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3 Trial Dosages and Reactions
Citation:   Xorkoth. "3 Trial Dosages and Reactions: An Experience with AET (exp58149)". Dec 16, 2006.

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  repeated insufflated AET (powder / crystals)
    repeated oral AET (powder / crystals)
  8.0 g oral Kratom  
  30 mg rectal Morphine  
Over the past week, I've had the chance to try out AET at 3 different dosage levels. Considering the rarity of the substance, I've decided that, even though I encountered nothing mindblowing, I should most definitely write up a summary of those experiences.


On the first trial, I took 100mg orally at about 10:00pm. I would have done it earlier but I checked my mail, totally not expecting to see it yet, but it had in fact arrived. I was going to start with 80mg but in reading the TIHKAL entries, it seemed that 80 would have been very weak indeed, so I started with 100. The taste, texture, and shape of the granules reminds me greatly of AMT, as does the smell. It's a less powerful whiff of the same shit-like stench that pervades the air when opening AMT up. I held it in my mouth with some spit and swished it around, attempting to force sublingual absorbtion. That skatole taste filled my mouth, weaker than with AMT but still offensive.

After about 5 minutes, my mucous mebranes started to burn, and although I had originally intended on holding it in my mouth for 15-20 minutes, at 10 minutes it burned too much and I swallowed. I rinsed my mouth out with cold distilled water for a while and ate a few bites of ice cream, and within minutes the burning faded to a memory.

The comeup was inconsequential. I began to feel a warm but subtle energy at about T+30 minutes, and by T+45 to 1 hour I was feeling nice and happy. I didn't feel much like moving, but I had a very pleasant but light body high. Mentally, I was unaffected other than a mood boost. There was less psychedelic buzz than with AMT, but overall the body highs felt quite similar. At about T+2 hours I ingested 8 grams of kratom and took a few vaporizer hits of extreme quality cannabis which boosted the body high. After about 4-5 hours the high had faded to a baseline buzz. I tried to sleep, but unfortunately I retained quite a bit of stimulation and slept very lightly with many interruptions throughout the next 6 hours. I got up and went on the computer for a short time twice. It was pretty frustrating, but the next day, I felt pretty good anyway.


A couple of days later, I decided to try again, this time with 120mg total, but with 60 oral and 60 insufflated. Yes, that may sound a bit nuts, but I've actually found that I enjoy boosting AMT by insufflating smaller amounts, and AET has begun to seem very similar. With most psychedelics I find the nasal route to be counterproducxtive, but with the alpha-x-tryptamines, or the two I've tried so far anyway, it seems to just increase the power and speed of onset. But be warned - insufflating AMT and/or AET is not pleasant! Observe:

T+0:00 - Snorted up a 30mg line in one nostril and then immediately another in the other nostril. No immediate pain...

T+0:03 seconds - Pain begins. It feels like a caustic chemical is burning the delicate mucous membranes in my nose. Slowly, the smell of indole byproducts fills my nasal cavity. By now AMT's burn would have been in full force.

T+0:10 - Pain is at full. It's less sharp and intense than with AMT, and the smell is less forward, but it's still highly unpleasant.

T+5:00 - The pain is still the same intensity. It comes and goes in waves. My nose is running a lot so I must repeatedly sniff the snot back into my nose, which renews the pain every time. The AMT sting is all but gone right now, it appears that AET's sting lasts for longer, although the pain is less intense.

T+10:00 - The pain has faded somewhat but it's really starting to bother me now. It's just so annoying and lingering.

T+15:00 - The pain is all gone now leaving just a tenderness inside my nostrils. By now, the effects have begun.

As you can see, it took about 15 minutes to start coming up well this time. Almost immediately, I noticed the intensity shoot to about double my first trial. The insufflation definitely worked well despite the pain.

At about T+0:45 I feel the comeup from the oral portion of my dosage. This acts to increase the intensity as well as smooth the edges out. The high was very non-edgy, but a faint restless energy crept in from the speed of the insufflation. The comeup stage reminds me of MDMA a little bit, occasionally slightly uncomfortable but nothing at all major, and AET is milder than MDMA in that respect.

At this point I laid down and evaluated the effects. Of course they were much like the first trial, but much stronger in the body and this time they carried a hint of a mental trip. My mind did not feel particularly sped up or lucid, but it definitely was affected. Interestingly, unlike with AMT where I feel very mentally adept and quick, AET almost made my mind a little lethargic, although it was nothing unpleasant. I felt perfectly capable socially, but a little lagging in the quick-thinking department.

The body high was so good that it was drawing me in. It reminded me a bit of MDMA but gentler and less pushy, and more natural. My overall impression of the high was that it was really not much like MDMA except for a few surface similarities. But the comparisons are hard not to make.

At about T+1:30, the effects seemed to peak, although it was a gentle and rather indistinct peak. During this time, I had some noticeable eye wiggling, and felt really damn good. It was hard for me to stay focused on one thing visually for very long. Although I did not get any actual visuals (nor do I with AMT), everything around me seemed to sparkle and I noticed patterns in the subtle shading of objects. This effect was more sparkly than with AMT, but less psychedelic. Nevertheless, it was rather neat. There was also noticeable palm and foot sweating which grossed my girlfriend out. Oops!

As time went on, I didn't notice any lessening of effects for quite a while. Eventually I began to drift off into a reverie state not unlike sleep but different from it at the same time. In this state my body was buzzing very strongly and pleasurably, and my mind was traveling some free-association path of strange logic. When I'd re-enter the real world, I'd say something nonsensical as I do when I first waking up after nodding off. This was much to the amusement of myself and my girlfriend.

After about 6 hours, decidedly longer than with the first trial, I realized the effects had faded quite a bit. I took 30mg of morphine rectally and this boosted me back into the land of huge body buzzes, but with a much more opiated focus. I enjoyed it greatly for a couple of more hours, and then went to bed. I was able to sleep better than after my first trial, which is perhaps not so odd considering I used morphine during the second trial.


Just two days after the past trial I decided to up the dosage a little bit more and see if I could discover anything else that AET had to offer. Most psychedelics I find I can use without feeling any compulsion, with the exception of empathogens, which I tend to use often while I have them. AET and AMT I find are the closest to full psychedelic chemicals that I have troubles keeping away from sometimes.

So, that being said, I decided this night to ingest the same dosage as last time, and then throw in a 50mg nasal booster at about T+1:00. The experience progressed just as previously, and then at T+1:00, shortly before the peak would start, I insufflated another 50mg. This time it burned even more fiercely, and for a few minutes I regretted taking more. However, by the time the burn faded, I was the highest I'd been thus far in my AET trials. Let me explain...

The effects from AET are not quite what I'd call a trip. It's more like a cross between a light mental high which is rather difficult to describe and an empathogen. At this dosage level, I found it quite difficult to stay focused on a single thing, and the eye wiggles were quite strong at times. I would not want to have to do anything in this state. It's also quite physically pleasurable, and at times ridiculously so. As the peak really sets in, at least in my pretty much sedentary setting, I found the urge to drift off into trance-land to be quite strong, and thus I spent a good two hours drifting in and out of consciousness, always with some link to reality. But that link grew thin sometimes.

After a few hours of this, it began to slowly trail off, and by T+6 or 7, there was just a little residual body high/stimulation, which I found it pretty easy to sleep on. I woke up the next day, as I did in the other two trials, feeling fine. In fact, I felt pretty great. Since then, there has been no depression or lethargy to speak of, which excites me because empathogens tend to really kick my ass for the following few days to a week.


I'm truly glad to have discovered a sample of AET. So far I've found that it would probably have very little value in reaching anyplace profound, but then again MDMA and its like have become useless to me over the years - perhaps had I tried AET 4 years or so ago, I would have had a very psychedelic and profound journey. I guess I'll never know.

What I do know for sure is that AET feels much more benign than MDMA, and was an all-around great time. I really enjoyed the relaxed stimulation and the nodding off - it reminded me of opiate nodding (even when I didn't combine it with opiates), but more sparkly and psychedelic. The trance-like states I achieved were really the only part of the experiences I would consider psychedelic. The rest was just a strong high/sedation which was still extremely pleasurable. I also really like the lack of aftereffects.

My initial three trials have made me happy to have discovered this rare gem, indeed. I still prefer AMT overall in this class of tryptamines, but AET definitely gives it a run for its money in some areas.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 58149
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 16, 2006Views: 28,456
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