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Tila Tequilla Moved Her Body
Citation:   The Duke. "Tila Tequilla Moved Her Body: An Experience with Diphenhydramine (exp60334)". Erowid.org. Jun 23, 2007. erowid.org/exp/60334

  repeated oral Diphenhydramine (pill / tablet)
Previous drug experience: Marijuana (regular for ~3 years), alcohol (same as pot), prescription pills occasionally (Xanax, Klonopins, Oxys, etc in combination with pot/alc), cocaine (3-4 times in the last 8 months w/ pot), inhaled airduster a few times, and did nyquil / triple c's once before I knew what I do now about Acetaminophen and other added drugs.


I found out through the internet about Diphenhydramine, Meclizine, and Dimenhydrinate and their effects at high dosage. Realizing that I had some Diphenhydramine around the house in the form of 'Tylenol Simply Sleep' pills, 25-50 mg each, I decided to give it a try. I am a person who loves analyzing the effects of different substances when I first take them, so this was a great opportunity. I noticed how everyone's dosage and experience was vastly different, so I decided to start at 100mg for the first dose (it was probably around 8 pm) and wait 30 minutes, while paying careful attention to how my body felt during that time.

I noticed getting more muscle fatigue and my perception of everything visual was off a little, it's hard to describe how. I paid attention to my heart, breathing, mental capacity, anything else that I determined relevant and it was acceptable, so I smoked a bowl and took another 100mg. I started liking the effects, I noticed my vision was getting blurry, the walls were breathing a little, and dark colors were shifting. I sat around for a little bit more and decided to take another 100mg, making the total 300 so far. This is when I left to go to my friend's house about 15 minutes away. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

I didn't notice anything remarkably different between 200mg and 300mg, just slightly greater effects of it all. While at my friends house we were sitting in her car talking, listening to music, and smoking cigarettes with one of our other friends and I took another 100mg before we all smoked a bowl. I felt great at this point. I was relaxed, and everything was kind of dreamy, but not in an uncomfortable way.

According to my friends, I was starting to make less sense. I distinctly remember exclaiming 'My cigarette tastes like berries!' (it did, and I smoke Marlboro Menthols) and one of my friends thought that was hilarious and odd, although it didn't seem out of place to me at the time. I chilled out a little and talked, smoked some cigs, and took another 50mg after a few bowls had been passed around, smoked a couple cigs and we went in the house. I was waiting 15-30 minutes between each dosage. At this time I was having a terrible time reading small text (like on small pill bottles) but I wasn't having too much trouble with computers and tv.

After a while of hanging out and feeling the pills (more dreamy feelings, nothing felt real, but I wasn't hallucinating at this point) I decided I'd better head towards my house before I got any worse off of these. I took another 50mg (making the total 500mg -- seems to be threshold for visuals for me) and left.

As I was driving home I started to feel the effects even more and I was making an effort to pay close attention to the road and nothing else. I had no problems 75% of the way home, even driving through city traffic for a few minutes. Nothing felt out of the ordinary, just felt like I was high. When I was getting pretty close to my house I looked in the road ahead of me and saw an opossum sitting on its hind legs in my lane. It was probably larger than a desktop computer, just sitting there. I tapped the brakes while thinking what to do (will I hit it or avoid it?), I had pretty much decided to slow down and go around it since it was sitting still. All this took place within maybe 2 seconds and I had still been staring at it in the road ahead of me.

I looked down at my speed for a split second, looked back at the road to get a better look at this opossum, and it vanished right in front of my eyes. That made me realize how much of an effect I had from the pills. I believe I lit a cigarette at this point to make sure I didn't zone out, 'lose time' and crash.

A little further along the road I came around a corner and saw maybe 50 feet ahead of me a black spot stretched across both lanes, probably 2 feet wide, and I was staring at it trying to figure out what it was. Water? A shadow? Pavement patch? Nothing at all? All the sudden my mind clicked and it became a spike strip! Why? Hell if I know! By reflex and without hesitation I slammed the brakes almost to the floor and dropped from about 50mph to 15mph in a couple seconds (approaching the fastest stop possible for my heavy ass truck), lucky there was no one behind me, and I crept along until about 5 feet before I would have hit it, I realized, 'Why the hell would there be a spike strip in the middle of nowhere?' and it changed into a harmless dark spot in the road. I let go of the brake and continued on without further incident, thinking I was stupid. I believe it was a pavement patch after all.

I got home and went to my room and just chilled. I looked at my poster of Tila Tequila on the wall, saw her moving her body with the music I was playing from my computer. I was thinking how cool it would be if she walked right out of the poster. But no, it didn't happen. I am not one to have detailed hallucinations. I probably smoked another bowl, some cigs. A feeling came over me (similar to the fuzzy feeling I get when I mix pot and alcohol at the right level) and generally whenever this feeling happens, if the situation permits I will lay down for a few minutes and close my eyes, a lot of times getting visual or body stimulation, or my imagination runs wild. I was curious so I did this, and then got back up and sat at my desk. At this point I should probably start listing what I wrote down the day after about the whole experience, and the report will continue after.


Every time I lay down and closed my eyes, I was all of the sudden sitting in front of the computer looking at experiences online and I read them all out loud but without speaking [my mental voice was louder than ever when I attempted to use it]. Some seemed to make perfect sense in my head, some made no sense and I could tell I was only thinking of it because of being fucked up.

At one point I stared at a spot on the ceiling and I was somewhere else. Don't know [where] but somewhere. I realized what happened and my first thought was 'shit, open your eyes!' and when I tried to open my eyes, I discovered that they were already open and I was staring at the ceiling.

I would get a 'feeling' that someone was near me. It was more of a manifestation of someone, always transparent or only a head and transparent, and always on my right side. It wasn't something to be alarmed about to me. Every time I spoke with someone who wasn't actually there, it was done 'telepathically', usually didn't open my mouth. If they didn't answer I'd find myself saying something out loud, then I'd physically turn around to look at the person, and there would be no one there. I had only perceived a person, sometimes from when I closed my eyes to look for visuals. I would sometimes find myself speaking out loud, and not know what I was referring to.

There were sudden flashes of light on the walls and ceiling. My skull poster was wavy, moving, and unbalanced.

I swear I saw a cat jump out my window while I was smoking a cigarette. It was white and transparent. Then I saw it again floating in my room but only for a split second. I felt heavy, disconnected from myself, distant, I'd even venture to say enlightened in some ways. I just had no way to make my mouth say what I was thinking, nor could I actually stay on one train of thought for any length of time, or remember what my response was to someone by the time they stopped talking to let me answer. I saw transparent 'things' several of which resembled spiders. I saw one hanging from my model airplane over the bed, and I saw probably 5 or 6 at one time on the blades of the ceiling fan, transparent white slightly glowing spiders. One of them jumped off the fan blade with a string of web behind it and dive bombed onto the floor beside my bed. Another one right onto my chest. That was freaky, but I didn't feel the need to check and make sure it was a hallucination, I just knew. I kept looking, and I could see no evidence that there was actually a web of any kind, but I kept seeing the 'spider legs' on top of the fan blades.

Also, I saw parts of movies in my head 'on tv.' Not what you're thinking... these movies didn't exist, even in theory, and I didn't recognize anyone who was taking part in them. Or as I wrote somewhere else '...movies that were never made, with people who have no names.'

I felt like I couldn't move when I laid down. Thought I smoked a bowl or two and had a good bit left over, but actually I had smoked one bowl wayyyyyy earlier, and that was the last of it. Unless I hid the stuff, which is always a possibility.

I kept tripping over shit: my chair, books, random crap in the floor or sometimes things not even in the way.

Light spots, long open stretches, lights in the distance, all these made the whole environment look like it came straight out of a fairy tale or dream of some sort, like the whole reality wasn't real at all.

I was seeing glitches in my vision, the only way to describe it is like the Terminator's vision or something, and the corners would glitch sometimes and move or rip.

Speaking of rips, I saw little rips in the fabric of our very reality... at least thatís what it looked like to me. Tiny balls of light floating to wherever they wanted to go, then expanding ever so slightly to expose a black hole center that soon overtook the light that had been surrounding it, and turned back to darkness. Looked like the spots were turning themselves inside out. At the time, I referred to them in my head as rips in the space-time continuum. I dunno, musta sounded intelligent or something.

Everything that happened felt like a dream. I was just mentally floating and everything felt light as if it was a cartoon world but not really, everything just looked like I was seeing it for the first time right then. Everything was suddenly interesting and cool looking, kind of like when I first started smoking pot.

Kept itching, couldn't sleep. Had to keep shifting my position or I'd get restless and have muscle cramps. Barely slept, on and off for a couple hours.

Fan blades were warping or disappearing or spinning slowly, all without actually moving.

I heard voices throughout the night, and 99% of the time I couldn't tell what they were saying. Computer speakers were seeming to buzz in a way that I've never heard before, with nothing being played over them. Black spots in vision were common, especially when turning lights on and off. Had a lot of trouble reading small print such as on pill bottles, looked like a line of nothing. Had to close one eye and squint the other just to barely see it.

I noticed that I had begun to walk more hunched over, 50% of the reason was clearly that my body felt heavy from the drugs, and the other 50% is truly unknown to me. I'm sure I *could* have stood up, especially since I knew I was doing it.. but I just wouldn't.

I constantly felt like my muscles were 'lagging' behind my brain in where to go like being drunk, except it was controllable.

A poster for a local football team was 'flapping in the wind' with the phone cord, rifle, bottles and stereo, even though there was no wind in my room and it's stapled down at all four corners.


The above description applies to the first two times I did it. The below experiences (maybe three separate ones?) were done close together and were coupled with sleep deprivation and taking between 800mg and 1000mg Diphenhydramine. These were funny while I was on the stuff, but thinking about it sober, it was kind of scary.

-Constantly heard voices like they were out in the hall. Not pleasantly unintelligible like before, it was like they were right outside my door. I guessed it was my dad and I would say 'I can't hear you' through the door and listen, and he'd say something else and I'd get mad and say again that I can't understand him, he would repeat again and I'd actually go open the door and look in the hall, only to see no one there. Same with my mom's voice. They had long been in bed. At highest dose this happened maybe 10 times in a row before I realized I needed to stop getting up. I got pretty mad about this because I couldn't distinguish what was real and what wasn't.

-If I closed my eyes while music was playing and zoned out, I'd hear something completely different, slower, almost sinister.

-Cotton mouth like a bitch. I'm not talking dry, I'm talking feels like someone stuffed a wad of toilet paper in my mouth. Okay, its not that bad but you get my point.

-Bad aftertaste, makes things taste funny, especially cigarettes, cigars.

-Nausea when approaching doses maybe 500mg and up, increased with dose. Never actually threw up.

- I did not experience much drowsiness, and in fact I could not sleep after taking that amount. My body was *so* tired it was just limp and cramping up waiting to go to sleep, but my mind was still going, but not making any sense. Everything that came through my mind was just off the wall, abstract, or complete gibberish.

-I kept getting up to look for something, or go do something, and no sooner than I stand up to do it, I forgot what the hell it was. That made me irate for a while.

-At certain times I would hear music playing in my head just as clearly as if I had ear buds in listening to my mp3 player, but all my speakers were off, no radio on, nothing. Just the computer's fan running. Heard all the instruments and vocals, sounded just like the real thing except for when I didn't know the words and my mind made up something that sounded like it just to continue the song Ė thatís how I found out that the music wasn't really being played, because I almost got up to check.

-I thought this was a dream: I going through my desk, don't know why, and pulled an envelope out of my drawer. It was from a friend in another state and he had asked me to put something illegal in it and send it back to him (forget what it was, but we talked about doing it with pot seeds before). I opened up the envelope to check if I had put something inside to send to him, dumped the contents into my hands and it was two muzzle restrictors (1/2 choke and open choke) and a tool for my pump shotgun. Been in that envelope for years, since I got the gun. Have no idea why I did all that... Must have hallucinated part of it then grabbed the envelope is all I can think of! I seem to remember trying to lick it shut too... But its sitting on top of stuff in my desk drawer so I really did pick it up, usually its around the bottom. But I cant for the life of me think why I picked it up, or why I thought my friend had sent it? Well there it is, unlicked and still has a staple in the top flap. I made note of the staple even in my stupor.

-I could have sworn I got up and looked out the window around 6 AM (yes I was actually awake) and saw my friend's truck back out of my driveway, heard him rev it up twice, then saw him leave. At the time, I stayed out of view and hoped that he wouldn't come back, assuming he had come to get something he forgot, and I didn't want him to know I was awake tripping because he'd probably come fuck with me. I texted him when I was sober and asked why he was at my house at that time, and he laughed and said he was asleep then and didn't know what I was talking about.

-When trying to wake up the morning after a trip, I 'perceived' that three of my friends were in my room passing a bowl (three people that would most likely not be seen in my room, two of which I hadn't seen in a year, the other has never met those two, and I've never smoked *with* anyone here). It was passed to me, and I reached behind me to grab it while I was laying down, and when I didn't feel it in my hand I turned my head to look at the girl passing it, and the room was dark and empty.

-My mother was trying to wake me up after one of my trips, she said I was talking about things that made no sense and she thought I was on LSD (? later said I was talking the same way I did after getting my wisdom teeth out -- fucked up and disoriented) and she was about to search my room for drugs, and then she assumed I was sick with the flu. I woke up and felt sick to my stomach, had a headache, diarrhea, fever, all the signs of a stomach bug of some kind. I told her I thought it was caused by the sleeping pills I took (but didn't tell her I had taken over 800mg of it!). I hadn't had this kind of feeling from the pills before, so she was able to convince me to go to the doctor, who prescribed an anti-vomiting medicine and sent me home. I never did take it, stayed up a while then slept it off and when I woke up (9 PM the next day) I felt fine.

-After one of my trips, I found two sleeping pills on the floor and two under my keyboard. I wonder if I took more than I thought? Or less than I thought? Also there were two bowl packs of weed already ground up under the keyboard (well, that was a pleasant surprise). I found four more pills laying loose in my left drawer. I thought I was keeping track of them better than that, even while tripping.


Now the moment you've all been waiting for... The following was written while I was tripping (I took at least 800mg that night but only wrote down the first dose) a few of the times are written down but most are unknown. Notes in brackets [ ] were added later:

I'm going to make this one more precise. I got out of class at 4:45 or so, and instantly dropped 350mg -- (7 pills) and drove home.

It's 5:28 right now, and I can feel it pretty well. My vision was shaking a minute ago and I feel lightheaded and dreamy. But nothing like what happened last night.

5:33 I stood up and walked to the other room discovering that my balance was a little off (but not bad). I just felt a wave from it through my head! Oh shit, I'm hearing things. Sounds like it came from out my window, or from the computer. Sounded like high-pitched voice. I honestly don't know if it was real or fake. But I really don't care. 5:36 I just felt a larger wave -------- there it was again. Pleasant, but kind of scary at the same time.

About 10 minutes before right now, I started to feel it in my head. I'm getting uncoordinated. I can't read small print but usually I can get by. I saw flashes of light on my door frame outside my room that looked like transparent figures.

Oh god, it just I fuck I keep forgetting what I was going to write!. And there's no way I'm going to ---- breaks thought pattern -- oh there it is again. [this is how a lot of my convos went even with people I was standing right next to, and I never did finish that thought and cant for the life of me figure out what I was trying to say]

I walked up to the window earlier to look for my dad's truck leaving,, and over there I tripped over everyone and everything an bouncing all over the place. And he turned around and left. [what was that about?]

12: let go [I don't know what this means, but I knew at the time, and I was compelled to write it down]

--Man this is whacked. I just went and shook my space heater and was talking and 'it' answered back (all telepathic) then I said something mildly offensive (out loud), no idea what I said, some kind of threat or insult, and it didn't say anything back. Just now I was looking at my computer speakers in the dark [clarification: low light],..they started waving like a hula girl. I thought I saw smoke in here but it must not be. also you know what else I notice?

--I keep reading through this report that I am not even done writing yet, and occasionally going 'hey, he thinks like me!' then I realize that I can't do that, it IS me.

--I've been hearing faint talking all night, female voice.

--I was talking to my electric heater telepathically as stated above (WTF)

--Odd sounds that are probably mundane enough, probably things I just donít listen for, or can't normally hear.

--Music played in my head, clear as day, even though nothing was turned on.

--Perceived presences, especially in faint light. I'd think I saw something sitting next to me, and just like someone else's experience said, it didn't phase me, didnít seem out of the ordinary at all while I was under the influence of this stuff, I just didn't even question it. Usually it was only the head/face that I was conscious of beside me, occasionally I saw full bodies of people. Then I'd have conversations with whoever or whatever and he/she/it quit bothering me the whole way. [again, what?]

-- I am hearing voices again. It was my mom and my dad, I couldnít tell what she said and I don't wanna tell it to my mom, haha. I don't think it was them though because my mom was in bed and dad was downstairs. But I heard his voice saying something, probably remarking about something I should or shouldnít have done.

--When I *did* actually see one of the things, it was a misty white apparition, sometimes just a head, and on the drug it seemed like an every day occurrence. But once I looked closer and said 'wait a minute, that isn't right...' it'd switch back to whatever it should have been. Either nothing at all, or another object.

--Just heard the voice of a little girl saying 'hi'. I've heard grunts and other unintelligible things too. Must be something wrong with me. Great, now I was talking to my computer speaker. No idea why, except that it started the conversation not me! But a few minutes ago it looked as if it was morphing into other shapes and stuff.

-- My eyes are glitching. If I look at something that isn't moving for a while, it'll start to shake / rotate and bend and sometimes twist.

--About morphing things, several times (donít remember what I had *planned* to write but) my phone cord, rifle, and a couple bottles along with my stereo system was rocking back and forth to a rhythm.

--I felt separated from my problems, emotions, and, well, reality. Everything was cartoonish and dream like, as if I haven't slept in 5 days or something.

--My speaker looks like it's really getting into the music, itís been shaking and vibrating and the mesh acted like waves on a pond almost, but only in lines not 360 degrees outward.

--2 am while smoking a bowl saw a bright flash of light to my right, quickly turned my head and nothing.

--Windshield wipers in my truck looked like they sprung up and fell back down but they couldn't [read: shouldn't] have.

The gas station clerk musta known I was messed up. I asked him where the ATM was and he pointed like 4 feet away from where I was standing. I keep thinking that this is written by someone else but I'm doing it. Something's weird [donít know when this was written but I was tripping when I wrote it, and it really did happen].

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 60334
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 23, 2007Views: 41,227
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Diphenhydramine (109) : Various (28), Entities / Beings (37), Retrospective / Summary (11), Combinations (3)

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