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Trip to HELL
Atropa belladonna
by ToaD
Citation:   ToaD. "Trip to HELL: An Experience with Atropa belladonna (exp5926)". Mar 29, 2001.

2 leaves oral Belladonna (tea)
This last saturday me and my friend picked 4 leaves off a Belladona plant in my front yard. We boiled this in a pot of boiling water, and made 2 water bottles full. One for each of us. We drank one bottle each. We felt nothing after 30 minutes, i went home, and he remained at his house. I started tripping so hard when i got home, and my blanace was completly off.

This trip was not like acid (i have done acid way over 20 times) and this was to real. I first noticed i was tripping when i went off at the reflection in the mirror cause i didnt know it was me and i thought the person was mocking me. Then i kept putting my hand to my face and acted as i was talking on the phone (and in my mind i was, i heard the other person too) i kept seeing people in my living room, and for some reason there were squirrels everywhere (understand, i did not relaize this was fake, this was completly real in my state of mind) at 3 in the morning, i got a phone call (a real one) from my friend's parents, he was in a coma.

Apparently his parents came home to find him banging his head against the wall (he thought it was his pillow) and they pumped his stomach and he was in a coma until monday. The hallucinations i saw were unreal, but at the same time seemed perfectly real. At one point i called my girlfriend at 4 in the mornin to tell her i just got back from my stepmoms house and i was going back over there (my stepmom lives with me, and i had been no where that night). All in all.. the trip was horrible, too real, too strong. The belladonas i used were a string of plants brought over from Cuba (supposed to be the strongest in the world) the trip lasted 3 days (full affect) and i still do not have my vision back.

My friend is okay now, he stopped tripping yesterday and his vision is pretty bad to. I advise everyone to STAY away from this drug, this can and WILL kill u. if we drank one more sip each we both would have been DEAD. this is not something to fool around with. Be careful if anything (see the DAUTRA list of things to do while ur intoxicated). Later, goodluck for all u people who want to take this stupid risk.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 5926
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 29, 2001Views: 67,958
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