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Schemes and Lost Dreams
Citation:   Durial. "Schemes and Lost Dreams: An Experience with Crack (exp60247)". Aug 27, 2018.

  repeated smoked Crack (freebase)
No one really explains what crack is like so I'm going to tell you my truth. When I first started we would try baking up crack but we never knew we were doing it totally wrong, we would put the soda in and coke and add water and heat it till it became a big white hard chunk. One is supposed to add the coke and water and heat it a bit and add little bits of soda and let it sit till it chunks up to a white filmy substance then slowly cook it till it turns back to water with oil floating in it, then one scoops up the oil by tapping it with a piece of metal.

When I smoke crack I fill your pipe with ash not steel wool because steel wool smokes and gives you a nasty smell and poison smoke. I melt the piece by slowly tapping a lighter to it so it melts into the ash. Then I gently inhale tapping the lighter to it slowly puffing on it, never torching it or it burns away. I get this insane ringing in your ears and feel far away if I get a good hit and I feel insanely happy. A crack hit lasts a few seconds and then I'm numb and fiending for more and I'm more awake. It depends how much I smoke, if I do lots over days and stay up for 3 days straight it'll take half an hour or so and I'll crave a hit so bad that I'd sell anything or do anything for a hit. It's definitely not worth doing because I'll sell everything, ruin my family, lose all my money. I never stop thinking about it every day I just imagine that phat hit how good it would feel I can never say no after you've done it a few times it's not worth it it's stupid. There's people that act like my friends when I buy crack but they just use me and they will pull schemes like trying to hook me up everytime so they can pinch some of my shit. For me it it's best to do it alone. It's stupid.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 60247
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 27, 2018Views: 3,153
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