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The Wonderful World Of Nausea
Syrian Rue
by Frog
Citation:   Frog. "The Wonderful World Of Nausea: An Experience with Syrian Rue (exp58310)". Oct 19, 2007.

2 tsp oral Syrian Rue (ground / crushed)


Having experienced Syrian Rue mixed with DMT, I noticed that before the DMT (MHRB) tea was ever drank there was a slightly 'heavy' effect and a somewhat subtle visual distortion (though it took concentration to make it evident), I used the initial effects of the S. Rue tea as a tell-tale sign that I can go ahead and begin drinking the DMT as the desired MAOI effect has begun.

This particular evening, all that was available was Syrian Rue seeds that I had ground up to a fine powder. The inability to brew a tea at the moment made it so I had to find another method of ingestion. I measured out 2 teaspoons of the powder and placed each one on a toilet paper square, folded them up and tore off the excess paper. I Swallowed the balls of powder with a cup of water.

I wandered back out to the living room and began watching a movie. I damn near forgot that I had eaten the powder. For the entire movie I did not move from the reclining chair. About 30-45 minutes into the movie, I noticed that I felt very light and relaxed. There was a tingling beneath my skin and a fuzzy feeling. It felt like a mild heroin buzz mixed with a drink of alcohol. I felt good and on the verge of sleepy, sedated almost. Subtle trails in my vision but I see trails all the time when sober so I think nothing of it.

I finish the movie and stand up to go outside for a smoke. Upon standing up, I nearly fall over. I feel a very intense physical intoxication. Complete loss of coordination. Walking was almost impossible. I made a mad dash for the front door in hopes that my step father would not notice my intoxicated state. How the Hell would I explain that. I could say that I was drinking, after all there is a bottle of Scotch Whiskey in the cabinet, but he would immediately know that I was lying because my breathe smelled nothing like alcohol.

Once outside (night) I am completely disoriented. I almost fall down the steps misjudging the height of each step in the darkness. My first thought 'Okay, let's practice walking so I can eventually go back inside.' I stumble around the yard trying desperately to keep my balance. 'My God what've I gotten myself into!' While trying to walk, nausea creeps up gradually, and then suddenly. I had read reports where the author noted that sitting or lying down helps curb the sickness. I sit down on the steps. I puff my cigarette. Suddenly the door opens and my step father walks out with the dog. He lights up a cigarette and says 'I value your opinion, Swim. I got a problem.' to which I asked 'Did I do something wrong?' and immediately my thoughts turn to whether or not he and my mother had found the pot plants out on the edge of the field.

No everything was okay on that front. He said 'No, no not at home here, at work.' blah blah blah. I couldn't concentrate on what he was telling me but said 'Okay...' or 'yeah...' every now and then. He asked what he should do and I was befuddled and had no answer. Suddenly inside I hear the phone ring. Saved by the 'bell.' I rush inside trying desperately not to stumble or fall over. I answer the phone. It was for my mother and she wasn't home. I hung up and retreated to my bedroom. As I got to the end of the hallway, my step dad's cell phone rings so he comes inside and answers it. It was my mom and she was asking him what I wanted to eat from McDonalds. If I said nothing, they would think something was wrong because I hadn't eaten all day so I just asked for something small.

In my room the nausea was becoming overwhelming. I collapsed into my bed and shielded my eyes from the light that I forgot to turn off. When I closed them, I could see a single orb or eye behind each eye-lid spinning at an incredible rate. Then they began moving around in a circular motion. This nauseated me further and I opened my eyes. With the lights on in the room my vision held fast to the world around me and I was grounded for a bit. Something to hold on to so I wouldn't lose it completely. Lying there, the nausea subsided enough to where I was mildly comfortable, bearable.

*knock knock* Step dad was knocking on my door. I get out of bed and open the door. He is standing there and says 'You never answered me.' His little movements of his hands gave off incredible trails like I had only witnessed with Ayahausca experiments. From what little I recalled of what he had said earlier, I was still disconnected but managed to offer my opinion and apparently it made sense because he said thank you and left me be. I watched him walk back down the hallway and the trails or vibrations fell from his figure and the entire hallway sent out waves and vibrations and trails. I closed the bedroom door.

The nausea had returned and in an attempt to let it go away I did not lye back down. Instead I grabbed a trash can and kneeled before it. PURGE PURGE PURGE. There was what felt like clumps of hamburger in a brownish sludge the was so thick it just rolled out. Oh God it was so horrible. Gasping for air in between heaves, the smell and taste only made me vomit more. For a solid 5 minutes or so I spewed. I had cranked up the TV to muffle the sound of my puking. I managed to close my eyes and move my face away from the trash can in an attempt to end the vomiting. Slowly it worked and I rolled over on to my side on the floor. Slowly I began feeling better.

I clawed my way back up into my bed and curled up. Distraught by the light, I got up quickly to turn them out and returned to bed. I was now in complete darkness. I closed my eyes and then opened them again. Again and again and noticed no difference. I closed them again for a long period of time. Visions began appearing behind my eyelids. Just normal stuff but altered in some way. I saw a dog standing in a hallway. He jumped on to the wall, stood there and then jumped back to the floor. Weird shit like that. There were so many visions that I can not remember most of them. I remember an image of myself standing there. The world was so gigantic but so small at the same time. Being shot through snowy mountains at incredible speeds, then suddenly coming to a stop in some desert. I whispered: 'Death. Death Valley.' The incredible close ups of various images and places and unbelievable speed at which I was traveling began making me nauseated again. I had to open my eyes and calm myself down. I could feel my heart beating much faster than usual.

I hear a car pull up. It was Mom. I manage out of bed and open the door. I rush down the hallway not as discoordinated as before but still quite wobbly. Trails were so powerful and on everything. I gather my food, say nothing except for 'thank you' and rush back to my room without looking at anyone. I set the food beside the bed and curl up again under the covers. It is strangely cold in the room for some reason. While I was walking around the nausea came back so I relaxed yet again and slowly my stomach settled. After a while I began attempting to nibble on the french fries. Surprisingly it helped my stomach. Eventually I finished the fries and tried my hand at the double cheese burger. Went down just fine and stayed down.

[Erowid Note: The author reports eating tyramine-containing food within 24 hours after ingesting a reversible MAOI. Such a combination could carry serious health consequences. See the MAOI Vault for more information.]

Even in the darkness the trails and vibrations were all over the place. I studied the movements of my hands. I could not see my hands, just the trails falling off of them as I moved them around. It was actually an awesome effect. Somehow I fell asleep. I awoke at 2:10 am. All the lights in the house were out and everyone was asleep. I was coordinated again and was seeing straight. I was back to baseline almost entirely. I still felt fuzzy a little bit but was otherwise normal. I went outside for a smoke and watched the stars.

Now this was my first trip with Peganum Harmala by itself but had read about its psychedelic effects in TiHKAL. My opinion on this trip: Okay but the nausea isn't really worth it. I think I'll just stick to mixing it with oral DMT and other tryptamines. The only negative aspect of the experience was the nausea but that was so overwhelming that I just would rather not do this again. That's all.

I remember now the ability to (over?)analyze past events in my life and current dilemas that I hadn't as of prior to the experience been able to find an answer to. While I'm still sorting things out, I feel I'm now pointed in the right direction. Thinking of people and wishing them well. Even a glorious self-analysis that presented me in a new light to myself. It was very interesting.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 58310
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 19, 2007Views: 8,521
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Syrian Rue (45) : Alone (16), First Times (2), General (1)

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