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Unloading Some Old Baggage
Citation:   Totem. "Unloading Some Old Baggage: An Experience with 2C-T-2 (exp60623)". Feb 23, 2007.

T+ 0:00
15 mg oral 2C-T-2 (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:00 1 repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
My girlfriend Indica and I were invited to our friends to spend the day 'traveling' and relaxing. It was a beautiful June day and my expectations were high. Our friends are experienced sitters and I have a decent experience with psychedelics so I felt confident something significant would occur ... surely it did.

I did some research into the chems available and decided 2c-t-2 seemed appropriate for my experience. I felt my surroundings and my sitters would be the backbone of this journey and prepared myself mentally and physically ... in time both would be tested.

0:00- Consumed 15 mg of 2c-t-2 in water.

1:00- The typical feelings of an x trip is creeping on me ... slight sick feeling, restlessness ... I decide to smoke some herb and relax as the chemical begins to take hold of its host ...

1:45- Not much to say ... the negative feelings have subsided ... we decide to look at some photographs on a laptop ... during this time the images on the computer began to take on a personality all their own ... images of the beach came to life ... images of people began to move with colors sweeping over faces ... an image of my 6 year old son with a simple close up smile began to take on emotions ... I could see in his wonderful smile a face that was on the verge of tears ... back and forth his face changed ... it began to test my psyche ... the walls which had a beautiful textured pattern began to move and crawl like a snakes scales ... Whoa!... things were starting to get weird ...

2:00- While my lady and friends continued to view the pictures I felt a wave of emotion take hold of me ... almost instinctively I slowly seperated from the group to a bedroom to try and collect my mind and spend some time alone ... the bed spread, a tiger print, was literally blowing like a sail on the bed ... a carved image on some furniture began to exhibit movement and seemed real ...

2:30- At this time I began to feel very uneasy about myself ... I felt like nobody cared about me ... especially feeling unliked by my friends and family ... an extremely emotional time ... my friend entered the room and asked if I was ok ... I remember responding with a trembling lip and tears ... I asked very timidly if my lady would come in ... she peaked her head in ... I asked with all the sincerity of a 8 year old if she liked me... 'Of course I do Baby!' she responded, which brought some relief but the waves of emotion were becoming stronger and stronger.

3:15- The full power of the chemical had finally taken hold and I remember this thankful feeling in my heart for such amazing friends offering so much love and support ... My thoughts began to focus on the loss of my mother to cancer ... All my friends were huddled closely around on the bed ... touching through hands and fingers I could feel the energy in the room swelling ... Finally a primitive wail began to escape my mouth, building in it's intensity until I had no more air to exhale ... yet ... it continued to escape ... the deepest, most intense emotion imaginable was pouring out of my body ... exhausting my lungs to the point of no return ... the three friends sobbed and cried in unison as they touched and rubbed and encouraged me to let it out ... i did for a good 15 minutes ... when it passed I lay on the bed gasping for air, grasping to reality and wondering what I had done to myself ... all throughout the experience on the bed my hand was clutched to my lady's forearm as the others held us all in a tight embrace ...

3:30- Things began to feel a little better as we left the bed room to look at the adjacent river ... I remember walking towards my lady and expressing to her that this chemical was nothing to fear ... (she stayed sober as did another friend) The other woman, already coming down from her trip decided to take a bath while things wound down ... only 2c-t-2 was not finished ...

3:45- A disturbed and ill look took my partners face as she slowly walked by me without a word ... she continued into the same bedroom and laid down ... this took me by surprise and scared me immediately ... I asked my buddy if they had slipped her anything, my logic was beginning to fray and her inexplicable illness only reinforced my fears ... I began to worry if she and the others were ok, checking on one in the bath and my lady ... still ... I was locked in this cycle of illogical thoughts repeatedly asking (maybe 50 times or so) if my lady was ok ... I decided to check on her again only to now find her in the bath as our friend stroked her back and held a bucket while she vomited ... What??? ... I was the one who had taken the chemical ... 'what the F is going on?' I asked repeatedly ... panic quickly took hold of all logic as I began to feel like a puppet at the end of the strings ... something was manipulating my moves ... I could hardly stand on my own ... my friend suggested that sitting might be a good idea ... so we stood ... er ... he stood, holding a man twice his size while I held on to him like a baby to his mother ... he gently guided me to the couch as I began to feel a complete ego loss ... suddenly my lady appeared next to me looking healthy and refreshed ... she expressed her love for me and reassured me I was ok ... I remember wondering who I was ... if I had a friend named Tim? ... (I do) ... If I ever smoked pot before? ... totally ridiculous questions at the time, but they had a connection to my earthly reality that I desperately wanted back ... I was definitely ready for this to be over ...

4:00- With the gentle voices encouraging me to return ... I calmly slipped back into my ego and began to feel much better ... laughing about my paranoia ... thanking everyone for the support during the trip ... With the day nearly done and evening setting we decided that an hour drive home would be ok and within a half hour we made some tearful goodbyes and my sober girlfriend took us home ... still on the fringe though ...

4:30- The car ride home turned out to be a bad idea, so soon from come down as a truly terrible sensation began to ripple through my body ... it felt like the vibrations from the road were ripping my limbs from their sockets ... a horrible feeling ... I decided to ride it out as uncomfortable as I was because my bed would be my reward ...

5:30- We made it home ... I collapsed in bed until morning feeling no afteraffects at all ... just a profound contentment ... a purging of the poisonous grief I never knew how to release ... an adjustment in how I remembered my mother ... not on her death bed, rather a woman laughing, proud of her sons and healthy ... remembering her healthy and happy was something I had not done since her death 10 years earlier ... in regards to my lady vomiting during the trip ... my take is this ... I last vomited one morning in may '87 ... I was 14 ... I believe she experienced what is known as a contact high ... she literally vomited for my body which had forgotten how ... a connection between us so deep that she offered herself unknowingly to help me overcome these demons ... a truly incredible mind altering, life changing experience ...

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 60623
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 23, 2007Views: 18,128
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2C-T-2 (53) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Relationships (44), Guides / Sitters (39), Families (41), Glowing Experiences (4), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2)

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