distinct paper towel patterns on my ceiling. I started to wonder what it would be like with the light off, and so I shut it off.

I browse a 'Psychedelic' section at a website, and realize how phony some of the images are. People make some images that are absolute shit, and are only on that section because 'hey look they use all the colors and there is a mushroom on it therefore it is psychedelic' I laugh hysterically at how effortless and funny some were. I also gaze intensely at the talented artists' pieces. There was some trippy images on there. I wish I had saved this one image, someone drew these mushrooms in paint and had a rainbow in it. Paint is a really bad program for doing art, and so, it came out looking hilarious to me. By all of that, I don't mean anything negative. Don't get me wrong, I think it is great that they are practicing art, especially in a community like that. Everyone is at a different level of ability, and there will always be people better and worse than you.

A white light shines as if it is behind me and slightly above me. However, I realize if I try and focus on this light or turn around to see where it came from, that there will be nothing. I am completely fried by this point. There is no chance of getting me to say something remotely intellectual, or even something that makes sense. It was an utter mindfuck, at one point I closed my eyes and saw a vague outline of a being that looked like harry potter. It was so intense, I just laughed and looked at more trippy art.

T+7:00 -- Still peaking, though not as intense as earlier. I smoke two bowls to re-energize the trip. Cigarette. Come back inside. I lay on my bed, I feel so great, and think of how I got my money's worth with these.

T+8:00 -- It is about 4:00AM, and I decide to go to bed. I feel like it was a pretty good experience, and I am glad I get to repeat it one more time.

Second Trip -- 2C-I @ 20mg + Cannabis

I wait a couple weeks and reflect on my first trip before continuing. I think of what went wrong on this trip, like the interactions with my dad during the trip, and how I can prevent that next time. I also hope that I don't barf during the 2C-I trip, but either way, a trip is a trip.

T+0:00 -- Haha, as it turns out I end up taking it at another one of those 8:00PM, not sure if dad is going to come home nights, and for something as strong as this I should've waited. But here I am, coming up, and of course, he ends up coming home. When he enters my room I am laying on my bed and he says that we're going to go get some fast food.

T+0:45 -- The dialogue went something like this: (definitely high by this point, I wonder how he didn't notice my large pupils, it wasn't like acid style pupils, but more like mushroom type pupils. Or maybe it was a mix of both, and sort of its own size. I don't know.) Oh yeah, the dialogue:

Dad: So, what do you want for dinner tonight?
Me: I don't know.
Dad: ...
Dad: Well why don't you think of something to eat right now.
Me: um... I don't know... uhhh.... I don't know... I don't know.
Dad: ...
Dad ok... well I'll just give your brother some money and you two can go drive out and get something to eat.
Me: ok

T+0:55 -- Cigarette time. God I'm addicted to these, I think to myself. And then another thought sets off, that religion is just a tool created by governments to control their people. This thought felt so revelatory to me at the time. I ponder some things outside, and come back in.

T+1:05 -- Weed time. It is standard with tripping, in my opinion.

T+1:30 -- This feels more mellow than the 2C-T-2, where I felt giddy and excited. Right now, I feel calm and relaxed.

T+2:30 -- I decide that I should play a computer game called 'Diablo 2', it has been out for several years now, but I know a couple of people that are really cool that I met online through that game, some still play. A good online friend is on, and I talk to him. He isn't very into drugs, which I respect, and I even envy at some levels. When you're on a hallucinogen as strong as this, it just isn't possible to play the game. Sure, I am able to type to the other players, and move around because I've been using computers for the better part of my life, but as far as playing the game and getting things done, no way jose. No dice. I run around in town where there are no monsters and talk to my friend. We try and go out into where there are monsters, but when I finally get to them I don't want to hit them. I think about how wrong violence is. I tell my friend: 'I don't wannt kill the monsters!!' he laughs, and says 'you wanna be their friend'.

The monsters are attacking me and he is killing them. I run around a little, and I tell him to stop killing them. That we can negotiate, and create a peaceful world. He laughs, but deep down I bet he thinks I'm faking that I'm this high, since he doesn't really know what hallucinogens are all about. I tell him that I cannot play this game anymore. And that I need to chill out and enjoy the trip.

T+2:55 -- Cigarette.

T+3:00 -- Relax on my bed, with ambient music playing. I try to think, but the trip has left me really high. After a few minutes, a distinct sound begins to form. It was a perfect sound. It was a sphere. It went up in volume and in tone, as well as everything else at the same rate it went down. If that makes any sense at all.

T+3:15 -- Drunken ex-girlfriend calling... Damnit, why now?! Whatever, I pick up the phone and talk. Some of the things they say begin to piss me off, apparently on this phone call she said she had some interest in me, and that we should meet sometime. I try and tell them what this trip is like, and what its all about, but it all came out sounding really stupid, and I ended up having very little to say. We ended the call after about ten minutes or so.

T+3:25 -- I still have my phone in hand, so I think of other people to talk to. There is someone that I haven't seen in a really long time, and he went to my elementary school, middle school, and high school. We used to be good friends, but some separating over time and we didn't talk to each other for a long time. I call him and talk for a bit, I always loved talking to him because he is so good at conversation. It's like he is able to guide the conversation really casually, it's very natural to him. He is charismatic. Let's call him 'R'.

So R heads over to my house because he wants to talk in person. He buys me a lighter because I don't have one/he is 18. I offer to smoke a bowl with him, but he declines. I am amazed at his willpower... he used to deal weed at one point. I smoke it while we talk. He lights a cigar instead. On one of the hits, I blew the smoke right at his face, and it was sort of funny to me, but I bet he didn't like that too much. Later he said: 'haha, yeah like when you blew that smoke into my face earlier, I didn't mind, it just reminded me of all the good times I've had with it, so it is no big deal'. We talked about philosophy, and some ideas, among other things. It was nice to catch up with him.

T+5:15 -- He leaves, but all in all, we had a good conversation about a lot of subjects. It is now 1:15AM, cigarette.

T+5:30 -- I decide to look at some art again, but this time I want to attempt my own art. I practice some digital art and web design, so I open up photoshop and fiddle around for awhile while the trip manifests.

T+8:00 -- I put on some relaxing music, just enjoying existence at this moment in time. There is a visual effect that has happened to me throughout the trip. Describing it is difficult, but I will try my best. So, imagine everything in your field of vision, then suddenly everything near you seems distant, a couple feet away from you even. It looks like they are far away for a split second, and then it reverts back to reality. (I still get an occasional flashback, where this effect happens to me, by the way.) It is no big deal, as it causes no problems to me.

T+11:00 -- Still tripping a little. Cigarette.

T+12:00 -- Still moderately high, but coming down. I try and go to sleep, but can't. I feel great, though.

T+13:00 -- Lay in bed for around an hour before able to sleep.

T+21:00 -- I wake up. I am still high. Right when I wake up, I take the last 2C-T-2, and smoke some bowls throughout the day. I would like to note that since I took the 2C-T-2 with taking 2C-I that recently, that the effect was reduced. There is some sort of tolerance that builds, and so the third trip was not as strong. I was hoping some of the effects of 2C-I would merge into the 2C-T-2 trip and I would be way higher than both trips before, but that wasn't the case. I saw the paper toweled designs on my ceiling, and a couple of other familiar things happened, like the tracers/dots. I tripped this time during the day.

All in all, an amazing experience. I would say that 2C-T-2 was stronger (to me at least), and I was able to retain more of my memory during the trip itself better than with 2C-I. 2C-T-2 didn't impair me as much mentally, and it sent me straight into ego-loss/introspection. 2C-T-2 gave me more energy, while 2C-I made me want to relax.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 57848
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 14, 2007Views: 20,597
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2C-I (172), 2C-T-2 (53), Tobacco - Cigarettes (266) : Alone (16), Depression (15), Poetry (43), Retrospective / Summary (11), Combinations (3), First Times (2)

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