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2 C Myself
2C-I & Cannabis
Citation:   Pandoras_choice. "2 C Myself: An Experience with 2C-I & Cannabis (exp58911)". Feb 7, 2007.

T+ 0:00
20 mg oral 2C-I (capsule)
  T+ 0:15   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
This was my first time trying 2C-I, and it was a miraculous experience.

Firstly, some background information. When I took the 2C-I, I had pseudoephedrine and ibuprofein in my system. I had a bit of a sinus infection/cold, which certainly comes in to play later! Also, I chose a night to trip when I had nothing going on the next day.

After spending a weekend at home, I returned to college and spent the evening with my boyfriend and a few friends at a hookah bar. For a several months, I've been craving a new look at reality, at my life. This particular night, my boyfriend was feeling this urge very strongly as well.

We decided to take about 20 mg of 2C-I, which we did around 12:30 AM. The white powder, which we knew was 2C-I, was placed in clear gel caps which we swallowed. Around 12:45, we smoked cannabis through a Volcano vaporizer.

At this point, I noticed some visual alterations- trees stood out, sidewalks seemed unusually glittery, ceilings were moving. I also began to get very sexually aroused.

During sex, I closed my eyes. I felt melded with my partner and I could picture bright colors dancing in my mind. The orgasms were spiritual. I felt very emotionally connected to my partner, as well. As I later described it, having sex on 2C-I was like having sex in all the colors of the rainbow for the first time. When all other sex is in black and white. This was a great, unplanned way to start the trip.

After that experience, I started noticing a much altered perception. The ceiling looked as if it were moving in circles around itself. I felt impossibly awake, wired as if I'd had caffeine or adderall, and my thoughts were chugging hard and fast, like a train. I became very aware of my body- the person who is 'I' is confined in this skin. I was fascinated by that. The idea that my skin was holding inside it my mind seemed so ludicrous!

I started walking around my room, feeling as if I had never been in it before. This was someone else's room! What were this material objects, these things? And all around me, I saw fractals.

I peaked out the window and was filled with an intense desire to see the outside world. I had to convince my boyfriend to get off the bed, but he decided he wanted to come with me in the end. He said he also saw the ceiling moving and making love was unbelievable, but I really don't know what he was going through. This was a very self-oriented experience for me. I tried to put on a shirt, but the fabric felt so strange against my skin that I hated it and threw it far away from me. Eventually, I put on mismatched clothes. Part of me was aware that the clothes I'd put together would not be acceptable to our society, but I didn't really understand why not. I got very worried about societal expectations and norms, wondered if I could pass for normal in front of people.

My boyfriend and I stuck to our campus, which we knew very well, and even then, we went through times we felt very disoriented and lost. We ran in to one of my boyfriend's friends and decided to talk to him. We told him right away that we were tripping, and I felt very safe. I have no idea what I said, except that the entire world made sense and I loved to draw when I wasn't sober.

I felt so individualistic, so lost in my own well of thoughts, that I got very worried that my boyfriend's trip-experience was deteriorated because he was following me around. I told him he could go do his own thing, but he stayed with me.

We ran into a rabbit, and I was fascinated by it. I thought of Watership Down and started following the rabbit. People seemed very strange to me, like ants. I looked at my own life, at how I attached myself to identities this society gave me. For a brief second, I pictured myself outside society, without enculturation. Me, by myself, with no outside forces.

I suddenly said, 'God!' And there is all was. I didn't care about religion, I thought religion hindered life. I recently gave up Christianity and have been in a religious limbo, while adopting the Buddhist philosophy. The me who had been religious had believed someone else would fix me, fix all my problems, understand me. The tripping me had an epiphany: I was not broken, nobody else needed to fix me, and I needed no one to understand me. I felt very powerful and empowered.

I started reflecting on a conversation I'd had with my mom (I am unnaturally close to my parents) where she told me some very unpleasant things about herself. I realized that I had been holding on to her fears for herself, I had been afraid of myself because she was afraid of herself. I knew I had to let that go if I ever wanted to live my own life. In that second, I let it go. I became my own person and shed my mother's fears.

We got back to my room around 4:30 a.m., and my boyfriend was feeling very tired but I still felt wired. I put duct tape over my microwave's clock because I felt time didn't matter. I'd even go so far as to say that I didn't believe time existed, that it was a grand delusion.

I turned off all the light and sat on my carpet, looking at the door. Visuals went crazy on me at this point and I saw some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I always love lights when I'm not sober, and glow in the dark stars and light streaming in the cracks through doors are no exceptions.

Sometime around this point, I came to peace with a darker aspect of my past. I understood why I was the way I was and didn't feel like a freak any more. I never in my life thought I would be able to accept that part of myself, but on this trip, I not only accepted it but overcame it.

I started feeling as if I needed to make everything fit like a puzzle to understand myself. I started cleaning. Everything had to go in its rightful place. I felt like a hurricane, swooping around to line up my shoes and put clothes in the basket and straighten my books. When everything was perfectly positioned, I got exhausted and here the physical effects kicked in.

As I said earlier, I had a mild cold/sinus infection. At this point, my face felt very pressured and I was certain my eyes would pop out of my head. My glands were producing more mucus than they ever have before and my nose was so stuffed that for the first time in my life, I couldn't breathe through either nostril if my life depended on it. I felt so miserable. I can't recall feeling that miserable because of sinuses ever before. I couldn't lie down because my head felt so pressured. My boyfriend said he'd read something about another person experiencing increased sinus problems. Since I'd already had sinus problems, I would accurately say that this enhanced them by about 300%. Sudafed did not help. Neither did Alieve. Neither did steam, Airborne, or tea. I was so miserable. The last time I looked at the clock, it was almost 8 AM. I was definitely almost sober, and I hadn't even noticed the come down.

Next time, I would keep the Sudafed handy and have Afrin or some other nasal spray. I would not recommend taking 2C-I if you already have sinus problems!

All-in-all, this was a journey into my psyche. It was amazing and I have a much better grasp on who I am because of it. What a wonderful trip. I would highly recommend doing this alone or with somebody with whom you are very close and not afraid to be yourself comfortably.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 58911
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 7, 2007Views: 25,624
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