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A Trip Into the Unknown
LSD & Cannabis
by sinisterpriest
Citation:   sinisterpriest. "A Trip Into the Unknown: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp58430)". Nov 6, 2019.

1.5 tablets oral LSD (blotter / tab)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)


So this all started on the first day of last summer. Me and my friends had gotten out of school and decided that we wanted to do something crazy as a fun way to get the summer started.(just to add this my two friends m and c and I had never tried a halluconegen before, but have tried extacy numerous amounts of times.

So c and I decide we'll go up to haight street and try to get some molly(pure mdma) or acid, since I only have a two seater car. So c and I head up to haight and got pretty lucky because right when we had arrived on haight two hippie looking people asked if we needed doses and we said yes and bought 5 doses of acid that was in a white strip with something that looked like black ink on the inside. We talked about how easy it was to get then we were off back to our friend j's house to show our friends wat we had gotten. C and I arrive back at j's and show them we had the acid, then we immediately split it into three pieces and took the acid.

After about an 45 min. To an hour we had noticed we were feeling an unusual kind of euphoria that was a strange thing. So after the awkwardness of the euphoria died down we started to talk about how hard the coming up part was to handle. I dont really know how to explain it but I guess you can say I started to leave everday reallity while I still have somewhat of a grip on it. The next thing I know M says he feels like he had shrunk, M stands up and he actually had looked alot shorter so C,J(My friends house I was at who wasn't tripping)and I all start to laugh at this. The next thing I started to notice was that the color of M's skin looked as if it had a yellowish red tint to it and I thought it looked pretty funny. So about 2 and a half hours into the trip now and M and C are telling me how much they are tripping out. I dont really remember what they said they were experiencing but they said they were tripping so I believed them.

I didnt have a since of a full trip I was expecting yet, I kept telling M and C that it wasnt wat I expected and I just wasnt really tripping. So about another hour go's by and j, the owner of the house asked me since I wasnt really trippen hard if I wanted to go to the store, so I said sure since it was right down the street. So j and I set off to go to the store,(let me note at this point I didnt know how much a change of scenery affects your trip)so were walking down the street at about 10 pm and I was very familiar with this street but it somehow looked foreighn to me. So as were walking I see this little bridge that the train goes over but it looked abstract as if it was bending and moving as we walked under it. For some reason I had the feeling that we were walking in iraq at night in some foreighn warzone but it wasnt a scary feeling. So j and I arrive at the store get what we needed then headed back as I kept explaining to him how amazed I was at the change of scenery. We finaly arrived back at the house and decided to smoke some weed since we werent really trippen that hard. So as C and I start to break up the weed we relize it looks at feels as if it were little insects so j offers to do it for us and we accept and agree that C and I will take another half blot each which we did right away. After j had rolled a nice blunt of some purp, C,M and I had gone into his backyard on his hammick to smoke.

I told them since I wasnt trippen hard at all or feeling it the least to let me take the first hit so I start to hit the blunt, and I relize M and C are staring at me wierd then I relize as I pull the blunt away from my face that I had finished almost half the blunt in one hit. So we all finish the blunt then sit for a second looking at the sky as it had appeared to be orange, purple and black and very wavy. So we start to walk inside the house and I felt a sudden burst of euphoria and energy that I haddent felt before, as I walk in to j's back door I scream 'this is what its like to be on acid' feeling that I had just begun my trip.

I remember M, C and I were all hungry since we had just finished smoking. J offers to make us top ramen. So were all sitting there ready to eat the top ramen and I relize the bowl mine was in was very blurry and the designs seemed like they were almost 3d. So we start eating the food and for some reason I cant explain I just kept feeling as if I was eating myself and I was convinced of this until j screamed'unless your noodles or shrimp in a packet your not eating yourself' which I thought was pretty funny and relized I was starting to trip and wasnt eating myself.

After I had finished I walked into the kithen and opened the fridge and was looking in it wondering why everything looked so bright and intense. After looking in the fridge for what seemed like 40 min. At least I started to walk back into the living room and I could see M and C sitting their not looking at me and I kept walking for what seemed like it had been another 10 min. At least even though the distance was about 10 feet. I was amazed at this and started talking to M and C about this.

Before I know it the next thing M,C and I are all trippen extremely hard which I have to say was never one bit unpleasent. I dont know how to explain this but it was as if are senses were mixed up and we could see music, or hear sight ect. Next thing I know we all think that we are words on a cough we were convinced that are physical form was letters. So were all trippin then when the trip starts to die down a little so we arent mixing up are senses anymore something amazing happened. About an hour go's by it seemed like and we all stop what we are doing and relize for the last 15 to 20 min. Everything we had been doing was in reverse and we only relized then when we ended back in the original spot we were in when we started to go backwards.

All of us continue to trip until about 4 in the morning and the only thing I remember after that is that at one point I thought I was running through candy land and up the walls and everything. I also remember the sound of the fan when I was trying to finaly go to sleep it seemed as if the fan was in slow motion. I remember C being a little bit scared because the trip was so long and he said he wasnt sure when he would be back to reality. Thats pretty much the whole trip and I would say lsd was overall a very fun experiance. I would also like to note that I do not think I would have tripped like I did if I didnt smoke that weed with it, but I cant be completely sure.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 58430
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 6, 2019Views: 496
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LSD (2), Cannabis (1) : General (1), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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