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Worthless Crap
Herbal Ecstasy (Cigarettes)
by crackpot
Citation:   crackpot. "Worthless Crap: An Experience with Herbal Ecstasy (Cigarettes) (exp5989)". Feb 8, 2002.

7 joints/cigs smoked Herbal Ecstasy (plant material)

Walking down the street in West Hollywood one day I spot a sign in a storefront that says 'EXTACY CIGARETTES.' I quickly think, 'Hmm, I wonder what that could be?' Uninformed about what these things really were I waltzed into the store full of such crap as cheap sunglasses and snowglobes and immediately approach the man behind the counter. 'Where's those 'Extacy Cigarettes'?' I blurted out. He pointed over to a glass display case full of 'Herbal Extacy' cigarettes and pill bottles.

After a few seconds of investigation the clerk comes over and tries to close the deal. 'So you want to buy the cigarettes?' he asked. I asked what they did and he said that he had not used the cigarettes before but his friend tried one of the pills, he giggled as he explained that the man was 'erect all night.' Whatever...the deal was closed and for about five bucks I got a pretty black pack of 'Herbal Extacy' cigarettes with a butterfly on it. I opened it and handed one to my girlfriend. She lit it up and took a toke like you would off a joint. At the time I shunned the bitter, choking golden leaf so I searched the pack for an ingredients list, no tobacco. I do remember that there were about five or six ingredients, two of them were catnip and skullcap, I can't remember for the life of me what the others were. She handed one to me and I took a drag, I would have to describe the hardly noticable taste as 'extremely light brown,' very pleasant.

After we were done with the effects. Walking down the Blvd, We went through about seven cigaretts with no success. On the eighth I started to feel a little 'out of it' like I would after standing on my head for too long except without the black spots in my vision field. My girlfriend and I began to act more and more childish, but it was probably from the excitement of 'legal extacy' and swarms of tourists which we fought through like trout going upstream. Slowly, distant objects seemed brighter and somewhat blurry, not nearly as strong as shroom effects but noticable enough to keep me believing that it would turn out to be something. Well, it turned out to be nothing. The only good thing about it was the high quality papers it was wrapped in, I don't care for the taste of cigarette papers and rice paper is a bitch on my lungs. Might have been hemp paper but I don't know.

All in all it was a waste of perfectly good money.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 5989
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 8, 2002Views: 78,662
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Herbal Ecstasy (194) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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