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In the Midst
by cid
Citation:   cid. "In the Midst: An Experience with LSD (exp60225)". Aug 15, 2018.

2   LSD


The musings of an idiot.

As I listen to kate bush
I feel the beauty of one who experiences beyond the fringes of normality.
Such beautiful music and passion . I am left strengthless to tryto explain.
She has found what isimportaint to her and has managed to make a living at it.
How fortunate she is How jealous I feel!
Andyet howcanyoustay angrywhenyouaredisarmeedby the beautyofthemusic.
Andshe managed to capture those moments that you aspireto. Yet can’t find the time to create these momentsyourself. Or if you are busy trying to create such moments
You have no need of the means, but why deny it? Why Hide it.If you can’t stick at anything for morethan a few seconds than all it needs is to be posted on erowid
With a dosage and bodyweight, likethat was supposed to influence anyone whomiight be one triip away from a permanent vacation.

The truth will be explained later, if only it were that simple. If the answers to all of your questions were so fucking obvious when you weren’t tripping your nutsoff then maybe we would all be betteroff.(thestickyspacebar syndromekind of addstothe effect doesn’t it?)

Yes it’s all beautiful, ifyou want to close youreyes to the decaying mind and body of the user,addict.
I will never deny that I am a user.
I will defendit to my grave. Which I feel every trip I take will hasten such a journey.

Yet I relish in them more than I should.
To put it plainly is never difficult ifyou are tripping. Yet tryto put relevance to those thoughts to anyone whomightgive a shit to and….

What kind of bullshit are youtryiing tofeed me
The only thing that is absolute when youcomeupwith this shit is your (Insert world altering phrase here)
Eg. Insanity
Lack of sobriety
Sense of futility
And yet….. If I stop the pnk floyd album..

For the future of mankind, or at least a tiny private bit of my sanity that is all that I can hold onto until the next trip.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 60225
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 15, 2018Views: 648
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LSD (2) : General (1), Poetry (43), Not Applicable (38)

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