Bliss (Calmed My Mild Schizophrenia)
Citation:   Ash Ra. "Bliss (Calmed My Mild Schizophrenia): An Experience with Piperazines (exp58745)". Mar 14, 2007.

4 capsls oral Piperazines
These piperazine pills are legal in England, but were off the market for a few months because of a problem with BZP - it metabolised into a form of amphetamine - which is now illegal, but the non-BZP ones are now back in the shops.. I assume the 'Piperazine Blend' listed as ingredient (other ingredients listed include Kratom extract, vitamins, piperazine, piperine) is mostly TFMPP, because the buzz isn't particularly speedy, but mildly psychedelic and euphoriant.

Going back to February 2006 when I decided to give them a try (I figured all legal highs would be shit), I was astounded by how good they were, low doses more stimulating, higher doses increasingly psychedelic. I quickly built a tolerance, which for some reason kind of plataeu'd, and after a couple of months I was doing either 7 or 9 500mg capsules at a time, between 3.5-4.5g. This was totally against the recommended dosage of a maximum of 3 pills in 24 hours, but I figured if crack, meth, and heroin hadn't killed me neither would something legally available. The effects were moderately psychedelic, similar to Mescaline, incredibly enjoyable and peaceful (I am mildly schizophrenic, and these pills made me feel more integrated and less depersonalized). I was taking this high dose twice one week, none the next, then twice again, until mid-August, when they were all withdrawn because of the BZP problem. One time I did 2 LSD trips with it, which was very enjoyable even though the trips were not particularly potent (acid is almost impossible to get where I live, a friend of mine from 300 miles away posted it to me).

Anyway, the local Headshop just got the pills back in stock, and I eagerly consumed 4 (I gave one to a friend who has never done them before, and he says he prefers it to MDMA) - it has been 5 months since I did them, so I figured my tolerance would've gone down. It took fucking ages to come up properly, at least 2.5 hours, but they are really, really good, they just make me feel centred and at peace with myself, free to consider metaphysical and philosophical issues, and while I can still hear the negative voices, they do not connect emotionally - there are still paranoid thoughts in my head, as per usual, but I do not actually feel paranoid at all, I can even watch TV, which I usually find near-impossible. I feel in touch with my real Self, a wonderful feeling when most of your time is spent gripped by demons. Basically, if MDMA is called 'Ecstasy' for a reason, this stuff should be called 'Bliss'.

The total cost was 20, which compared to 25-30 for ten Es which are ridiculously adulterated, or 45 for a gram of coke, is much, much better value. Quite simply, I love this stuff, and from my experience, it isn't physically dangerous in the slightest and it lasts for ages, at least 8 hours.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 58745
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 14, 2007Views: 12,427
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Piperazines (99), TFMPP (100) : Various (28), Health Benefits (32)

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