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Diverging Trips
5-Meo-DiPT & GHB
by Ascii
Citation:   Ascii. "Diverging Trips: An Experience with 5-Meo-DiPT & GHB (exp5819)". Feb 4, 2002.

10 mg oral 5-MeO-DiPT (powder / crystals)
    repeated oral GHB (liquid)


Public holiday. Dawn comes up with the brilliant idea that since we have the scale now and some time on our hands, why don't we try the 5-Meo-Dipt. Who am I to disagree?

Step 1: Start up computer, go to erowid, look up dosage information again. Light dose said to be 5 to 10mg, typical dose 8 to 15. 10 sounds good.

Step 2: Carefully measure out 10mg ea into 2 capsules. Takes a bit of getting used to what works with the scale and what not. 10mg barely fills the bottom round part of the capsule.

Step 3: Swallow with some water & wait.

We then set out to paint some old flower boxes. The approx 45 min it takes to come on should be sufficient. At the end of painting exersize, Dawn starts to see purple shadows. I don't really notice much.

We go inside, sit, chat, drink coffee. I'm starting to feel comfortably light headed, Dawn coming on stronger, getting some visuals. Hmmmm, should not be getting visuals on this dosage. Body feeling starts getting stronger, quite shaky and slightly edgy. After Dawn's bad experience with shrooms last year, the effect is too similar to the start of a strong shroom trip for Dawn's liking. She starts getting very agitated. We give her some GHB to counteract this. I'm feeling very warm, fuzzy and quite energetic. For her the visuals are becoming stronger and the body feeling isn't at all what she would like for the afternoon. We're watching the time quite carefully to try and pinpoint the approximate peak as she's getting very edgy and agitated.

Luckily the effect doesn't go beyond what she can handle. At the peak she is very short of attention span and while not having a bad trip, not enjoying it much. I'm quite sad about this as I'm feeling really good and starting to feel _really_ horny. Peak experience for her lasts about 2 hours during which she is never really comfortable. We're lying in bed, and she feels alternately too hot or too cold. From her description of the intense visuals it would be really nice if our positions were reversed as itís exactly the kind of thing I like.

At some point I notice that the music it touching me emotionally more than usual. I start concentrating on this and I make Dawn aware of it. At this point what has been a quite stressful experience so far changes dramatically. Dawn discovers that she is suddenly significantly more sensitive to music than under any other psychedelic she's tried so far. She can easily distinguish the different parts, instruments, effects etc. While not as intense for me, I also thoroughly enjoy it. A few more times Dawn starts getting anxious and edgy which we counteract with small boosted doses of GHB. I take some GHB as well which gets me even more horny.

As Dawn comes out of the too-intense part of the trip, she actually starts enjoying it a bit more. We chat, walk around the house a bit. As it gets later she gets into a slightly amorous mood as well and we get down to what was actually the idea for the afternoon before her trip became way to strong. The sex is explosive, intense, long and very good. Definitely lives up to its aphrodisiac qualities. Really a pity that it wasn't an option while we were peaking. The GHB mix must have added to the pleasureability.

Eventually we're starting to come down sufficiently to get up and get ready as we're supposed to have coffee at my mom's place. Arrive there after all the other family have left, which was a good thing. We're both still a little bit more tongue tied than normal, but clear enough to wing it. Good thing few ppl know the meaning of highly dilated pupils....

After quick coffee, go back home as we're getting visitors for dinner. I'm very energized and creative, if slightly absent minded. Dawn is NOT in the mood for any constructive work, so I get to make dinner. Mushrooms Milange for starters, satay flavored chicken curry for mains. All in a pleasant GHB haze.

I have lots of energy, clean up after dinner. When we go to bed I struggle for a while to get to sleep, but manage about an hour after relaxing. Dawn has to take some more GHB (she always struggles to get to sleep after any hallucinogen) and eventually sleeps, but very lightly. Sleep time approx 11 hours after dropping.

This morning we're both slightly more tired than usual but completely clear headed and happy. Day has been good and I notice no aftereffects. Very similar to shrooms in that respect.

Conclusions: 1) I LIKE this stuph. Dawn will not be that eager to take again, and if so only _very_ small doses.
2) Do NOT fiddle with this stuph unless you have an accurate scale and can determine the dosage exactly. Its incredibly potent and an overdose will NOT be pretty.
3) Start smaller than 10mg :) Body weight might be a consideration, sensitivity to psilocybin might be an indication of how strong it will affect you. (I typically take 3g mushrooms as a normal dose). I'm 75kg, Dawn is 53kg.
4) The body load on 10mg was more than what I'd feel comfortable with at an event. I think dancing on it might be loads of phun, but at lighter levels.
5) Make sure you have a good 7 to 8 hours free after taking before you're required to have interaction with 'normal' people.
6) Notice the music, complex, many layered stuph will work best.

All in all an initially stressful experience that turned out quite nice in the end. An amazing substance, but definitely not a toy - for the inexperienced - for anyone without a good way to determine the dosage accurately.

Have phun & be safe.


Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 5819
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 4, 2002Views: 18,537
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5-MeO-DiPT (57) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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