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Marathon Man
by Revolt
Citation:   Revolt. "Marathon Man: An Experience with Methamphetamine (exp57992)". Jun 13, 2007.

  repeated IV Methamphetamine (liquid)


Up until now, my experiences with methamphetamine were rather limited in scope. For reasons unknown to me, the drug has yet to find its way into New England as it has in the Midwest and West Coast. Living at a small state school only compounded the problem of methamphetamine scarcity. This never bothered me as I found joy in experimenting with every other drug marketed on the streets. I have managed to experience everything from marijuana of exceptional to extremely pure heroin and everything in between.

This would all change during one of my “runs”. One of these “runs” would involve me driving from school and to my hometown to obtain drugs. Usually, this would involve marijuana (for sale) and heroin (personal use) and anything else I could obtain. The above run was during the end of the 2006 Fall semester and a friend I had known from high school informed me that he was now selling methamphetamine and was wondering if I was interested.

I decided to pick up a gram, and then met with two other people to pick up some marijuana and heroin. Ritual would dictate shooting heroin before my trip back to college, and while there, I would organize my drugs and money while enjoying the high of the heroin. The run ended rather predictably, aside from the crystal, and I began to organize myself in my room before turning in for the night.

I awoke the next morning to find myself extremely tired. The night before ended late and my refusal to miss class due to drug use only exacerbated my fatigue. I considered a shot of heroin to motivate me to class, but decided against it. I reasoned that the crystal in my lockbox would provide more energy then the heroin ever could.

Knowing that methamphetamine was water soluble, I decided to prepare a small dose for injection. I crushed up two shards and used a credit card to put them into a clean cooker. Using a sterile syringe along with a fresh bit of cotton swab, I prepared the shot. The shot looked clear, much like a shot of cocaine, and I wondered whether this shot contained all water or an actual methamphetamine solution.

Time was becoming an unaffordable premium and I stopped wasting time and found the healthy vein that would receive the shot. After I plunged the shoot, the feeling was amazing. There was no five to fifteen second delay as there is with heroin. The onset was immediate. It felt as though all the thoughts in my brain where suddenly put into a fast forward mode. I began visibly breathing deeper as my body surged with energy. My thoughts continued to race at the speed of light and I wasted no time in getting ready for class.

When I finally arrived at class, the immediate feelings of euphoria where gone. My thoughts no longer raced as fast, I no longer panted for breathe, but I felt an extreme clarity. My state could only be described as more sober than sober. Gone was any fogginess associated with a lack of sleep or mental limitation. I grasped everything, correct answers poured from my mouth, and I wrote the notes about the upcoming final projects with fluid precision, even going as far as writing extra details in my notebook.

Any classmates that I encountered where welcomed with enhanced talkativeness and friendliness. Witty comments seemed to flow off the tongue and even people that would only receive half-hearted greetings where treated as good friends. Strangely, nobody seemed to notice. Not one mentioned my alerted state. Everyone just appeared at ease with friendliness and uplifted spirits.

I would have to make my way back to my room, eventually. I had project after project that needed completion. When I finally made my way back, I decided to go into my lockbox. There was the small baggy of crystal along side the small bag of heroin. Amazingly, the heroin had zero appeal. I wanted none of it. I removed the bag of crystal and followed the same ritual as I did earlier that morning, after all, if I could concentrate so easily in class, surely these projects could be done with no problem.

Thus, I began to work. These projects were not due for weeks to come, but for some reason I was extremely motivated to do them, but I realized that a drug this powerful should be treated with respect.

I had little experience with the dosing of methamphetamine, so I decided to head to internet and check what others had experienced. Sifting through the stories placed me on a regimented shot schedule every four hours. Time seemed to fly by. I had arrived in my room at roughly 2:00 pm and it was now almost 2:00 am. I had written for 12 hours. No food, no drink, not even a bathroom break interrupted my work.

I realized this and stood up to stretch. My body was sore from the extreme lack of movement and I noticed that my mouth was extremely drug. Not only that, but I was extremely alert. I felt the small signs of fatigue behind my eyes, but decided that a bit of water and some more crystal would remedy the situation.

When I began the next marathon of injections, I noticed my shots become noticeably more concentrated and becoming less effective. Nothing major, just the flash was not as pronounced as it was before. I stayed up the entire night to finish the project. I wrote, revised, wrote, and revised more all with fluid precision. At 6 am, my final project was complete for class, almost two weeks early.

I decided not to stop. Morning was approaching and my next set of classes where to start soon. As the day before I went, I followed the same procedure. I noticed fatigue set in by this point. My mind was clear, but my thoughts lacked fluidity. I felt as though my body was running independently of my mind in a tireless state, but my brain felt a strong need for rest.

I survived through my classes, and received more assigned term papers. I walked back home to begin writing. I noticed these papers did not come so easily. Mind you, it was not due to lack of focus, but my inability to articulate myself as well as I would like to. I spent considerably more effort to find the desired sentence structure.

Another marathon session was spent working. All the assigned term papers where finished within 16 hours of typing. This time, I would find myself going in search of food as I felt the real need to eat something. I wasn’t hungry, but my body gave a signal of, “Hey, I should have been fed by now!” and I would force myself to eat a candy bar, all the while lying to myself that the high calorie content would set me right.

I was proud though. I managed to have finished every assignment within two night’s time. My papers were solid and the friends that would later proof read all strongly agreed. I realized that sleep was impossible, so I decided to continue doing my bag of crystal.

The next day was a roller coaster. I found the third day brought the same friendliness, but my shots where increasing in frequency and dose size. I noticed the flash affect was a former ghost of itself and I was now injecting two every 30 minutes and then allowing only a two hour break. My arms where sore, but I desperately wanted to continue the experience for I felt I could still accomplish more.

The day went by with me interacting with friends. My pale, sunken skin was noticeable by all. My eyes now began developing dark rims and I looked very exhausted. I felt the fatigue strongly, but could not sleep. Every dose of crystal really began to give less of a high and just kept me awake. Night slowly came and I had one of my friends drive me to a few of my marijuana customers.

Now, on the third night awake I noticed what my friend spoke about when he mentioned, “shadow people”. Figments of people that appear in your peripheral vision that had fluid, yet jerky movements with motives that appeared sinister to me. They would only appear on the edge of the highway, leaping across a barricade and onto cars, only to crawl through windows and sit with the people. Mind you, these were not full on hallucination, as I would receive with LSD. They had a presence of being there, but not at the same time. Enough concentration on them would cause them to disappear.

I made the needed drug deals without incident. I made myself appear lucid enough to pass as a person, but when allowed to relax my friends would notice me slip into ramblings of random and often unintelligible phrase. The end of the night brought enough concern from friends that they forced me to take tranquilizers and finally rest.

I slept for only 6 hours. I awoke the next day feeling extremely fatigued, yet somewhat normal. I forced some food down, took another dose of methamphetamine that only reduced fatigue, completed my classes, and when I returned to my room, I fell asleep only a few hours after my last dose.

Throughout this, I noticed zero desire to use heroin. I would eventually use methamphetamine to kill the desire to use it altogether. Methamphetamine is an excellent tool for me. It provides excellent productivity levels with results that would come only if massive effort was put in by the sober person. Unfortunately, shooting it provides a high that is difficult to resist. Lastly, fatigue is not eliminated by methamphetamine. It is only masked. Eventually, the affects of fragmented thoughts, unable to keep balance and overall psychosis began to show. Luckily, my final papers all received excellent grades of the lowest being an A-, but I consider myself fortunate to face the negative affects that the drug has to keep me from over indulging.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 57992
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 13, 2007Views: 34,851
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