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Hospitalization on DXM
by John
Citation:   John. "Hospitalization on DXM: An Experience with DXM (exp60455)". Dec 24, 2015.

1200 mg oral DXM (capsule)


My name is John and I am a 15 year old, 138 pound male who is well acquanted with many psychoactive subtances that include MDMA, cocaine, marijuana, diphenhydramine, dextromethorphan, salvia divinorum, xanax, and many others.

I have experimented with DXM many times before. My first time being 1 bottle of liquid cough suppresant. I can't say I really enjoyed chugging the nasty red medicine so I then moved onto the Robitussin or Tussin cough-gels with 15mg of dextromethorphan as the only active ingrediant. I started with 35 of those and worked my way up to 65. I was using about every other day and my tolerance was very high. One thing I noticed was that whether or not I had the pills on an empty stomach it would still take about 2 hours to kick in as opposed to the 30-45 minute wait I had my first time. The trip is nowhere near as intense with a tolerance and many of the positive aspects just cannot seem to be found. So I quit. I hadn't used the substance in at least 3 months before i decided I wanted to have another experience. I had hoped my tolerance had gone down enough as to where I would have a more trippy, hallucingenic experiece rather then the stoned, out-of-touch from reality experience that accompanies a tolerance. I have never taken PCP or Ketamine as these to substances are said to be chemically similar to DXM.

7:20 PM T+0:00 - I dose with 1200mg or 80 of the 15mg pills. I had had a trip with 1050mg twice before and was incomplete control. I had a sitter my first time and after that I had gotten so used to it that I didn't feel the need for a sitter anymore. This time I didn't have one but I knew my parents were going to be home at 9:00 and they would check on me then if there was a problem, which at the time I didn't believe there would be one. Big mistake. My tolerance had dissapeared. I obviously had lost much of my tolerance and was shot off the deep end to say the least.

8:00 PM T+0:40 - I begin to feel my self come up much faster then usual. I began to feel lifted and was noticing impaorment to my motor skills. I was already beginning to have trouble walking straight so I figured a movie would good. I walked upstairs and decided on Clockwork Orange. I fumbled with it for about 30 minutes trying to hook up the DVD player to the TV and gave up. It wasn't that I was too intoxicated, for if i already was that intoxicated then I would have been in for some trouble, but my TV is so damn complicated. I walk back into my room and lay down and start to doze off so I turn on music to help stay up. Some where between here and 9:00 i lose touch with all of reality.

9:00 PM T+1:40 - I am still in my room, but I have no way of knowing that. What I am seeing through my eyes is completely different. I feel at peace, happy, not a care in the worl. I am sitting in a big, square room with four other people. We are all sitting on wooden boxes and a hookah sits on the floor in the middle of us. We talked for who knows how long but even though this is the day after the incident, i cannot remember for the life of me what we all were talking about. I also remember thinking about the Cosmic Coincidence Theory that I had read up earlier that day in the DXM faq. A light blue human face appeared in front of me with rather large eyes and big lips but that is also all I remember. I have a strange feeling that he played a much bigger part in my trip then what I remember.

11:45 PM T+3:25 - I come back to counciosness in the hospital with family and relative in the room. I could not recognize them though for there faces were extremely distorted. Over the next 12 hours until I was discharged from the hospital I came down. The story as I leared later from my mother was this.

My parents came home at 9:00 and found me in the fetal position on my bed, nonresponsive. My eyes had an extremly glazed look and I believe that my pupils would have been large as well. I could not talk and when my father picked me up and put me on my feet I fell right back down on my bed. My mother is a nurse at a hospital in so they took me there. They gave me a CT brain scan among other things after I was taken to the ER. I beleive I faintly remember being pushed around on a stretcher but so disoriented and my vision so distorted that I did not know what was going on. I did not respond to pain, which they said was a bad sign, and my breathing was extremely shallow. I had oxygen in my nose and they they gave me a catheter. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a tube up your penis. Painful? Holy Shit! I didn't respond, for I was still in my own little world, which at the time I guess was a good thing. They got the urine tests back from the lab and they said I was positive for PCP. This is the first time I talked the whole night and I said something like 'Whoa! PCP?! I've never done PCP!' It came out at about 1 word per five seconds. I then was able to spit out 'DXM', which my dad being involved in medical sales knew that it was dextromethorphan, and said 'false positive.' They believed me I guess and over the next couble hours I was out of it. It's the day after and I still cannot remember much of the experience. Being on probation I'm probably going to get screwed but I don't know. I hope that things turn out good.

Conclusion, well, stick to maryjane if you ask me. Or any all-natural substance. And maybe a hit of LSD every now. Shit, I had done DXM 30 times before and still could have died if my parents had not come home. I personally do not think I would have but its not somethin to take a gamble on. I think I'm done with these synthtic substances for now. Killing my body. Stick with good ol' weed!

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 60455
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 15 
Published: Dec 24, 2015Views: 15,081
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