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One Toke Over The Line . . . 'Dam Paranoia
by Theskaman
Citation:   Theskaman. "One Toke Over The Line . . . 'Dam Paranoia: An Experience with Cannabis (exp58682)". Sep 20, 2009.

1 cig. smoked Cannabis (plant material)


So before I tell you this advisory yet somewhat humorous tale, it would serve you well to know a little about me chemically. I started smoking weed in quite heavy amounts when I was 15, and was pretty much smoking an 8th a day (don't ask how I got the money, cos I don't even know, I just had it!). After a couple of months of doing this, with no real bad effects - occasional mild paranoia but no more, I cut down, not by choice, but because alot of my dealers got either busted or just stopped doing it for personal reasons. Also I didn't have as much money as I used to. I used to smoke with my best friend (we've recently drifted apart) and occasionally alone to help me sleep/relax. Of course there were the occasional people who would say how I was fucking my life up etc, victims of the anti-weed propaganda. My parents found out too. I've seen nothing bad come of weed, and far worse come from alcohol even in one night, not over a long time period.

So when I made a trip to Amsterdam with the family to see some of our friends who live out there, I had been clean for a good month or two. While it was meant to be a family-oriented trip, I could occasionally get away and get into a coffeeshop and flash my 'I.D.' and pick up a joint or two - pre-rolled, didn't bother with any different varieties or amounts (there's a LOT of a variety!), regular weed or hash. I'd get these, go back to my hotel and smoke while watching TV or sometimes on the balcony at the top and look at the city of Amsterdam, which really is beautiful - sober or not! This was fine, I never got any adverse effects off this, in fact it was some of the best times I've been stoned, and normally I only get that when I'm chatting absolute balls to a friend or group of friends. Also one of the family friends who lived there smoked the reefer too, and so I had a joint with him once, which was very strong as they don't mix with tobacco in the pre-rolled joints, so alot of rather embarrassing coughing was involved for me, but he just laughed.

On our last day, about two hours before we had to leave for the airport, I managed to get away while the rest of the family went off to see a museum (come ON! museums are only there to make it look like there's an intellectual reason for going to the 'dam :P). I went into my regular coffeeshop and asked for a simple weed joint, I was planning on getting a few more afterwards. This time I smoked it in the coffeeshop itself, and after only one hit I was high as a kite. This was weird, because I consider myself to be a fairly heavyweight stoner back home, but this must've been really strong stuff. I thought I'd look stupid in the relatively empty coffeeshop if I just gave up after one toke and put it out, so I kept on puffing. I finished the joint, and was feeling far, far too high just sitting there. This feeling maybe tripled when I stood up and left.

It was getting far too much. My mouth was dry as a nun's privates, my head was all over the place, I was confused, and I had that farmiliar feeling that everybody was looking at me and that they 'knew', but alot stronger than normal - strange, as nobody'd care in Amsterdam anyways. So I went back to the hotel and wanted to go up to my room and sleep it off, or at least lie down and watch some cartoons or something. But no, we'd already checked out, so I couldn't get up to my room. So in the end I sat down in the lobby for about an hour, the effects still full-blown (if not getting worse). Whenever I moved my head it made me feel really nauseous. I smoked a few cigarettes, which normally brings me down, but no such luck.

After a while I thought I was gonna throw up, so I stumbled into the bathroom and shut the door, and retched over the toilet, but nothing came out. Now here's something very funny. There was a pube on the toilet seat, as there sometimes are. Just a single, black pube. This took my mind off all the effects for some reason, and I just looked at this pube. Then, all of a sudden, I got the idea that it was dancing to the music on the speakers in the bathroom - Upside Down by Jack Johnson I think, and it certainly looked like it was. This made me giggle out loud and it was then that I started to feel calm again. I just embraced it, and laughed at how stoned I was. And so ended the paranoia etc. This pube was the calm-centre of the universe, and it seemed to have some kind of wisdom which no other being, human or otherwise, could possibly possess. I must've been so *beep*

By the time my parents came back, I was sort of on base-line, yet a little dazed and confused still.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 58682
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 20, 2009Views: 5,899
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Cannabis (1) : Difficult Experiences (5), Alone (16)

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