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Hmmmm ... Is That It?
Citation:   Reuters. "Hmmmm ... Is That It?: An Experience with 4-MeO-MiPT (exp60736)". Feb 22, 2007.

T+ 0:00
25 mg oral 4-MeO-MiPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:05 25 mg oral 4-MeO-MiPT (powder / crystals)
To make it quick before you have to read the following novella on my lovely afternoon trip, I just wanted to say 2 things:

1. This is my first experience with an illegal drug, even a psychedelic.
2. I am writing this report as the clock ticks, meaning, I'm writing each entry at the time specified.

Height = 5'8
Weight = 162 lbs.
Age = 16

14-2-2007 12:50:22 (AM)

T+0:00 - (12:50) Ingested (parachuted) 25mg.

T+0:10 - (13:00) No effects.

T+0:30 - (13:20) No effects.

T+0:40 - (13:30) Still, no effects. but noticed slight disturbances in homeostasis -- momentarily light-headedness, slight unbalances. I expect these to be nothing but my brain fooling myself. (Placebo effects)

T+0:50 - (13:40) Absolutely nothing, I'm beginning to feel as if I received baking soda ...

T+1:00 - (13:50) No effects.

T+1:05 - (13:55) I was urged to finish the dosage, I added and took the remaining 25mg orally amounting to a total of 50mg ingested. Though, after ingesting the remaining powder in a solution, I quickly realized that this power was not baking soda, it has a very, very unique taste to it. It's extremely hard to explain--It's not the taste of isopropyl alcohol (for those lucky ones whom have ventured to taste this wondrous solution), nor is it the taste of honey (as one would not expect). I can say that it reminded me of a prescribed medication without the capsule. Perhaps, something given to kids who cannot swallow pills. You do not want to take this orally, it's enough to make some squeamish people vomit. The taste, while incommunicably horrid, is something you do not want to experience.

T+1:10 - (14:00) No effects, I'm wondering if I will even be affected by this compound.

T+1:20 - (14:10) No effects. Becoming slightly disappointed.

T+1:30 - (14:20) No effects. Still disappointed.

T+1:40 - (14:30) No effects. I'm feeling glad that I actually didn't pay any money for this.

T+2:00 - (14:50) No effects. I decide to go outside (yes in the blizzard) and take photos of plants that are covered in ice. Yes, to answer your questions, I would have done this even without the 'influence' of 4-meo-mipt--if there was an influence that existed. Anyway, back to the story. Nothing at all seems to be distorted even in the slightest of ways, the snow is pearl-white and the plants, well, dead brown (honestly, what did I expect? A rain-forest?). So anyway, I come back in from being in subzero wind-chills. I warm-up, wait for my glasses to stop condensing H20, and finally return back to this chair.

T+2:10 - (15:00) No effects.

T+2:20 - (15:10) (PLATEAU) Perhaps slight effects. I'm becoming hungry (perhaps due to the fact I haven't eaten since 2 hours before the original dosage). I'm not going to say that these are effects resulting from the dosages, but I have felt this way throughout the entire 'ride'.

Just to describe the slight sensations:

I have this awkward feeling in the posterior palette of my mouth. Possibly pre-vomit reflex? I have nothing else to compare this to, sorry.

I have an ever-so-slight rocking sensation. I mean, extremely slight. I can't begin to explain how subtle this is. As I have said, perhaps a placebo effect?

I have slight uneasiness in my stomach. Possibly due to hunger or just perhaps an onset of this drug.

T+2:30 - (15:20) All effects seem to have dissipated. I've eaten a carmel rice cake (shut up, yes it was good) and I doubt that will hinder any effects if and when they do decide to unveil themselves.

T+2:40 - (15:30) I'm going to go lay down as instructed by a peer. I will attempt to remain prostrate for 15 or so minutes.

T+3:00 - (15:50) Though I cannot entirely deny the fact that nothing exists out of the ordinary, I can say that I feel slightly relaxed, tired if you would. On the contrary, while my body seems to be slightly tired, my mind is not at all. I do not have racing thoughts, I do not, honestly, feel any different in reference to baseline mindset up until now. I can't stress the fact that while I've never done any other major chemical compound, no matter it's legality, this is an extremely, extremely subtle one at that. For any of you that have taken Valium (as I assume most of you have), I will make my best efforts to try and compare the two. While Valium makes one extremely weak, unresponsive, and generally relaxed, this compound does do that, but on a very basic, minimal level. I was not entirely expecting an over-the-top 'trip' per-say, but I will admit that I am, in a sense, afraid to have a 'trip' at such lengths, but, what I'm trying to say, possibly, is that I am disappointed. I figured I'd never be the one to say that while speaking of a drug.

T+3:30 - (14:20) In my arm muscles especially, I have a feeling comparable to 1/10 that of Valium. It seems to have the muscles relaxed to where it isn't all-too noticeable unlike the extremely fast 'come-up', more what I'd like to call a 'train-wreck', that Valium brings. I've decided to myself that I am already in the 'come-down.' While I haven't had any extremely noticeable changes since the original dosage, I can assure you that something, yet subtle, exists.

T+4:00 - (14:50) While leaving this slightly disappointed, I've come to understand something about myself. I also understand that this compound is somewhat rare as a result of it's difficulty in making, and I also see that not many reports were written on this specific chemical. I've come to better understand that my body doesn't react easily to drugs (this has been confirmed numerous times.) So, in my best of interests, I'm worried that this could also negate the validity of this report in respect to the effects on the general populous (the effects on the public).

CONCLUSION: Yay! I made it without killing myself or vommiting! In retrospect, nothing in 'me' has changed. I feel the same, I felt the same. There were no concurrent disturbances in for colors, images, shapes, etc. I did notice small vibrations in vision for split seconds. If I'd concentrate on something for long enough, such as this text for example, I would notice small vibrations and extremely subtle visuals. A comparable phenomena would be when I close my eyes as I drift into sleep. The discharges of the neurons in my eyes is basically what I see. Just for the record, I knew I wouldn't, but I did not experience any augmentation of sense, hence, synesthesia. I did not feel any euphoric feelings. Not even for the slightest bit. I know people will tell me, 'aww it's ok, at least you didn't lose anything ... ', well I'd like to agree with that, but that aqueous solution with the MeO was HORRID. I can still taste it *spits*. I'm leaving here somewhat disappointed. I've come to better understand my body and how it reacts with drugs. I've also bettered my English grammar, no thanks to this drug (ok, perhaps that's overshooting)! Though I am pleased that this particular drug didn't send me soaring into another reality--or plummeting into a metaphoric 'living-hell'.

Just to put it simply, I did come to realize a small feeling of euphoria but only at T+2:20 where I've noted the PLATEAU. Given the small amount of reports circulating, this by far is the longest time taken for someone to realize the effects after taking a dosage. As I have stated previously, it could be a direct result from the fact that I am very unresponsive to medications, I don't know ... I'm not a doctor (nor do I pretend to be).

Basically here, I'm just saying, I doubt this drug has any major, or even minor potentials on harming living things. What I experienced is nothing compared to prescribed drugs, so, personally, I feel that this was nothing but a waste of time. For this being my 1st official 'Psychedelic trip' (yes, notice the quotes), I can say that I'm at least happy that it didn't go wrongly.

14-2-2007 17:02:34

I just put something in the microwave and I noticed as I pushed the buttons that the beep sounds dramatically lower to me. Also, as it finished the 3 consecutive beeps were never that low before.

As a test, I decided to listen to the frequencies on a phone as I dialed my own phone number, I realized that they do sound quite lower. But, things like my mother's voice and my own do not seem diminished nor augmented. I can also admit that throughout this little expedition I experienced today, I did have hallucination of the ears (verb please). I heard little beeps and rings as if the telephone was ringing, but in reality it wasn't. Something I though I'd account for.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 60736
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 22, 2007Views: 11,287
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