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Through the Doors of Perception
Cacti - T. pachanoi & Cannabis
Citation:   Flangemoose20. "Through the Doors of Perception: An Experience with Cacti - T. pachanoi & Cannabis (exp58353)". Jan 1, 2008.

T+ 0:00
125 mg oral Cacti - T. pachanoi (liquid)
  T+ 0:30 125 mg oral Cacti - T. pachanoi (liquid)
  T+ 3:00 6 hits smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 7:00   oral Cacti - T. pachanoi (liquid)
  T+ 8:30   smoked Cannabis (plant material)

I have had cactus multiple times, and felt well prepared for this trip, having being better at cooking and experienced at tripping. My flatmate and I had a bad experience a week earlier with a sample of the same potent brew as detailed in this report. We tried some a week before, before going to bed, only to wake at 4am-ish to instant intensity and hyperactivity and not being able to get back to sleep till about 9, maybe 10am. That was a week before this experience and helped prepare our doses for a full trip.

The even took place last friday (22nd dec 2006), which we had planned and prepared in advance. This time there were four of us tripping together. Whom I'll call M, D, and S. I arrived back at the flat at about 1pm, I had come from my parents place. I had timed myself for when D finished work so we could all start tripping the same time. When I got there I found S was not there, missing and no-where to be contacted, so we decided he flaked on us an we thus decided to just trip without him, but saved him 1/4 of the brew considering that much is his.

The brew was more potent that any trip I have before, I got some on my hands, the slipperyness and viscosity were characteristic of a well refined brew. The comsumption of the brew was most ardous for me, we decided to not strain it because we want something solid to throw up later because we all hate dry wretching on this stuff. This was a bad idea because it increased the amount we had to eat/drink by a lot. We drank a 250ml glass-full each. D consumed his in under 20 minutes. M took about an hour. I took about 3 hours. You'll find out why soon.

S arrived about 2 hours after we first consumed, to the great joy of all of us. He consumed his in under 20 minutes as well. D spewed up first about 2:30, M at 3:30ish. I followed the other two trying to get it down fast spewed at about 1:20 thus wasting half my brew, from then on I decided to just sip it very slowly, which took ages, but worked even if I wasted half. I spewed twice over the course of the 3 hours I ate it for, starting to feel the effect at about 2 hours. S spewed much later, more towards dusk. He proved he had the strongest stomache, and subsequently had the best day of his life. It was his first time too.

D I won't mention much about from now on because he only buzzed a bit, I put this down to him consuming too quick and thus throwing up too early. On my observations M had a great trip seeing everything with scales, which set on very early probably around 3 or 4pm, and lasted as long as I can remember (before I got lost in my own world). S pretty much kept to himself the whole time, he was 'Trippin like mad' in his words, and a smile was on his face constantly.

The Trip:

At about 3pm I began to feel that familiar drunk feeling I always get with cactus. It came in waves, with moments of great drunkness and discoordination at the peaks, and moments of serious normality at the dips. With in the next hour or so I finished my glass. And would certainly say I was tripping. The next three or so hours seemed to last a long time and are the most memorable in the whole 12 to 14 hour experience.

We all stayed at the flat for an uncertain period of time. M was tripping well, D wasn't feeling much, and S was going fairly good, was very quiet. I felt very drunk as the 'normality' dips got shorter and the trip slowly moved into full swing. We decided to move into the back yard, again for an uncertain amount of time. The colours began to appear quite vibrant to M and I, I found great fun in playing with the garden tools, tearing up a small patch of the lawn with a hoe. We had many conversations, and I talked to a couple of my other flatmates who weren't tripping. I was in control and felt rather happy and comfortable, my cheeks began to ache from all the smiling.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]
At some stage we decided to go for a drive, D drived as his trip was very mild and he was very much in control. We went and got pizza for later when we got hungry toward the end of our trips. I recall the vibrancy of colours on the flora increasing to pleasant and soothing levels. We arrived back at the flat, to drop off one of the non-intoxicated flatmates, and the pizza. Then we went out again on a mission to get some grass.

We drove about 6 miles to get it, and on the way we went down a street that was lined with what can only be called 'one of those lame council supported art projects' where a local artist puts sculptures in the gardens on the road-side and at corners. To me the sculptures were grotesque, I felt highly repulsed, they looked like great big voodoo sculptures made of dark wood and painted with blood and fecal matter. needless to say I was not impressed, though I found out later they were mini wooden and brass totems with native birds faces on them. On this Journey M was still seeing scales, S was smiling quietly, D was just happy to get the stuff needed to get high. The grass was good value for money. and we headed off to find a spot to spark up.

On the way to a nice area the cactus began to come on strong for me, and from now on I was more or less in my own big crazy world, with the occasional wave out where I found communication possible again. I was probably scanning around everywhere I could looking at everything, obsessed with just watching and looking. we drove past a house with a swastika set in brick on the front facade. I know this area and this house, but for some reason the swastika stood out more than usual, it is generally quite subtle and easy to miss, but it was bright and defined. I freak out for a moment, M must have noticed and he assured me that it was the correct Hindi swastika that is a symbol of peace, and not the Nazi one that has the flicks reversed in the other direction.

We stopped at a nearby park to smoke up. The cactus was going strong, S had to actually tap me on the shoulder to get my attention to receive the cone he was passing to me.
I toked from it about 6 times as it did the rounds being refilled maybe twice.

I remember feeling very very high, and I asked what the time was, someone said 'just after 5', I was quite astonished that such little time had passed. We sat around talking for a bit. though we started to quiet down after a bit. M told us to look at the clouds, so I did admiring the white beauty of it. Alot of time had passed just as looking at the clouds making the occasoinal comment, or such conversation. S was already tripping strongly, D was just high, and M began to reach out trips climate around the same time, I was in my own world seeing alsorts of stuff, and so was he around the same time (of which he told me the next day).

Much of the clouds retained all of their colour, but my depth perception was well affected, but the entire sky felt closer to my face, like a painting on the wall of an art gallery, or a television. My friends bodys seemed disproportionate, The geometry of the buildings around created strange distance contrasts. The Squares in the windows felt write in front of my face, where are the lighter paint jobs felts miles away and the darker colours were brought a little more forward. The windows and darker colours looked alot like they popped out as if in one of those pop-up picture books, my visual perception was screwed, I was confused and disorientated, but loving life!

I decided to look at the sky again, and this is where things got very interesting. Upon the very 2d looking surface of the sky manifested interesting creatures, initially starting at similar shaped white clouds turning into fully coloured creatures, whilst the clouds around it remained white. Then for a while I saw a brown dog faced creature, and it warped alot, and eventually turned into a very vivid cartoon monkey head, I felt very happy with this. More dog-like heads appeared, one I could identify as a cartoon bulldog, with a studded black collar, and its teeth sticking out at bottom canines.

It appeared unhappy with me, but I wasn't scared or didn't take to the threat it promised. The dogs left after that, the trip got a little milder, the clouds returning to normal colour, but the visuals still going well as I identified vivid shapes (alot of generic looking human-like forms), some 3D (one was like looking at the underside of a lion laying down). But the trip then kicked up a notch again as my mind decided to invent its own colourful monsters from the shapes in the clouds. Such monster was a fish-like creature, its skin was many shades of purple in a marble-like effect, it had dark cold eyes, and a long snout with a mouth at the end with very sharp bright steel-like teeth and another, its tongue was long and serpentile, it was coupled wit another creature that was many shades of yellow, also in a marbled effect. This creature had the body shape of a shaven hampster without a head, but instead a large mouth with steel-like sharp teeth. The creatures were doing something together, I couldn't tell whether they were fighting, dancing, or doing some sort of sexual ritual, it was all bizzare as their tongues touched and intertwined and I was actually worried about one of them doing damage to the other with their sharp teeth bared during their interaction.

I completely zoned out after that in some sort of happy euphoric fit until being brought out of it to a brief moment of normality as M decided to move on as it was getting dark. The four of us headed back to the flat for a bit, and I recall my depth perception still being a little twisted, some distant object seemed closer, and close objects farther. It came and went in phases, with moments of normality. I decided to have some of the scapings of cactus juice from the pot, and the small amount still in the bottom of my cup I finished earlier. This was around 8 or 9 pm.

We watched a bit of TV, I felt relatively normal, like I was coming out of it. M was still trippin, and S was away with the fairies. D suggested we go out again for another smoke. This time we went to the beach, a good 20 mile or more drive. We played on a playground nearby, in the dark while we smoked a few cones. We then walked onto the beach, I wasn't interested in the water, but found the seaweed and driftwood at high tide very interesting, as did the others, I was very high, and the cactus was coming back on again. One of the guys started drawing in the sand with a stick, I thought the drawings were awesome and life like, but I was told later they were actually quite shit. I managed to draw a willy in the sand without the others noticing, they spent a while asking each other who did it, coming to the conlusion that some kids had done it earlier in the day, I owned up to doing it eventually, which I found incredibly hilarious.

I can't remember much at this point until D and M decided we should head back home. S was still tripping quite strong, and so was I, M I think was just high. As we walked back to the car along the boardwalk I began to get visuals again, and this made it very hard to walk, it was very dark (nighttime) as it already was without colouful rainbow swirls obscuring my vision. I picked up a stick to keep balance, S stayed close by to ensure I didn't fall off the boardwalk and hurt myself. The colours were intense, like many different flavoured icecreams swirled together (but not blended in) I could barely see my feet through the colourful haze. we made it to the car, not before I walked right through an ankle deep puddle that I didn't notice till I was in the middle of it. I got in the car and basically fell asleep till I got back to the flat. When I got back I felt very exhausted, but stayed up an watched a movie on cable (I had no idea what it was) and then went to bed when everyone else did.

That was my trip in as full as possible, and I know Iíve missed out heaps (due to memory), but this will do. The overall trip can be described as happy and perfect but visual perception was strongly distorted and confusing.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 58353
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 1, 2008Views: 8,421
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Cacti - T. pachanoi (64) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), General (1)

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