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by negativeinfinity
Citation:   negativeinfinity. "Superhuman: An Experience with 2C-T-7 (exp5788)". Jan 5, 2002.

  oral 2C-T-7 (powder / crystals)


This report focuses on two particularly intense experiences I had one week with the chemical 2C-T-7. I also mention some other drugs I was involved with at the time (marijuana, ecstasy, and Paxil), as they may have played a role in the nature of the 2C-T-7 experiences.

EXPERIENCE #1: Wednesday
DOSE: 20 mg 2C-T-7 (oral)

During the entire week previous to my first experience with 2C-T-7, I smoked a moderate amount of marijuana (about a gram per day). On Wednesday, I decided to finally try out 2C-T-7 for the first time. So I drank Gatorade containing 20 mg of dissolved 2C-T-7. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and in fact I had never before tried a real hallucinogenic substance (only ecstasy and marijuana, which don’t really count). But I was positive thinking and eager to have an interesting, enlightening experience.

The first effects I noticed were purely physical. Around +0:45 (45 minutes after ingestion), I started to experience some fairly bad nausea accompanied by gastrointestinal upset. Luckily though, I didn’t vomit nor would I at all during the experience. Still, the nauseous feeling remained and as time passed it worsened, developing into the body-load people experience with 2C-T-7. This “load” is hard to describe but put simply it was a general feeling of physical poisoning and muscle strain. Needless to say, it was uncomfortable, and I didn’t want to leave my room or even my chair for that matter. After I got more used to the body load, the visual effects commenced.

The first effect I noticed was trails, which developed and became more and more pronounced until reaching their peak around +2:00. It was around then that I noticed some wall breathing effects, which I could sometimes force if I desired by looking at my white walls for long periods of time. After playing with hand trails and watching my walls breathe a little, all seemed stable and I thought that my experience had reached its plateau.

However, there was much more to come. At around +2:30, I was chatting on my computer when all of a sudden I gradually began to enter into a very strange and unexpected dissociated state accompanied by paranoia and religious mania. I was in this state for what I estimate was probably less than an hour, though it seemed much longer at the time. During this dissociation stage I was in my own psychotic world. Nothing around me seemed to be significant enough to make me feel like I was in a real physical environment. I was sort of zoned out, almost to the point of being in what I understand a trance state to be. I saw things around me, but it was as if my visual sense was not so significant anymore.

I was unable to focus enough to read or comprehend the words on my monitor. They looked like they were in a foreign language when I tried to read them. Strangely though, certain words and phrases did make sense and actually stood out to me as somehow being about me. This was definitely a paranoid, almost schizophrenic reaction that I couldn’t control. Of course, they really could have been about me because I could have typed some really stupid, incomprehensible message and not remembered it, but I don’t know. I did try to type a message in the chat room about what I was feeling, but I couldn’t concentrate enough on hitting the right keys, so I don’t think I said much.

I was in a panicky, mental “loop” during this time. Everything seemed to revolve around my internal thoughts, which were controlling me now. They were very complex and I don’t know how to explain them here other than saying they were of the “my life flashing before me” type. I do remember experiencing the classic feeling of having gone too far, and being afraid I might die.

But then my psychotic state developed to an even deeper level where I could not think rational thoughts. This level was very spiritual and religious, and I became extremely delusional. I started having religious thoughts of God and soon I felt like I was in communication with Him through some mental connection. Though I never thought God was actually talking to me in words, I did feel like I had somehow been chosen by Him to tell the people of the world about “the truth.”

The first specific delusion I remember having was that I had been told the Ten Commandments and it was my duty to deliver them to the people before I die. It was as if they were unknown to humanity and only I knew them, even though they’ve been established for many years. This is very strange looking back on, but at the time I really thought all this was true.

Another, more general delusion I had was that I and only I understood the meaning of life, as if I was in touch with the true nature of existence while everyone else was just an ignorant organism that would live then die without ever having any conscious understanding of who they really were and without ever wondering or caring about why they existed at all. I then had this strange need to write down religious phrases all over the place. After the experience I noticed I’d scribbled in pen words and phrases like “God,” “life,” “all is one,” “peace,” “evil,” “truth,” and “energy” on my desk, walls, and even my khaki pants. I’ve never done anything like this before and it still shocks me that I did. It almost makes me laugh that I could do something like that, both because I consider myself very sane and because I am not a very religious person at all.

After this religious mania stage, although I could see the obvious evidence of my previous psychotic state, my memory was very fuzzy. I couldn’t rationally grasp exactly what I was thinking and feeling at the time. For example, I remembered thinking I understood the true meaning of life and I recalled the wonderful feeling of tranquility and absence of fear of dying that my understanding had brought me. But I could not remember the most fundamental piece of the puzzle—the meaning of life that I thought I knew so clearly. It’s really a shame to lose such an amazing feeling of peacefulness with the world, and to completely forget a notion so important that I recalled being so clearly in touch with at the time. Nonetheless, I was in a way relieved when I exited this spiritual state. Though I wished I could have remembered the revelations (supposedly) made to me, I was glad to return to being myself again, slightly more enlightened.

It might be important to note that the day before this experience, I ingested a dose of ecstasy (along with some marijuana). I don’t know whether or not this influenced the type of trip I had, but I think it might have. This initial experience with 2C-T-7 had no substantial after effects or hangover. Overall, after this experience I considered 2C-T-7 to be more of a dream-state inducing dissociative than a visual hallucinogen. It certainly didn’t give me any fun zooming circles and spinning lines in my visual field with eyes open or closed, like I’d read some experienced. Short of the trails and some forced wall breathing effects, I didn’t experience much visually. For me the hallucinogenic properties were observed in my thought process, if that makes sense. When I felt a connection to God, it was like my thoughts were the hallucinations—I never observed any objects in my room morph into any Godlike forms, never saw any Godlike images appear in my mind, and never heard any voice of God.

EXPERIENCE #2: Friday, two days later
DOSE: 40 mg 2C-T-7 (oral)

Two days later (Friday), I decided I was ready for another 2C-T-7 experience. This was a stupid decision; in retrospect, I definitely wasn’t ready. But anyway, at 11 PM I ingested 40 mg of 2C-T-7, again dissolved in Gatorade. This time around the first effect, while still physical, was much different than with my previous experience. Coming on gradually but swiftly beginning at around 11:30 PM (+0:30) and reaching a peak around +2:00, I started to feel an amazing sense of euphoria that reminded me of my first ecstasy experience. An extreme “superhuman” body high arose in me. This high was never observed during my first experience. I felt like this for at least two and a half hours. The high consisted of a constant, intense rush of energy, similar to ecstasy’s come on. It developed into a strange “fake” or “plastic” feeling, and was in an “out of body experience” mode for a few hours, though this time my visual sense wasn’t diminished and I wasn’t in such a trance-like state. I wasn’t psychotic, nor did I experience any religious mania state like with the first experience. Instead, I was chatting online with a friend and I was in an extremely upbeat mood—very lively, talkative, enthusiastic, and empathetic. I felt “speedy” and the feeling just got more and intense as time passed.

After an hour or so of just sitting in my chair chatting while feeling this extreme superhuman high in me, it got to be too much to handle. I think this high was the body load that usually accompanies a 2C-T-7 experience, but twisted from its nausea-inducing, muscle aching load into an extremely pleasurable amphetamine-like euphoria. I recall air seeming cool and refreshing with every breath. I constantly felt that nervous, spinning, “butterflies” sensation in my stomach. I just kept feeling higher and higher until I started to feel like my body was insignificant. I had to get up and walk around; this was too much now. In the hallway, passing people, I felt like I was out my physical body, almost like I was floating down the hall. Out in the street, I felt unusually warm and content despite the literally freezing temperatures at the time. I felt taller. I felt impenetrable. Physical body sensations felt artificial, with a noticeable absence of any feelings of pain or direct discomfort. Normal sensations seemed distant, though they must have been present (extreme nausea should occur at this dose, shouldn’t it?).

This “superhuman” feeling is difficult for me to describe, but it was comparable in many ways to a “runner’s high.” If you’ve had a runner’s high before you know what I mean—that sort of ice-flowing-through-your-veins-yet-warm-numbness sense of euphoria. In addition to all this, my auditory sense was greatly amplified, almost to the point of auditory hallucination. Every time someone spoke it sounded very near to me and sometimes seemed to echo. The sounds of closing doors and footsteps made me jump a little every time I heard them—one of the first signs of the anxiety I would soon be overwhelmed with. During this stage of my trip I wrote these notes down:

“Breathing is uncomfortable and I feel dizzy. Sitting still is strangely unbearable and even frightening, so I’ve left my room many times. I’ve tried going to the bathroom, down to the floor below me, and even to the main lobby of the apartment building to go outside only to go right back to my room. I tried climbing many stairs to get tired but I didn’t. I feel superhuman, and I’m burning energy I just don’t have. I haven’t eaten for hours and before that not for a day, not to mention my body is likely expecting sleep right now. I can’t comprehend this superhuman phenomena and I still can't. 2C-T-7 in this dose range must give the user adrenaline or something similar, or at least the illusion of having lots of energy. I feel like I can fly.”

At around +2:15, the visual effects came on. They were more intense than the visual effects of my previous experience, and overall I would describe them as more “dreamy” this time around. They included longer trails, more pronounced and less forced wall breathing effects, slight “rainbow fuzziness” color distortion around floor tiles, and occasional fractal patterning on some textures. But still I saw no zooming lines, circles, or star field simulations. The objects around me never twisted, morphed, changed color, or emanated light. And I never saw any real hallucinations (objects appearing that weren’t really there). Basically, visually there was nothing interesting I could focus on and enjoy looking at. I suppose the body high I was experiencing was distracting and perhaps without it I could have been more relaxed and able to concentrate on the visual distortions. But honestly, the visual distortions weren’t exciting, creative, colorful, or dynamic—they just created this world of static fuzziness and blurriness all around.

I felt like I was seasick, dizzy from motion sickness, or had food poisoning. Looking at the fuzzy tile edges, the wavy wall textures, and the blurry trails left behind every moving thing was fun at first, but it got old fast. Unfortunately 2C-T-7 is very long lasting and these distortions last for what seems like forever. Eventually the distortions became so normal that they were like static on a television. I think I got used to them and didn’t even really notice them any more after +4:00, with one exception. Sometime around +4:00 I recall being in the restroom and looking up at the well-lit white wall and, to my amazement, seeing amazing reddish-golden fractals in the shape of the mathematical symbol for infinity “¥” seemingly pulsating from the texture of the white paint on the wall. I had read about fractals like this being observed by others on 2C-T-7, and it was very pleasing and enjoyable to actually see them for myself. This was the coolest visual distortion I experienced. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remain still to look at the fractals for long.

Meanwhile, my superhuman feeling eventually became psychologically and physically unbearable, and I grew anxious for it to end. This anxiety eventually replaced the superhuman high, which was actually somewhat reassuring because I was afraid the superhuman high would keep ascending and ascending until I had a heart attack, stroke, or passed out. But still, this new state of anxiety I was in was not that much better. I began to feel extreme fatigue and my breathing became very strange and felt almost forced. Also, during this period my body’s temperature sensations constantly fluctuated between hot and cold, while the temperature in my room remained constant. Oddly enough, I even felt hot and cold simultaneously sometimes. I also experienced some abnormal “cold sweating.”

In my new anxious state I strongly wished for the visual effects to end because they just seemed like a very unnecessary addition to my already unbearable altered physical state. I just felt like I had to too much to deal with and I couldn’t take it anymore. But like I said, the visual distortions remained and I eventually grew to accept them and was able to ignore them for the most part for the rest of my trip.

By +5:00, I was not seeing much visual distortion and I was trying to calm my anxiety, hoping to end this trip and get to sleep. However, believe it or not, at the +5:00 point my experience grew even more strange and difficult. During hours +5:00 to +10:00 I felt intense dizziness, even higher anxiety and accompanying breathing difficulty, a new type of body load with chest pains and muscle aches, and (most oddly) tingling motor nerve sensations. The tingling sensations shot down my arms if I bent them at the elbow, made a fist with my fingers, or (most often) when I would “shoot” my arms outwards or forwards. When not moving my extremities, I experienced a constant, intense numbness in them. This tingling effect was extremely frightening at the time and I really was afraid it wouldn’t go away. It was as if my arms and legs were constantly in the state of flux between being asleep and waking up (you know that painful, tingling, burning sensation you get when you realize your foot’s asleep and you try to move it to wake it up).

I was so afraid something was really wrong with me that I took myself to the ER at the local hospital. I was able to keep my composure and ask the nurse if she could check my vitals because I felt very strange. I think she suspected I had taken drugs because of the panicky way I was acting and because my pupils were huge. But my pulse, blood pressure, and temperature were all fine, and I told her I’d been taking Paxil and hinted that I might be having a panic attack. She seemed to agree and, in a way, this really might have been true, although I’ve never had a panic attack before. Anyway, I sat in the ER waiting room for the next few hours just in case my condition worsened (which she said was fine). I was never admitted and when I started to feel better, I left.

Looking back now, going to the ER was probably a paranoid reaction, but the Jake Duroy story frightened me. I’m glad I didn’t admit myself though, even though I don’t see how I could have gotten into trouble for ingesting a legal chemical. By +10:00, the numbness and tingling sensations were mostly passed, while moderate dizziness remained for a long while. This experience did not completely end until around +24:00 hours. I was able to get to sleep around the +20:00 point. For the entire following week, I experienced a withdrawal/hangover similar to the flu or poisoning (without vomiting).


I believe at least some—and maybe many—aspects of this experience could be linked to my having been on Paxil, the SSRI antidepressant, at the time. I had been taking 20 mg a day for about a month before this week of 2C-T-7 exploration. I think there could have been an interaction between Paxil still in my body and the 2C-T-7. More likely is that the inhibited serotonin reuptake in my brain, caused by using Paxil for a month, led to unusual 2C-T-7 effects. I don’t know much about 2C-T-7’s method of action but I’d guess it is related in some ways to serotonin neurotransmission both because of it’s hallucinogenic properties and because of the strange tingling-in-extremities effect it had on my (free-flowing serotonin) nervous system. Also, with regards to the hangover I experienced, this too could have been related to my using Paxil. I abruptly stopped taking Paxil a couple days before this experience and continued abstinence for a month after. Thus, the hangover I felt for weeks could be a combination of Paxil withdrawal, which I’ve heard is hell (similar to a case of the flu), and the after effects of this particularly high dose 2C-T-7 experience.

Notable after effects of my experiences include vivid nightmares a few nights a week for around a month; restless insomnia accompanied by extreme dizziness, pounding headache, and stomach cramping a few nights a week for around a month; and frequent instances of waking up in the middle of the night with a flushed face and heavy sweating. This last effect could have been due to urinary retention, as I noticed less frequent need for urination with a high daily intake of liquids. This lasted for only around three weeks. As of now, more than two months have passed since the experience and the after effects have mostly gone away.

However, a couple of interesting new effects that occur far less frequently have become apparent. Occasionally I will get a ringing in my ears or feel my ears “pop” off and on for a couple hours as if there were pressure changes like you get on a plane trip. I’ve had more frequent headaches than I previously had. And, most significant is what might be called a flashback (the only one I’ve had). After ceasing drug use since the experience for a month, I smoked a moderate amount of marijuana one morning around 11 am. I then slept for several hours into the evening. That evening I was with friends in my home when all of a sudden I noticed what can only be termed a “blind spot” in my visual field. Over the next ten minutes, it grew in size and intensity and, although it was an area of absence of vision, it was observed as taking on a clear or glassy coloring and somewhat sparkly, rainbow shading. It was not that large but obscured my vision significantly.

Looking in the mirror I noticed I could not see a large region of the left side of my face around the eye and cheek. It wasn’t as if it were black, like one might expect a “blind spot” to look, but rather it was as if I couldn’t concentrate on that area of vision, like it wasn’t there or was filled with a view into a different dimension I couldn’t grasp. When I closed my eyes, I was able to better note the area of blindness and observe its blob-like shape and rainbow sparkled pattern, though at no point was the blind spot clearly defined or its intensity/size accurately observed. This experience was extremely frightening and its passing after about twenty minutes was very relieving.

Obviously imagining the lifelong disaster that would result if it didn’t go away, causing a huge visual impairment and permanent visually psychedelic state, was horrible. I lied down in a dark room for a couple minutes and this seemed to help calm me down and reduce the sparkling. I recall immediately before this experience eating some pasta with meatballs and drinking a Snapple lemonade very quickly, then running downstairs to be with my friends. The only thing I can think of to explain this occurrence (assuming it wasn’t a flashback) is that there was something in the food or lemonade, or perhaps the food triggered a chemical release that invoked this experience. It may or may not have been related to the marijuana use that day, but it seems likely that it could have been since marijuana is supposedly a hallucinogen.

As far as if it was a flashback or not, I do recall experiencing a similar blind spot presence after waking up the morning after the 40 mg 2C-T-7 experience, only it was much smaller and not noticeable enough to be impairing. Since the one-month post-2C-T-7 blind spot experience, it has not happened again. This, at least, is reassuring. But I wonder if this “blind-spot” experience will happen again. If it was a flashback, it might happen again. If it was a sign of damage the 2C-T-7 did to my optical brain centers, it probably will happen again (I hope this is not the case). Hopefully, it was a residual result of the marijuana I smoked earlier in the day, or was the result of something in the food I ate.

Anyway, to conclude this long report, I just want to point out that 2C-T-7 is an incredibly strong substance—the strongest I’ve encountered anyway. I’ve never tried LSD, mescaline, mushrooms, methamphetamines, or heroin, but from everything I’ve read about the effects of all these drugs, 2C-T-7 seems just as powerful as any one of them. For me 2C-T-7 was mind shattering and body numbing (literally). I think it’s important for someone to research it soon! The effects it has are incredible and I can’t understand why no one with the capability to do so has researched it. Are chemists and research doctors not interested in understanding how it works chemically? God, if I were a chemical researcher I’d jump on 2C-T-7. There is very, very little information known about it from what I’ve read.

For those interested in trying 2C-T-7, I think a lot can be learned from using it, but I’d suggest being very, very careful with this chemical. My first experience taught me a lot about spirituality and enlightened me greatly. My second experience scared me half to death, but showed me a side of humanity I’d never seen before. Both doses were probably too high for me. As far as ingestion route, I would definitely stick to oral. I can only imagine how much more intense of an experience insufflation or smoking would result in. I’ve concluded from my experiences that I’m not very psychologically stable and in the future I will take great concern when it comes to psychedelics. Hopefully, when someone gets around to researching this substance, they will show it is not harmful to the body or neurotoxic. This would make me, and I’m sure a lot of other people who have explored 2C-T-7, feel a lot better.

At this point in time, I feel like the 2C-T-7 I consumed did damage me in some organic way. It changed something in my mind and has somehow changed my sweat system, if you can believe that. I do not plan on using it ever again, unless extensive research is done that can prove it’s not at all harmful or neurotoxic and that can explain why I felt the tingling nerve sensations and experienced a blind spot twice so that I can prevent such occurrences from happening again. If it turns out that 2C-T-7 is in fact a harmful or neurotoxic substance, then I will be disappointed and hope that my brief use of it will not have hurt me too much. I will also lose a lot of faith in the government. Such a finding would only verify an opinion I have long had that the DEA’s priorities are very skewed. While nearly harmless drugs like marijuana, LSD, and ecstasy are all Schedule I right now, this chemical—of which almost nothing is known—is uncontrolled. Hmm…

I’d love to hear about other similar experiences people have had or about any 2C-T-7 research that is planned for the future or currently underway. If, on the other hand, you find yourself now laughing at me for being such a wimp about my experience, you might be right. But if you’ve never tried 2C-T-7 then you don’t know how intense it is. I’m telling you, this stuff can be scary.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 5788
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 5, 2002Views: 17,419
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