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Super Fun Happy Slide
Salvia divinorum (leaves)
Citation:   Juggerblot. "Super Fun Happy Slide: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (leaves) (exp60449)". Oct 2, 2009.

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0.5 g smoked Salvia divinorum (leaves)
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Wow. I finally tried Salvia divinorum for the first time. Boy was I glad I had read up on it and spent time visualizing how I wanted the experience to be. It was incredible!!!

I went to a friend's place to watch hockey - the ulterior motive being for three of us to get together and give Salvia at try for the first time in a comfortable setting, with people that wouldn't be acting like jerks. I decided I would give it a go after the first period of the game. I packed the small bowl of my water pipe very tightly, with approximately a gram of salvia leaf. I had this Salvia for about 2 weeks, but I hadn't really felt ready to try it until now - I wasn't nervous at all. Without hesitating I lit the bowl with a regular lighter (keeping the flame on it) and took my first big hit, held it for 15 seconds, let it out and and then took my second hit. As I was leaning forward to place the pipe back on the table, I felt a small giggle rising out of the depths, and a bit of strange pressure on the front of my face.

Well.... No one would have convinced me that a person could experience what happened next. I let out the giggle, along with all of my second hit in a messy, giant blow, as the giggle from the depths immediately turned into a 'perfect storm' of uncontrollable, loony laughter. There was also a sense of sliding forward and forward and forward, but the intensity with which the laughter came on really had me in disbelief, because just after the first giggle, but before I could even say to myself 'Is this IT?!?! Oh my God! This can't be it! WOW IT IS!' - I had lost it. The laughing grew and grew and grew. There was no going backwards, there was no calming myself, or relaxing to analyze the experience, or even catching my breath. There was only forwards and forwards with more and more intensity.

I quickly let myself go and everything felt incredibly, genuinely, hysterically funny. The entire scene of me and my friends in the the living room took on a whole feeling of being in a sitcom, performing, being watched by an audience, all in my head. The cheers from the crowd at the hockey game on TV were for us! I was laughing with the crowd/audience. I was the source of the funny and I was laughing at it all. Immediately after my initial burst of laughter and obvious spiral down into a complete lack of control, my friend said, 'Come ON?!?!' in a skeptical, character-typical kind of way, which I greatly appreciated and made me laugh even more, his next words were, 'Fuc*ing RIGHT! Pack me a bowl!!!', and with my friends laughing along with me I nearly fell off my seat, again because this was the funniest damn thing I I had ever heard in my life.

Everything my friends said to me, everything they did, everything I did, elicited the same kind of internal response as I would get from watching a character driven running gag, like Seinfeld, or Trailer Park Boys - a warm, driven, imaginative, familiar and satisfying sense - Kramer bursting through Jerry's door with the funniest expression ever - Ricky with his six-paper joints and reckless, self-centered interpretation of reality - except TIMES 10!!!! So there was the incredible laughter, which I was very thankful for - it was exactly what I had wanted and preconditioned myself to experience after watching about 50 YouTube videos of various degrees of Salvia trips.

I also immediately noticed that my centre of balance was WAYYY off, as if my head weighed 100 lbs. I would lean a little one way and it felt like I was falling over. But I wasn't, it just felt that way. When I leaned forward I felt a huge roller coaster ride rush downward. When I put my hands over my eyes to wipe away tears from laughing I ACTUALLY SAW the roller coaster tracks and the tunnel I was riding in. I had heard many times in videos and read of people describing a tunnel - I know exactly what they were talking about. I had presence of mind enough to speak to my friends between laughing fits, but only enough to say, 'OH MY GOD', and make airplane noises, 'Vrrrrreeaaaaaoooooooohhhhmmmmmmmm-HAAHAHAHAHAHEEHEEHEEHEEHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!' with my arms stretched out - my friends were impressed.

So the laughing and roller coaster lasted about four minutes. Then I snapped out of it! Still giggly, very relaxed, but completely awestruck at what I had just experienced. Before I had come back to earth my friend had already packed a bowl and lit it up, but he hadn't used the pipe right at all and just sat there telling us, 'Yeah, I feel a little strange'. But no laughter. I was really disappointed for him. My other friend tried it next and being a veteran pipe user, got the required dose for a breakthrough, but his experience also seemed to be less like a carnival ride and more like a meditation. There was no laughter, he just closed his eyes and described feeling as if he were riding on the front of a car, driving forward very fast(the same sensation as my roller coaster), and seeing a big fence along the sides of a tunnel(the same as my roller coaster tracks?!?)

I waited until the second intermission of the game (45 minutes later) to do it again, and I had enough time to squeal,'It's happening again hahahahaheeeheehheee', before the ride started all over!!! Again, laughing in disbelief, and the disbelief making me laugh. This time though, I felt a little embarrassed for a few moments as it seemed like I was acting a lunatic with my laughing, and I knew my friends couldn't relate because they didn't experience the same thing. My friend said, 'You're freaking out the dog!', but rather than let that ruin my rush and turn things dark I just let myself go and laughed and laughed. The Roller coaster was even more vivid. I was in another world.

This was incredible. I think it's all in the dose (of course) - I'm really excited to explore other experiences with stronger and lighter doses. I was disappointed that my friends didn't get the laughing fit - it was invigorating! The closest thing I can think of is having the most incredibly fun carnival ride. I HATE carnival rides! But I've seen people on them that laugh and laugh and laugh until they are exhausted. I imagine it's the way they've trained themselves to respond to the crazy motion and fear, and rushes, and the adrenaline boost! That's what I felt like - one of these people that enjoys the adrenaline rush from riding the craziest, highest, most jolting and life-threatening carnival ride you could imagine.

It was a Super Fun Happy Slide! It helped to feel and believe that I had fully prepared myself by reading up on the drug and other people's experiences. I think I had an idea of what I could expect and that helped me to really enjoy the rush! I can't wait to get back on this ride!

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 60449
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 2, 2009Views: 4,484
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