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A to Z, Smiling Inside and Out
Citation:   Undo-it. "A to Z, Smiling Inside and Out: An Experience with Methylone (exp58100)". Erowid.org. Jan 16, 2008. erowid.org/exp/58100

T+ 0:00
70 mg oral Methylone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:25 50 mg oral Methylone (powder / crystals)
Prior Chemical Exp./Possible Interactions:
Nitrous (four weeks ago with methylone), One weak (~50mg?) MDMA exp back in March (haven't got a hold of any since), Last methylone exp: Nov 28, 06 (40mg personal low-dose test). I don't smoke... anything.

The date of the experience: Dec. 9, 06 - afternoon.
Location: My house, Martin County, FL.

10am - ate a large breakfast of fruit loops,
I call up M shortly after and he isn't doing much, I invite him and his girlfriend J over for another fun day (we've done 2 of these weekend 'experiments' in the last two months - a month apart). 'It's a good day.' - That's our cue.

M and J show up, we trade hugs, and M says he probably won't be trying any, and J says she's undecided, but they encourage me to continue without them.

(t-0) - 11:45am - 70mg was consumed via dilution method. Shortly after J decides she can't wait and I give her 100mg.

(t-25min)12:10 - I decide to redose - 50mg. M feels good enough to down 70mg. Stuff tastes and smells like plastic-licorice liquefied solution, quite bad but not the worst ever - and the flavor sicks to my tongue for a few minutes after (perhaps a flavor memory?). Fruit flavored Trident gum usually overpowers it and I always pack a bunch of multi-packs.

We stayed in until the peak with my xbox media center (XBMC ftw!) playlist playing thru the tv. Had trouble picking songs I wanted to listen to. Getting really really chatty from the MDMCat. We talk about the same stuff we talk about every methylone roll... How happy we feel, how everyone should feel this way, how my family got to where they are, various (general) life experiences - nothing private, nothing all too emotional, we just can't stop talking. M and J try to cut each other off trying to talk to me, and I think about that and it makes me smile. I really love M and his girlfriend J, and how they're the only ones I can try this stuff with since everybody's gone to college up north.

(t-1hr) - J wanted to wander around outside in my yard and wants me and M to follow. M and J smoke abit of pot in the woods and again M offers [pressures] me :) , but I tell him some other time.

(t-1hr:20min) - We walk came in chat - more about life experiences - some of the same things we always say every time, at times shoutting over my music, just because that seems like the thing to do. We have a few group hugs. Sitting each on a separate couch in living room around the tv. I don't get much empathy, but M and J do - possibly because of their pot or previous substances they've used, but I go and give M and J a hug, just because I don't ever hug friends enough.

(t-2:30hr) I want to turn the music off - can't find any music I like, but M loves all my music. We each drift off into the methylone experience - shared mutual silence - we're all blowing up. I tell J that I've gotta water our plants around the house sometime, she volunteers to help later on. We lounge around, no noise at all inside my house, nothing but us.

I'm feeling that 'shiny white' feeling in my skull - usually related to methcathinone use - I don't get it from anything else. It's sorta like a fog/darkness that I have to look through, but my vision isn't distorted, just 'brightened'. It's like what my brain feels like could be described as a combination of straining and itchy. Music is also 'brighter' in tone, similar to the 'live' setting on equalizers - except generated inside my head. :P

I'm quietly laying on my couch, eyes half open - relaxed, feeling just plain HAPPY, a little of a grin on my face, J relaxes into my cozy mirror-image couch with the same facial expression, while M lounges in the reclining chair, J says, 'It's like we are psychic and know what each other is feeling.' I don't say anything - there's no need for words at all. Feeling that laid back, mind-emptying peace. Not a thought (or stress) in our heads.

We decide to rouse up ourselves and go and water the plants for 30mins. little more chat and silence - M says he feels, 'bleh' and wants to go home - I understand, they leave around 3:30pm

Total experience time ~4 hours - with 45min come-up, 2.5 hour plateau and a few hours come-down. That feeling of 'bleh' is a feeling of sleepyness and calmness mixed with the urge to 'do' something. I usually get over it by watching family guy episodes (they're easy on the brain). At any point in the experience I can accomplish simple tasks just fine. I like how we always talk (quite a bit) about the same range of things while we are on methylone. The whole trip was rather short, because M and I took 70mg.

I really hope methylone will stay underground as a research chemical forever - I really don't want it to ever be banned or on the street (with it's poor questionable confusing quality). It's fun for me at any dose from 50mg to 150mg, but the higher dose, the higher the risks of body temperature overheating and day-after depression. 100mg with a 30mg redose is a nice place for me. Methylone is Happiness.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 58100
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 16, 2008Views: 8,227
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Methylone (255) : Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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