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A Relaxing High
Citation:   Tugger. "A Relaxing High: An Experience with 2C-E (exp60494)". Erowid.org. Mar 13, 2007. erowid.org/exp/60494

14 mg oral 2C-E (liquid)
I had been reading up on various RC's for a long time now, and at the end I decided that 2CE was the one I wanted to give a spin. From what I had read, it was one of the more 'difficult' of the 2Cs - but also highly regarded, and some even claiming it had the depth/intensity of LSD.

After many months of waiting, my 2CE arrived, and then I had to wait for my scale to get in as I did not want to be eyeballing the substance.

Initially, I was planning on tripping on the Friday, but events of the day didn't have me getting in from class until nearly 10pm, my friend was going to trip with me - but decided not to at the last minute, and I figured - its late, I'm getting tired, and if I take it now - I'll be up all night and be worried about keeping my friend awake, so decided to post-pone it until Saturday.

At around 4:45, I measured out approx ~14mg of 2CE. My scale, I've decided - is not very accurate and it was a bit of a pain to work with. I mixed it in with some juice and down the hatch it went - no taste to note of.

I finished watching The Prestige with my BF - he had decided to remain the 'sober sitter' for the evening. The movie was kind of boring and wasn't really into it, but still gave me something to distract myself while waiting for the come up. I wasn't sure if it was just excitement / placebo, but started to notice initial effects fairly quickly - but nothing overwhelming.

As the 2CE started to kick in, I started to get a vague sensation of having 'a flue', mixed with typical come-up feelings of LSD for me. By around 6:00-6:30pm, I was feeling a bit burpy / gassy / nauseous, but not enough to make me feel bad or like I wanted to throw up. I did have a few thoughts of 'what the fuck am I doing to myself? Putting unknown chemicals into me to make me trip' and started to ponder on my drug-using habits a bit and the 'why am I so into this? Kind of things'

At around 6:30, I decide to hop into the bath-tub, the nausea was starting to go away and I could still feel things rising a little bit more - but starting to taper off. I drew a hot bath, threw on some music and turned off the lights.

The isolation and relaxation helped kick the trip into gear a bit more. I was finding it hard to find music I wanted to listen to. With Acid/Shrooms - pretty much anything sounds great, on 2CE - it seemed to be a little less forgiving I found myself going to stuff with more Rhythm/Melodies and 'flowing' sounds - the jarring mix/cuts/beats of some of the music I have didn't fit well with it. But, with the music that 2CE did work with - it worked with really well.

I was not getting too much in terms of OEVs, but the CEVs were rather nice - saturated, not very neon, they had more of a geometric/fractal feel to them and didn't burst into full-on surreal scenes like what can happen with LSD. In the bath, I felt lazy, relaxed and had surges of erotic sensations - touch felt nice, and I just spent quite awhile swaying back and forth in the tub getting into the music. The peak had hit - and had put me into a nice place. Not as intense as LSD, but enjoyable.

The mental aspects of 2CE were pretty interesting - I almost felt sober, but still in a bit of a psychedelic mind space. My mind could easily wander, but never felt as manic as LSD, or as thought-looped as mushrooms. I could bring issues to the surface of my thoughts, look at them, examine them, but not be involved with them. The best way I can describe it is as 'emotional detachment from logical problems in my life'

I got out of the bath after awhile, and threw on a few layers of clothes and headed outside for a walk. I didn't walk for too long as it was damn cold outside, even when I had on flannel PJs under my jeans, 2 sweaters and a jacket, but it was still refreshing, and got myself lost in my music for a bit.

Getting back in from the walk, I ask my BF to put on Drawing Restraint 9. The first 15 mins of this movie are BRILLIANT -- it was so cool to watch it, it was a visual treat for the eyes, and the rhythm of the soundtrack was stellar. Too bad that once the intro credits are done the movie loses steam and just ends up being 'bjork being weird' - I watched another hour of the movie then got bored of it just ended up throwing on some music for abit and laying on my couch relaxing.

One thing I noticed during the trip, is now and then I would feel 'chalky' like I was just coming down from K. There was a bit of a dissociative feeling, which is why I think I could get that 'emotional detachment' at times - it reminded me of when I mixed LSD+K.

Typically on LSD, I can have a hard time dealing with 'sarcasm' and end up taking things personally if they were meant to be just joking around. But, toss a bit of K into the mix - and I can take things better and joke around with it instead of getting caught up in the 'are they insulting me?!' type loop, and 2CE kind of reminded me of that feeling - that 'just whatever' and not getting all emotional over everything.

All in all, by around 11pm or so I had felt 'pretty much' down - watched some peewee's playhouse, an episode of wonder shozen, then was in bed by around 1:30am or so - slept easily and fairly well, woke up feeling pretty much normal. No hangover, but also no feeling of being 'refreshed' like I do after a hefty LSD trip.

Overall, I really enjoyed the trip and as a '1st dose' - seemed to be right on the mark. Nice to get my feet wet, not over-whelming at all, felt fairly easy to cope with. I'm curious to try for a higher dose next time.

Some of the downsides I'd say though would be.

- Feeling of unease during the come up, and some negative thoughts

- Now and then, it'd feel like my head was 'clogged' - like a night after doing too much K

- A bit of tension in the chest - but this could be a result of smoking weed. I've found weed + LSD, while it can up the intensity of the trip, makes my chest area feel a bit tight and can really feel it in my lungs

- Duration seemed a bit short, this could just be a result of the dose. But, dosed at around 4:45, was not until about 6:30-7:00pm that I had 'broken through' the physical un-ease and got to enjoying the trip, and then it felt like that by about 11pm, I was pretty much down -- there were still some lingering effects / minor visuals / etc, but it felt more like after-glow residuals effects and not really 'tripping'

Then again, the shorter duration can make it more appealing in some ways - as you may not want the long haul of an acid trip for every trip you do. But, I think I'm the only person in my circle of friends who wishes that LSD could last a few hours longer Everyone else seems to complain that LSD lasts too long.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 60494
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 13, 2007Views: 27,080
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2C-E (137) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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