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Walking Takes Forever
by Uv1
Citation:   Uv1. "Walking Takes Forever: An Experience with Coffee (exp5922)". May 2, 2001.

300 mg oral Coffee (liquid)


I have never been a coffee drinker. Tea is not my cup of tea either. So I have no addiction or tolerance to caffeine whatsoever.

This time, when I took this coffee it was simply to research if caffeine was of any use. I brewed three cups, drank them with one gulp each, with some milk to cool them down, on a relatively empty stomach. I leave outside for a walk, as it is a beautiful March afternoon, and in any case, I was in for a little hike.

While walking, a stream of thought flows rapidly in my head. I wished I'd brought a pen and some paper with me just so I could take notes, when suddenly I find a sharp pencil on the ground. I pick it up and search through my pockets for some paper. I continue walking, while writing down thoughts that passed my mind. '--walking takes forever and I am not even going anywhere.. I go on.'

I got somewhat distracted when I hit a crossroad, for I hadn't planned my route beforehand. I was beginning to feel disoriented, as if my physical body had been assinged to do some duty by someone else and my mind would obediently follow. Someone had made a decision for me now to climb uphill, so there I continued my walk. I had noted at this time, about 10 minutes into it, that writing felt very distant to me. On the top of the hill I am feeling slightly stoned and very disoriented. A map of the area was found there, and I blankly stare at it, figuring what to do. I take five minutes to decide going back the same way as I had came.

Back inside at t+30 and I am very stoned. I had the idea to check my blood pressure and spent 10 minutes searching through almost every available cabinet and drawer, trying to find the apparatus with which I could do the measuring. Even then it was clear to me that I was acting very compulsive and was being somewhat superstitious with finding it and where I should and shouldn't look. I never found it, and later heard that it wasn't there at the moment.

Almost an hour after ingestion I began to come down. I could imagine I felt like how a neurotic person would feel, very uneasy, very tense. Being still was rewarding by itself. World seemed plain static, only serving as a backdrop without any deeper connections. Shortly after I was not alone anymore and began to act slightly aggressive, which is untypical of me, but I believe this was not as much due to the caffeine but my blood sugar levels were very low, as I had not eaten much the whole day. I got irritated easily and this did not chang even after I had dinner at t+75. I still feel it after nearly two hours. I felt no physical side effects, except for mild jittering.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 5922
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 2, 2001Views: 42,456
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