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The Uglies
by Zam
Citation:   Zam. "The Uglies: An Experience with 2C-B (exp5868)". Mar 25, 2001.

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25 ml oral 2C-B (powder / crystals)


25mg 2CB - powdered - not drit - yellow/tan powder - tasted bitter with a 'tang' to it, distinctly not MDMA for whatever thats worth :)

2C-B mixed with water and swallowed on empty stomach --

Then I decided to have a snack, before the stuff came on.. I know this is a bad idea, but decide for some unknown reason to ignore my normal precautions because Im hungry... cheese and crackers.. I definitely make bad decisions around food. Arg.

20 mins: start to feel light-headed.. 35 mins: visual shifts, things all around my visual field are moving/shifting/growing/breathing/morphing...

40 mins: No significant mental effects, meaning that 'I' feel totally normal but there is lots of stuff happening 'out there'... Ego identity totally intact, while my balance, hearing, and vision are all pretty wacky. With other entheogens, I feel myself open or close or change, with this I feel exactly the same except that now Im stuck in a weird 'fun house' of a body.

For the entire duration, I have reasonably unpleasant gastro-intestinal discomfort-- feelings like pre-vomit tremors.. Also a mild to sometimes nonexistant headache, with occasional muscle and body aches and pains.. I ate a couple of antacid and then spent a few minutes pushing on my stomach and leaning over the toilet trying to see if my body really wanted to eliminate the cheese and crackers :) Nothing came out so I get a bowl to put in my living space in case it decides to vomit later.

When I closed my eyes and listened to music, my headspace wa very open and large. Music defiinitely was fully 3D, with very interesting changes in the perception of the music, seemingly 'seeing' all sorts of things that I am normally not aware of.. certainly felt like a 'better' sense of the shape, color, texture, etc of the various parts of the music.. Listened mostly to Deep Forest (deep forest) and was able to pull the layers apart more easily..

I was also able to float away on the music with eyes closed.. caught/created closed eye visuals that were shaped by the music and drifted off into headspace on the sounds...

With eyes open, the world had a very odd and not terribly pleasant look to it. The OEV were __ugly__.. It is difficult to describe the experience, but everything I looked at seemed to have made a slight shift so that instead of looking beautiful, normal, dirty, whatever, it was now unpleasantly flatly uninterestingly ugly.

Everything looked just like it normally does, it wasnt that I was seeing different things about everything so much as everything just as it is normally felt drab. Decided to go outside into the sunset and look at the redwoods I normally consider to one version of absolute beauty and they looked OK, nothing special, kinda flat... my partner looked drab, greasy haired, sunken-eyed... the walls and floor looked awful, etc etc.. The only things that didnt turn ugly were our two cat-friends, one of which bounced and hopped around us as we wondered about this odd shift in perception.

At several times in the experience both my partner and I said 'this totally sucks: my body feels un-good, the OEV are bad, and I feel distracted -- never do this again'...

For the first 2.5 hours, the experience was somewhat tense and 'speedy' feeling.. I felt like I wanted to be at a Trance Rave dancing very hard in order that my body would work out some of the unpleasant tensions... I spent time stretching and moving around, but this didnt really relieve the weird feelings so much as just distract me a bit. I also tried to imagine what psychological/spiritual problems might be causing these body feelings but every time I got back that it was just 2CB and that (for my stomach) I really should know better than eating.

From 45mins to 2 hours, my OEV were very classically 'trippy'... My hands and face morphed and shifted, nothing stood still. This was amusing, somewhat, but my ego was very very close to baseline and I never felt particularly interested in following the OEV's...

at about 2.5 hours things started to get nicer.. The irritating speedy quality to the experience smoothed out (but wasnt gone until about the 5th hour). I was much more able to lie down and just float on the music. The ugly-character to the Open Eyed world started to fade and was gone by about 3.5 hours.

Overall, I wondered then and wonder now how it is that people like this experience by itself. If I could leave out the first 2 hours and planned to just lie with my eyes closed listening to music for 6 hours, 2CB like this would be great... Music was significantly enhanced and opened.

??? How do I navigate the 2cb space... what is good about it? Others have described sensual/sexual/tactile body effects. I think this is my 4th over 10mg trial with 2cb and my 3rd mostly unpleasant experience with it.

Sexual/Sensual: For about 10 hours after ingestion it was difficult/impossible to imagine how to feel sensual/sexual... eventually as it began to totally disappear (10hours) I was able to regain a portion of my normal sense of sexuality, but it was not totally returned until the next day.

Emotions: Emotionally I was on baseline for most of the experience, but there were a few points where I was feeling pushed towards being slightly more open. Mostly (at the time and now) this seemed to be an effect of the fact that I had been expecting a more positive experience and was feeling absurd for having expectations like that. No particularly profound or wonderous emotions.

Mind State: Spent a while trying to do the meditation thing and found that in the first couple of hours it was very difficult/impossible. Instead of adding any sort of calm, it was like trying to meditate while experiencing physical distress, stomach pains, muscle soreness, caffeine buzz and having someone turn the volume way up on my ears. I've had people say 2cb is good for meditation, so I guess I need to figure out what they are talking about?

Exp Year: 1997ExpID: 5868
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 25, 2001Views: 14,586
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2C-B (52) : Difficult Experiences (5), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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