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Tripping at the Ice Caves
2C-I & Cannabis
Citation:   Craven. "Tripping at the Ice Caves: An Experience with 2C-I & Cannabis (exp58201)". Sep 10, 2007.

35 mg oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
I bought 200mg of 2C-I (2,5-dimethoxy-4-iodophenethylamine) from a friend of a friend who had bought it from a Canadian online pharmacy. 200mg is approximately 10 20mg hits. 20mg hits being a rather large hit, 10 being a normal, street valued hit. But for the night I had planned, I split the 200mg into 8 hits, 7 large hits for my friends and one triple hit for me. I called up my friends Zach, Chase and Kevin and told them I wanted to trip out in the woods and wanted them to come join me. They were automatically down. I went home and had a couple beers and ran into my roommate Dan. I threw my arms around his shoulder and told him he had no choice but to come with us. He shrugged his shoulders and said, ďSure, why not?Ē

So we packed up our jackets and on drove out to Mountain Loop Highway, Granite Falls, Washington, where we bought a couple bundles of firewood. When we left town we hand no idea where we were going to go camp at. We were all high on life and excitement for the night. We drove till we ended up at the foot of the infamous ice caves. Me and Kevin and our friend Austin, had had a crazy time there before with our friend Bacardi 151. Before we even got all the stuff from the car we took our hits, pouring them out of the bags and into our hands and then we all licked our hands.

We were situated near a creek, near the road right at the entrance to the parking lot of the ice caves. To set the mood for the night, right as the effects of the drug started taking hold, this obviously upset Pakistani woman, in full Pakistani garments, came walking up to us from the parking lot. She didnít speak a speck of English and kept indicating with her hands, food, and I believe police and something along the lines of shower. None of us could understand her and I felt really bad for her. We all thought something bad had happened. We tried to get her to talk to some people across the road at a different, bigger campsite, we didnít see her the rest of the night, but she was a lot for us to take in and we felt bad we couldnít understand.

We took our hits around 9:30PM and the first effects were felt within 20 minutes, with a slight body high resembling cubensis mushrooms and slight sensory enhancement like ecstasy. Along with the 2C-I, I brought a quarter ounce of marijuana. We gathered all the dry firewood from around the campsite and lit a fire and sat around it talking for sometime while the drug seemed to take a hold of us. At forty minutes, my mind succumbed to the drug fully and the fired danced and rotated and I felt at peace with my surroundings and one with fire. I felt as though what I was seeing in front of me wasnít real and the only thing real around me was the people I was with and the only thing that kept me from examining the fire with my hands was the fact that I discovered it real by the shadows it cast on my friends faces.

The sound of the stream flowing was incredible and stars looked absolutely brilliant. The older guys, Zach, Dan and I discussed heavily, the meaning of life, the cosmos, how we came to be, roles in life and society, while Kevin and Chase, not completely understanding, but somewhat comprehending what we were saying put in their input which I found was very intuitive and smart for their ages of 16. My age being 19, Zachís and Danís being 20.

Time under the influence of 2C-I (a.k.a. two chicken eyeballs,) is completely distorted and near non-existent. 2 hours seeming like nearly 8, with kind of a feeling like the high will never desist. The high takes over all my senses and in the dark, itís impossible to make out whatís in front of me, and when peaking, whatís real and whatís not. With bodily effects like Ecstasy and mushrooms, I become really dehydrated and coming completely unprepared, we forgot to bring any water. So at an hour and a half when I peaking and the sky was spinning so fast I couldnít bear to look at it, I decided I was thirsty enough to drink from the stream. Now the stream was about 10 feet from the fire, down a little incline of rocks, but the high made it an epic journey. I made it to the stream with nearly everyoneís help and the water tasted incredible.

Dan and I are on the same level on a lot of things, but for some reason, this night, this drug, made us thoughtful and Dan and I had some weird feelings about each other. The high inflated my ego and I believe made Dan jealous, kind of reminding me of a jester. I looked at myself as a druggy pot head fien and with the high I was under, it seemed like a bad thing. I was beyond my comprehension. The first two hours fully submerged in 2C-I, seem infinitely long and incredibly amazing. I'm energetic, insightful, and thoughtful. Colors are bright and fluid like. Lights gave motion trails, and gravity feels as though itís twisting me.

At midnight, I made my way to my car, which was very difficult, and got a wooden pipe from my trunk that Chase had gotten and I drilled out and finished. It had sat in my trunk for months and it was never used/commissioned, but always thought of. We sat around the fire, while Dan sat starring at it intently, slapping his legs to what he thought the rhythm of the fire sounded like. A really fast rhythm. And Chase sat amazed with his cellular phone, flipping it about like a light toy at a rave. Technology was a main focus of the night, as was new and old. Taking it all in at once, to say the least, was hard to do. We loaded the 18Ē wooden Tribal peace pipe, a badass black and white, leather-laden one. I lit it up and smoked and huge hit that made my eyes roll into the back of my head. It was a one hit wonder pipe that kicked my ass. We passed the pipe around once, smoking a huge bowl. I passed the pipe to Chase who, completely amazed by its performance, was starring at it for some time when Dan jokingly said, ďThrow it in the fire.Ē

Chase, being completely high, does it, almost instantaneously. We watched it burn in amazement with a huge uproar of laughter. It was, again, epic. Nearly 40 minutes later, Chase pointed out that, in the matter of 10 minutes, we retrieved a pipe from the car, which we processed for over 4 months, and had never used, managed to smoke one bowl out of, and then destroy it for no particular reason. I blame our irrational behavior to the 2C-I. Watching it slowly decay into nothing fascinated us and gave us more pleasure then actually using it, although using it was epic in itself.

Earlier in the night Dan was beat boxing to the rhythm of the river flowing, and for the rest of the night all of us except Dan heard the sounds of Dan beat boxing down by the river because the river seemed to be making the sounds he had earlier. Dan had disappeared around 2AM and was gone for quite some time. We ran out of firewood around 3AM and all the wood at the site was wet.

I was so high I couldnít see the ground in front of me and the stars, when I could stand to look at hem, were all moving and rotating and filling the sky in a breathing motion. They shot down from the sky, right toward my face, and exploding inches from my eyes. But Dan supposedly ran through the parking lot, a rather big one, all by himself and starred at the stars while he ran around. Personally, and going off Danís character, we all believed he was on the other side of this rather large fallen tree watching us in the darkness. We were shouting his name for 20 minutes, nearly on the brink of running for help, but we were all too high to talk to anyone sober. He didnít ever respond, then out of no where, making no sound he magically appeared from behind the stump.

Later in the night he disappeared again when we were standing by the car and I caught him watching us from the other side of the road, in the darkness. His eccentricities really made my night extremely trippy and fucked with my mind heavily. Heíll never understand. I call 2C-I a mind fuck drug. Dan explained the high better then anyone that night. ďItís like the feeling when you clean under your fingernails with something metal.Ē

The best way I can possibly explain 2C-I is that it is like a combo of Ecstasy, shrooms and LSD in a powder form. I experience the body high of ecstasy, the body high and slight visuals of shrooms and the all overpowering effects of LSD, such as seeing faces in the dark and hearing sounds that arenít there and crazy colors appearing like paint brushes of vibrant rainbow colors on the back of my eyelids. Feeling alienated by Dan, we all left him, which we felt extremely bad about, around 4AM. We were all still very much high on both the 2C-I and the weed, which we smoked all of by this time but one bowl. We decided to hike the mile to the ice caves. On the way up I saw thousands of faces in the bark of the trees. They were a little creepy but I accepted them as part of the experience. We watched the sunrise at the caves, which radiated a cold air about it, which was an incredible experience in itís self.

All in all, 2C-I is the strongest, most powerful hallucinogenic drug Iíve ever done and itís opened new doors in my conscience that I donít think I could have unlocked with out its help.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 58201
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 10, 2007Views: 19,012
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2C-I (172) : Relationships (44), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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