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Bad Shakes and Tummy Aches
Morning Glory
by The S.K
Citation:   The S.K. "Bad Shakes and Tummy Aches: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp60208)". Jan 24, 2020.

600 seeds oral Morning Glory


Bad Shakes and Tummy Aches

So I ground up 600 morning glory seeds and parachuted half of them then added the rest into a glass of water and chugged the whole thing. Directly after ingesting the seeds I felt incredibly shitty with a headache and very bad stomach pains. I decide to have a sit on my sofa and see what happens after about thirty minutes the stomach pains and head aches had worsened and where paired with joint pain in my knees and shaking like I had Parkinson's disease. I thought I would feel better if I took a shower so I went to the bathroom and attempted to vomit in the toilet but it just wouldn't happen so I took a shower and felt a little better. After the shower I felt the first of the effects, I was confused similar to the confusion of an acid trip and I was slightly stumbling and a little numb.

After sitting on the couch for a second thirty minutes the trip really began, when I looked at the tv it squished and stretched in every direction and the items in the corners of my eyes where wavy and swirly and distorted in size also the aches and pains began to subside as the high began to build. After feeling better I went for a walk in the forest it was amazing to say the least everything was interesting and it felt great to just sit in the leaf litter of the forest floor an contemplate while feeling one with nature. After emerging from the forest I reached the peak of my trip I sat with my dog a under two massive ohia trees and was incredibly still and at peace with every thing as I stared in to the canopy of the trees this went of for about an hour at which time I sit up and look at my lawn an it appears to be ebbing and flowing as if it where liquid and I imagined my self to be resting on the water tension. After the out doors experience I traveled inside and the walking seemed as if I wasent pulling my self forward but was being propelled from behind I then laid on my bed for what I later found out was three hours and stared at my ceiling. As the high wheard off the pains came back so I went to sleep. After waking the stomach pains here still there and I cant hold any thing down even water ends up in a pool of vomit on the floor.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 60208
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 24, 2020Views: 481
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Morning Glory (38) : First Times (2), Personal Preparation (45), Unknown Context (20)

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