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Lost and Found
Salvia divinorum (40x extract)
by Frodo
Citation:   Frodo. "Lost and Found: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (40x extract) (exp58343)". Jul 19, 2009.

2 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


I guess I should start this report with a summary of the history of my experiences with psychoactive chemicals. I've smoked pot for about ten years more than occasionally, and I've done mushrooms and acid countless times. I have tried E, coke, heroin/oxys and tried DMT once, and probably a couple other less noteworthy chemicals here and there. My main foray before this experience was basically bud and a bi-monthly mushroom trip. Some other things you may like to know are that I am a part time college student and have a full time job. I am not in any sense of the word a junkie or strung out, although I use drugs more often than most people and feel that I am addicted to marijuana. Although this is the case, I am a normal functioning person, and people I meet can't tell that I am an avid substance user unless I tell them. I am fairly athletic, and am not predisposed to sitting on the couch all day smoking pot and eating chips. I usually try to be active and enjoy chemicals for what they are - a part of the human surroundings and condition.

My good friend since 2nd grade (we'll call him K) and I decided to go to a head shop in the city where we live to buy a new pipe. We had no intention of using anything but marijuana that night, and hadn't for quite some time, perhaps a month or two. So we went to the shop and looked around for awhile. While I was picking out a piece, K called me over to the counter so he could show me something. He was looking at a rack behind the counter that had all kinds of neat botanicals and legal herbs. A big sign said SALE on Salvia. He told me that his friend D had done it a lot and that it might be useful or at the least educational to try it once. I ended up buying two grams of 40x for 50 dollars even, what seemed like a ridiculous price at the time. Little did I know how immaterial money would seem after this.

We took the goods to K's house since there was no one there and since he has a nice stereo system and all around a nice environment and decor for a trip. I built a little nest out of pillows and blankets, and arranged the room how I thought it would be most comfortable. To be honest, I thought this salvia stuff seemed pretty harmless, almost like a spoof on placebo. Like there were so many people making up fake stories about their experiences on it that some sort of mass self dishonesty had occured and now everyone who used it actually believed it was the real deal. Not so. At the most I thought it'd give me a buzz like pot or something. I was totally relaxed about it, and I wasn't listening closely enough to instinct to realize the herb's power.

Once everything was set up, we called up a friend named J and asked him if he wanted to be involved. He was excited and came right over. K's friend D who had used salvia on a lot of occasions and was pretty knowledgeable about it ended up knocking on the door by chance (just the person we needed, what a coinkydink! it always happens that way) and so we were set. I started to get a little more excited when D looked at the stuff we had bought and started nodding and saying 'Yep, this is the same shit I get.' I knew he was being honest about his experience because I'd known him for a while through friends and had seen him use a lot of different drugs. He told me that he had done all the way from 5x to homemade 75x (don't know if I buy that part) and that the best experience had been with 25 and 40 at quick shot and small doses in a vaporizer. We didn't have a vap, but we were sure good at improvising.

We took a spoon and put what looked like a hit of sally in it. We used a smaller spoon to heat up with a torch and smash the sally so as to sandwich it between two spoons and vaporize it. To suck up the smoke, we used a toilet paper roll. D volunteered to go first since he'd done it before, and quickly took the reigns like a pro. He plopped down, set up a hit, and went to work. Within about 30 seconds and two hits, he said 'no more' and then rolled off the couch onto the floor. He began laughing hysterically, and for the next twenty minutes talked incoherently, rolled on the floor, and at one point, opened his eyes and mouth wide and looked like he was seriously about to take a bite out of J. Anyways, it came to an end about 30 minutes later total, and he said other than memory he didn't feel anything anymore at all, not even lightheaded or something, which struck me since pot always gives me a next-day warm glow.

Anyways, it was my turn next and I was very anxious after watching D, an experienced user of the shit, flip out on the floor and try to eat my buddy. But, I couldn't back out now. So, D set me up a good hit and had me get comfortable. He spent about a minute telling me what to expect and how to handle it or at least try to handle it. He said I'd feel perfectly normal even after a hit or even two. He told me things would go from normal to completely whacked in about a ten second time frame, and to be ready. He said I would be very confused and probably wouldn't realize who, where, or what I was for a while. With that, he torched the spoon, smashed the black stringy herb, and I started inhaling. Sally has a strange taste, not bad, but not yummy either. The smell is kind of nauseating, but I didn't really notice it when I was taking a hit because I was obviously preoccupied. The smoke was harsh for about a second then cools down. It was easier to smoke than tobacco, but harder than marijuana. Holding the hit in was easier than with marijuana though. I took one big gulp of smoke into my lungs, and sat back while I held it. Nothing. Yet. D got another ready, and went down again.

When I came up this time holding it, I felt a sensation I've never had before, sort of like a rubber band breaking in my consciousness, like some kind of a restraint being broken. It was an actual feeling, not just a thought. Things still looked normal, but I must not have because everyone was staring at me like 'Holy shit, dude's on one right now'. That's when shit changed for good. I suddenly felt compelled to get on the floor. I felt really strong gravity or some other force pulling me down and inwards, causing me to suck in my rib cage, curl up in a ball and face into the floor. I can't describe this feeling other than feeling like I was being pulled through a straw really fast. When I came out the other end of the 'straw' I was in a different place. I remember things about the experience now, but at the time I didn't realize that I was on a drug or even a human. I just was and that seemed good enough. I was not thinking in words or pictures, but more events and time.

I saw an old Indian woman covered in shawls who had no face standing next to me. She didn't talk, but I could hear her speaking to me. She told me that I was one of the lucky ones, that not many people get to come to this place, even in a whole lifetime. She told me I should be grateful to be so young and already be experiencing this. She told me that I could come whenever I wanted but not to wear out my welcome and to be respectful of her (I believe 'her' is salvia and its use). She led me to a large rock, and in the center of the rock there was a spout of water coming out. She told me to drink, and I did. It was the best water I'd ever had before. I played in it, drank it, splashed it, washed my hair in it, just enjoyed the water for what seemed like eternity.

The woman told me that this was very special water, and that everyone who comes here is allowed to drink it, but no one else. She said that the water would never dry once it was on me, but that it was okay because ordinary beings couldn't feel or see that water. She told me that since I'd been here, I was no longer an ordinary being, but that I needed to keep that a secret. She said that I had not earned this, but that I had forced myself here anyways so I might as well try to get something from it. She didn't seem too happy with me, but didn't act angry either. After a few minutes of sitting there just staring into blackness and playing with the water, she told me it was time to leave for now, and that next time I came back to come better prepared so we could actually accomplish something together. She said this had been wasted time, but that if I tried harder it didn't have to be wasted next time.

I woke up on my hands and knees in the bathroom with the shower and the sink running and all my clothes on the floor in a pile. The door was locked and there was no noise but the water. I thought for a few minutes and then got dressed and came out. I found my friends in K's room talking and smoking ganj. They said I had crawled into the bathroom and turned on the shower so they just let me be since they knew I'd be back in a few anyways. They asked me what had happened, and I told them. They all seemed really serious, more serious than when we do other drugs and joke about it afterwards, almost somber.

Altogether, this was not a bad experience, although a little confusing and questionable. I want to do it again, but I think I'll follow her advice and try to learn some more about this before I repeat the experience. I did learn however that if you play with fire, you'd better know how to handle it or you'll get curned. I am scared to use Salvia again unless I am mentally ready and have good intentions/factors. SO until then ... hope some people learn like I have that some drugs like beer and pot are for fun social gatherings, and some others are not, and that there is different categories to enlightenment.

Thanks all and bon voyage le Cabezeineri

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 58343
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 19, 2009Views: 11,431
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