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No Effect at All
Pharms - Amineptine
by neuromonkey
Citation:   neuromonkey. "No Effect at All: An Experience with Pharms - Amineptine (exp58500)". Jun 21, 2018.

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100 mg oral Pharms - Amineptine (capsule)
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It was with great anticipation I tried this med, because I have had problems with anxiety and depression for awhile now, and I had heard that this was a phenomenal product with none of the typical crappy side effects of the usual FDA-approved stuff. In addition, I looked forward to the potential recreational value, since the rumor is that Amineptine is not only free of sexual side effects, but that it's PROsexual and enhances arousal and orgasm. Well, all I could say to that was WHERE CAN I FIND SOME?

Indeed, finding it proved to be difficult. Sigh. But after much searching and many online dead-ends, I finally found a source and ordered a handful to try out. It was ridiculously expensive due to its scarcity, but I figured it was worth it for a trial run at least. The source seemed reliable, but then don't they all? I had to send a moneygram, which is always a sketchy proposition, but I decided to take the risk.

Anyway, I received my package right away, in fact, as a veteran of procuring forbidden substances online, I was amazed at how effortless and quick the transaction was. I was eager to partake in my newfound miracle capsules, and I took the normal therapeutic dose of 100 mg right off the bat.

OK, so did it brighten my mood? Not noticeably. But no matter, I figured maybe I just needed more. So the next day I doubled down. Any feeling, good or bad? Nope. Nothing. Might as well have been two unsalted sunflower seeds.
Might as well have been two unsalted sunflower seeds.
Hmmm, I thought. This is disappointing. Do I dare triple the dosage? Well, given my complete lack of response thus far, why the heck not?

So the next day I took three, for a total load of 300 mg. Nothing. A single .5 mg Klonopin has a much more noticeable affect on my mood, and I've been taking those on and off for awhile.

At this point I lost interest, and I only had two left. I took them anyway, cuz my mom used to tell me never to waste food. But the bottom line is that this much vaunted substance had zero effect on me at triple the recommended dose. Maybe if I took ten or something, but I'm not the type to take ten of ANYTHING, and besides, this stuff is PRICEY. In a way, I'm relieved that it didn't work, because if I'd liked it, it probably would have taken a significant bite out of my monthly income.

Now, it's possible that my particular body chemistry just doesn't respond to this drug. It's also possible that the sole source I could find isn't really a source at all, and that they are selling fake shit since the real stuff is so hard to obtain. Should this medication become widely available (unlikely), then perhaps I'll give it another shot and see if maybe these guys just sold me sugar pills or something. But at this point, I have to call this one a total bust.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 58500
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 21, 2018Views: 929
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