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Discovery of a Blissful State
2C-C & 2C-T-21
Citation:   Xorkoth. "Discovery of a Blissful State: An Experience with 2C-C & 2C-T-21 (exp60050)". Mar 13, 2007.

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T+ 0:00
  repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 0:00 6.0 mg rectal 2C-T-21 (liquid)
  T+ 2:15 5.0 mg rectal 2C-T-21 (liquid)
  T+ 2:15 22 mg rectal 2C-C (liquid)
  T+ 7:30 9.0 g oral Kratom (tea)
The day was a good one. I had just finished driving home in my brand new (new used anyway) 2004 Acura TL S-type (manual of course) listening to some really good music on the 8 speaker Bose surround sound system, which made it even better. So it was a nice addition to the goodness when I discovered a mysterious envelope which had somehow arrived upon returning to my residence. Through some bizarre twist of fate, this envelope contained, among other things, 42mg of 2C-T-21, a currently unavailable substance I have been very curious about for a while now. So I spontaneously decided to sample some of it. What follows is the recalling of the events that resulted from my spontaneity, written beginning at T+5:45.

6:30pm (T+0:00) - Having just finished taking a shower with my girlfriend, I weighed out 6mg of 2C-T-21 and placed it into a shot glass. The chemical appears as a very slightly off-white, fine powder, and smells different from any other 2C-X, 2C-T-X, or indeed any other chemical I have smelled. I'm not really sure I could explain the smell, as it is pretty unique. I poured just over 1mL of distilled water into the shot glass and stirred until it dissolved, which happened pretty rapidly. I then drew the solution slowly up into an oral syringe and proceeded to ingest the exotic phenethylamine rectally. Needless to say, that syringe has never actually been an oral one! I had to go to choir practice at 7:00, as I am in the choir at the church my girlfriend is the pianist for, but I just had her drive, which worked out because she really wanted to drive my car anyway. Since by now it was 6:50, I quickly got dressed and packed up a quick bowl of cannabis, which happened to be an even blend of two excellent strains, DP White Widow and L.S.D.

Just then, I began to feel the effects, a very warm and smooth buzz around my solar plexus and heart, creeping out as an energy. For the past month I have felt like I am constantly radiating love from those areas, and this buzz didn't alter that energy's pattern one bit, but began to increase its intensity of output. We quickly smoked the tasty bowl and then left.

7:05 (T+0:35) - In the car, I turned on some funk and blues, including BB King, Muddy Waters, and Sly and the Family Stone. And a little Bela Fleck as well. The marijuana definitely kicked the 2C-T-21 in pretty well and increased the full-body tactile buzz very pleasantly. The music we were listening to has never sounded better - really funky funk and blues tracks are a very good idea for this drug. I absolutely couldn't stop myself from moving to the music. It just felt so good to do so. I became aware at this point that I felt really good, really energetic in the cleanest way and just radiating warmth and love. Moving my body and touching it against the surfaces of my car's interior felt great. In this way it reminded me of how MDMA used to be for me before it stopped working. I found myself analyzing the artists themselves through their music. Specifically I was marveling at the tremendous influence that BB King had on electric blues, and how James Brown was the guy who brought funk to a whole new level, into what we know it as today. And although I didn't have any Ray Charles in the car, I also thought about how incredibly influential he was in making music popular and 'hip', by taking it out of the churches and onto the radio.

7:30 (T+1:00) - We arrived at the church and went in to choir practice. I really like this group of people, although they're all at least my parents' age, and most are much older. The director is almost 90, although he looks like and has the energy of a 65 or 70 year old. For the past few months I've been attending this church and have been in its choir. It's a Methodist church, which is what I grew up as. I've been realizing that some churches, and hence, some who practice organized religion really have the right idea. They're really good, loving people who use it to help those in need and who really are very tolerant of others and just nice to everyone. As I turned 17, I had totally turned my back on Christianity because so much of it is pointless ritual, and mainly because I saw how it was used so often and especially in the past as an insidious form of social control that allowed a few to gain tremendous power over the population. I became an atheist, but found my own spirituality again a few months after I turned 18 with psychedelics as a catalyst. But only recently have I begun to attend church again.

Now I definitely don't and never will again consider myself a Christian, but here I've found a church that really has the right idea. They don't focus on the ritual and the seriousness that can something overcome a congregation. They focus on how to become better people, how to help others, how to live happy lives, and they have lots of fun. The pastors joke and everyone laughs. The sermons are thought-provoking and funny and interesting. Lately I've been thinking about Jesus, a man who existed around 2000 years ago. Now I don't believe he was the son of god any more than we all are, which is to say, we are all god, we're all the same consciousness. But I think that's what Jesus was also saying, and in the many, many years that followed, people began to warp that and twist it into what it is today. I seriously doubt that Jesus wanted people to worship him. He wanted them to celebrate life and love everyone and live happily and be good to each other. Of course I don't know the guy, but he sounds like he was a really great man. So although I think that Christians take it all a bit too literally and often too seriously, when it gets down to it, if it allows you to live a happy, spiritual life and to feel love for others, then it's really the same thing, and it's great that something exists that has such a positive effect on the lives of so many people, despite the fact that it also causes some people to live repressed, joyless lives in which they purposely forego all pleasure in the misguided fear of an eternity of torture after death.

Anyway, choir practice went great. I was in a really great and talkative mood, and I talked a whole lot more than I usually do. I'm usually pretty quiet there. At this point, the drug that 2C-T-21 reminded me of the most was 2C-B-fly. They both have that warm, euphoric, glowing body high that seems to emanate from the solar plexus and heart, but 2C-T-21 is more physical and slightly more mentally altering (although still not much of a change from sober consciousness, just more joyful). The tactile sensations reminded me of MDMA but toned down, though mentally it was much more sober and in control. Throughout choir practice I couldn't stop smiling, and singing felt even better than usual.

8:15 (T+1:45) - Choir practice was over, and so we left. By this time my peak (as it were) had leveled off, and I was on the plateau, still feeling really good but less acutely. The drive home was filled with more music and discussion with my girlfriend. I could have easily driven proficiently but I let my girlfriend do it just because it's generally a bad idea to drive on psychedelics, even gentle, enhancing ones.

8:45 (T+2:15) - Arriving home, I decide to boost the high by taking some 2C-C which had also arrived in that mysterious envelope, as well as a bit more 2C-T-21. So I went and weighed out 22mg of 2C-C and 5mg of 2C-T-21, and ingested them together rectally in 1.5mL of distilled H2O. Although the 2C-T-21 by itself I took earlier did not burn at all, this combination did moderately, although it faded after 5 minutes or so. This says to me that 2C-C burns when taken rectally. Although many report burning from phenethylamines in the rectum, personally I've only found 2C-B, MDMA, and now 2C-C to burn. The rest that I've tried that way have felt just like the water they're dissolved in.

I had read about an amazing synergy between 2C-C and 2C-T-21, but I didn't get as high as I expected. The 2C-T-21 on its own produced no visuals of any kind, and adding more along with 2C-C did not change this like I expected, although things gained a bit of a sparkle to them, probably from my light to moderate pupil dilation. I began to feel effects by 15 minutes after ingestion, and at 25 I was hit with a wave of pleasure. It felt much like the earlier come-up and peak from 2C-T-21 alone, but with an added element which provided a sense of hilarity and even greater tactile enhancement than before. I was laying down on the floor in the living room with my girlfriend, watching TV and rolling around, constantly rubbing my legs and socked feet against the carpet, the blanket, and her. We were watching a marathon of Roseanne, which is a really excellent show. One of the most well-done shows ever, in my opinion. The love between the actors in the Connor family is obviously very real, and it gives the show a very authentic feel. I felt really nice while watching them interact, and I found myself lazily analyzing the situations that came up. However, this analyzation was less exciting and not as pronounced as it was earlier with just the 2C-T-21. The high had become more physical and less mentally sharp. Maybe it was just because I had already passed the peak of my original experience, but it seemed to be at least partly due to adding 2C-C to the mix. But I can't be sure.

My girlfriend and I were being very silly with each other, and we also smoked another bowl of the same blend of strains with a small bit of 'willy jack' added in, as well as covered in kief collected from grinding the same strains for vaporization. We also took several hits from the vaporizer. Of course, the weed once again helped the drugs to kick in and become more euphoric, as it always does especially with phenethylamines. Before long, I was laughing hysterically at everything, while writhing around in pleasure. It just felt so good to laugh, and my girlfriend and I spent a good half an hour laughing so hard we started to cry. I don't even remember what set it off. I also found that these drugs and their combination did not inhibit my appetite, and I ate some light dinner, which tasted excellent.

At this point, the high felt like a more psychedelic 2C-B-fly (that one is, for me, not particularly psychedelic but definitely heart-opening), but it felt even more physically euphoric than the furan analogue of a brominated 2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine. However, I still prefer 2C-B-fly's mental euphoria. But not by a whole lot.

11:30 (T+5:00) - The effects had leveled off slightly but not really started to come down. My girlfriend had been sleeping for most of the last Roseanne episode, so I woke her and we went upstairs to bed. I laid down with her until she fell asleep. During that time, my little girl Magnolia (one of my cats) came up on the bed as she always does at bedtime. She loves to sleep in the bed with us, which I also love. She climbed right up on my girlfriend's pillow and started nuzzling and licking her forehead and cheek. Then she came over to me and laid down on my chest and dug her face into my neck and laid there purring for a while. I was, as often happens, nearly brought to tears by the incredible amount of love I feel for her and my girlfriend, and even moreso at the love that both of them feel for me. I felt (and feel) like the luckiest guy alive to be surrounded with such love at all times. The four of us are a family, two people and two kitties, a mom and a son, who was sleeping on the floor in the same room.

Then Magnolia (or Magna as we usually call her) got off of me and flopped down, stretching across my girlfriend, who fell asleep moments later. I looked at my sweet kitty and suddenly began to think about how absolutely horrible it will be someday to have to experience her passing, the death of them both. Fortunately right now she is only two, and Stripeson (Stripey, my boy kitty) is not even two yet. So they have a long way. But that will be so sad I can't really linger on it. They're my children, and I am going to be absolutely devastated when that day comes. I honestly don't know how I will be able to deal with it. But it's totally worth it for the joy and love they bring to my life. Getting those cats was one of the best things we've ever done. They've changed my life in such a beautiful way, and they're one of the main reasons that my girlfriend and I stopped fighting and now get along perfectly. We used to fight almost every day, and although the good times were always great, the bad times were often difficult to get through. Love was a rollercoaster then. Now it's a stable, enduring force that makes me unbelievably happy.

12:00 midnight (T+5:30) - Realizing that my girlfriend had fallen asleep, I got up and went to the computer to begin typing this report up. I also logged onto a website to read. By this time my high had definitely faded somewhat, but I still felt excellent and mildly euphoric. There were no negative effects involving with the comedown, no crash of any kind whatsoever. It was just gradually fading into a faint glow. While alternately browsing and typing this and browsing, I began to think about Kratom. Late last week I made a budget so I could start saving more money, and I realized I had been using way too much Kratom, and spending way too much money on it. I've got a physical dependence on it, although the mental/emotional dependence is much less than it once was. Still, I use it every day and have been for some time. I made the budget on Thursday, after drinking some Kratom, and decided I would hold off from using it until I felt withdrawals, then use some and wait until I felt them again, and in this way I could wean myself off of it and use much less, reserving it for the weekend and perhaps certain weekday occasions. Unfortunately, by Friday evening I was starting to feel that shitty body ache and incredibly restless feeling that marks opiate withdrawal, although fortunately my mood was not affected at all (I've been almost ludicrously happy for the past month). I waited to see if I could sleep and wait until the next day to take any so I could stick to the weekend plan, but the restlessness prevented me from being able to sleep at all, so I broke down and took a dose that night which allowed me to go to sleep.

That weekend I took it twice Saturday and thrice Sunday, which I felt a bit bad about. Sunday night I took some 2C-I, which was the first time in about 6 months and which was very enjoyable and euphoric. Monday came and I figured I might not be able to sleep that night, but as it turns out I passed out easily at midnight and got 7.5 hours of sleep. The next day (Tuesday, which is today), I also felt wonderful and totally fine. Then I took the drugs and had the experience in this report, and I still was withdrawal-free. Amazing, and totally against my expectations!

1:00 (T+6:30) - The effects have dropped off more. I'm still typing and browsing. Suddenly, I notice that damn restlessness in the legs and a slight ache to go with it, although very light. I realize that the withdrawal has just started to show, and it will be hard to sleep, and plus the phenethylamines have made me totally wide awake. So I decide to have a dose of kratom, lower than normal (9 grams as opposed to the usual 10 or 11). I wait a while, and at 1:40, I brew up the opioid plant into a tea.

2:00 (T+7:30) - I drink the kratom and wash it down with water and ice cream. I feel very optimistic about my plan and I feel that this time I really will remain free of kratom addiction. I already feel almost no compulsion to do it (other than brief desires which are easier than ever to squash), and the only reason I took it tonight was to be able to fall asleep. Within 20 minutes I start to feel it. It knocks the 2C-T-21/2C-C high down some more and adds a new element to the body high. It's nice but I preferred the peak/plateau of the 2C-T-21 and the combination with 2C-C. I continued to write this report, and before I knew it, it was...

3:12am (T+8:42) - I'm writing this at 3:12, my report has finally caught up to the present! Since the effects of the phenethylamines are almost gone now aside from a residual body glow, I will be going to bed quite soon, after I read a few more reports.

I'd also like to make a few closing observations. First of all, 2C-T-21 is a great, beautiful substance. It reminds me most of 2C-B-fly, providing a warm, heart-opening glow which feels like it's projecting from the solar plexus and also from the heart. It enhances music very nicely and would be great for dancing I'm sure. It's also great for making music. It seems to be relatively mentally sober, definitely very clear, and is not very psychedelic except that it opens up the emotions. It doesn't seem to provide visuals, which is fine by me, but it gives everything a look of beauty somehow, sort of like AMT but less profound. It doesn't seem to impair motor functions at all. It was extremely enjoyable but I don't feel compelled to take it like I do with some other euphoric compounds, such as AMT and particularly methylone. It seemed to enhance my social skills and desire to talk, which is always nice.

As for the combination, I think I need to wait to take either of these drugs again until I have reduced my phenethylamine tolerance significantly. I have very little 2C-T-21 and I'm not sure when or if I can get more, so I will definitely wait until a more opportune time to try it again. Next time, I will take a larger dose of both 2C-T-21 and 2C-C at the same time, and try to investigate the synergy I hear about. In this experience, the combination was excellent but I did not notice much synergy, just a new peak of approximately the same feeling, with added tactile enhancement and an element of hilarity that was very enjoyable.

So with that, I'm going to bed, since I have to work tomorrow. I hope you read all the way through and found this report informative, helpful, and/or enjoyable.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 60050
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 13, 2007Views: 16,158
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2C-C (262), 2C-T-21 (290) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3)

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