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99% Worthless for All Recreational Purposes
Butorphanol & Tramadol
Citation:   Majinbijiita. "99% Worthless for All Recreational Purposes: An Experience with Butorphanol & Tramadol (exp57979)". Jul 26, 2018.

  vaporized Pharms - Butorphanol (liquid)
    oral Pharms - Tramadol  
      Inhalants - Nitrites  
      Tobacco - Cigarettes  
Butorphanol (Stadol) Is Not Recreational

My friend's cat was neutered, and they gave him a supply of liquid butorphanol to be taken by mouth. My friend never used the stuff on the cat because he forgot. I happened to find it at his house one day.

What's it like?

It has the most god-awful taste of anything I've ever let touch my buds. It tastes like a rotted dead animal liquefied in a blender. It's pretty gooey. Similar to molasses. Taken intra-nasally, it burns for about 2 minutes, but is bearable, and not as bad as many other things taken intra-nasally. Trying to chase the B-Dragon results in a much quicker effect, slightly gross tasting residue, and for some reason, swollen glands, and soreness in the throat.

For me, I did both a number of times. I find it much better to use the aluminum foil method. I think I had quite a few bad experiences because I had no way to figure out my dose, and was taking to much IN (intra-nasally). I take a much smaller and easier to calculate amount with aluminum foil.

The effects?

Pain-killing, and slight but noticeable dysphoria. Possibly a bit of sedation, but it is counteracted by the dysphoria. The dysphoria for me is like waking up without enough sleep, and being more easily annoyed by things. Just a general 'being in a bad mood.'

Worth it?


Butorphanol + other drugs:

Tramadol and butorphanol together have increased opiate effects. The itching seemed slightly more profound than with Tramadol alone. I do not get itching from Butorphanol. Together they create a pretty damn good buzz (euphoria), but it's 95% the tramadol, I think. With the tramadol comes some stimulation, and I think the butorphanol may take a LITTLE bit of the edge off. I don't smoke anymore, but I had one cigarette and that seemed to help alot for some reason, though when I smoke a cigarette by itself, it usually makes me more nervous after I'm done with it. The Isobutyl Nitrite really does nothing to add to the effects, as it only lasts about 2 minutes. This is just the combination I happened to do tonight.


Butorphanol is 99% worthless for all recreational purposes, unless combined with another opiate, in which case it becomes slightly less worthless (maybe 90%), a potentiator along the lines of benadryl.

Hope this was informative.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 57979
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 26, 2018Views: 1,479
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