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Faeries Make Good Lovers
Salvia Divinorum (5x extract)
by ThE_BluE_ShoE
Citation:   ThE_BluE_ShoE. "Faeries Make Good Lovers: An Experience with Salvia Divinorum (5x extract) (exp60805)". Erowid.org. Sep 24, 2007. erowid.org/exp/60805

0.25 tsp smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)


2:48 PM
[approx. Ľ tsp 5X salvia divinorum leaf particles]

Set: Meditative, quiet, and annoyed at myself for not taking initiative often enough to explore these worlds. I probably felt like Terence McKenna when I got myself into this.

Setting: My room, quiet, mid-day, no one else home

An unsuccessful sublingual dose, characterized by a frustrating 20 min meditation period which yielded nothing more than meditating with no botanical assistance at all would have, led to my smoking approx. 1/8 to 1/4 tsp of shredded/ground leaf through a water pipe with chilled water and a torch lighter. I didn’t get to finish the first inhalation before the “green hypnosis” began, but I somehow managed to inhale 2-3 times.

Somewhere between here and forever seems to be a plane of utter nonsense. Strangely enough, it seems to make more sense the deeper into it one wanders. Strange ancient-Asian-styled buildings which open up at the corners to pull the traveler in: into hallways of mahogany, history and hieroglyphics from every age and man, horizons and skies which light up with a kind of eternity that Earth has always envied, creatures which defy biology and spirits which defy theology: I found myself observing the motions of a rolling steamroller dragon, which seemed to be of a neutral demeanor. A brilliant entity of divine design, which itself dwarfed the feelings of human-dignity and exclusive-human-divinity: A concept which my species has been clinging to for far too long. And what was it doing? Well, it was just hanging out. In hyperspace, no one has to do anything. The process, the mother, the cycle is everything. It exists independently. It provides for itself, it recycles itself, it is its own source of energy. It is the ultimate computer, and it has a self-updating device for its software. In this case, the engineer is the computer itself.

Heavens! What would the entirety of man do if he were faced with this kind of reality check? Would he surrender to the omnipotent force of what he’s always naturally been part of, and sacrifice the sickened self for the perfect whole, or would he rigidly claw his way back to the shadows and remain blind and in denial? What a paradise it would be to exist in a world which is self-realized. A world which has literally torn down the gates to heaven by allowing it to exist both in and outside of them. THE STEAM ROLLER DRAGON IS EVERYTHING. He is his own force, and yet he is nothing more than that which he is part of. He is dependent on nothing, and because of that, he is content and whole. He is nothing more than a reflection of eternity, and therefore: He is eternal.

The vision of the steam roller dragon was gone in a flash, and I soon found myself sinking into a forest-spirited vision of intricately styled tile surfaces, which seemed to be of Aztec or Amazonian design, acting as ceilings and walls as I was shown a piece of technology which man has yet to synthesize for himself. A prototype of something which was, actually, about as prototypical as Carbon Dioxide to the inhabitants of this world. It was some kind of traveling device, such as a plane or a car. It was hidden underground in this hieroglyph-decorated storage room. It was forged of a material which would not be entirely visible to the human eye, and it did not well reflect visible light, but it was there nonetheless. I was informed by a voice (I say voice as a reduced simplification of ‘vision for the ears,’) that it was called Venus _______. By the end of this experience I had forgotten the second part to the name. It was something to the extent of “Wallum.”

The most memorable part of the experience was the most easy to explain. Unfortunately, the way I see it, this renders it the most self-synthesized portion of this experience, which makes sense, as it was the last vision before I awoke in my room again:

After having been pulled through a void of structures and pieces of reality which would make even the most conservative-minded skeptic scoff at the likes concepts like Newtonian causality, and make a mockery of 20th century physics, I found myself in a much more grounded environment, which had a designated “up” and “down.” I had met with an unpleasant entity who seemed to be crucified at the time, having the head of a cybernetic rabbit, which rattled as it cackled demonically. The fear I felt from this was only momentary, and I was soon feeling what could only be described as, however unreasonable it may seem, sexual excitement. I found myself walking around on the surface of a planet which could almost be deemed “animated,” although not in a human cartoon way. Planets glowed on the horizons in the distance, under purple skies, which illuminated a bluish ground surface on which I walked. I was drawn to a bright glowing opening, some distance ahead, which seemed to be a cave going underground. As I approached it, I became aware that this glowing opening was positioned between the legs of a female figure, not quite human, who was laying on her back. I couldn’t make exact sense of her physical proportions, but I decided to walk inside of her/this thing.

Inside, I found myself in, more or less, a bar. Not an after-work solace for the blue collar American, but an intergalactic sex joint. The place was run by faeries. Not as they are depicted in pagan art, nor were they reflective of the plastic, G-rated Disney persona. They were illuminated with vibrant lime-green light. They had no obvious faces, but human facial form could be made out upon close reflection. I had the sudden feeling that I’d stumbled into the Hooters of a world in which I’d never been. There were booths to sit in, which provided every means of sexual gratification that one could imagine, and all from faeries or parts of faeries. One would sit in these booths and be literally pushed into sexual ecstasy. It was impossible to sit there and not be getting off.

Soon, I seemed to be having (passionate, but strangely detached) sex with every faerie in this joint. I had sex with the cave opening. I was in the booths. I was passed around to every faerie present. I was met by their queen. She was a forest goddess. She carried a scepter, and wore a robe. Her hair was undecidedly composed of leaves and vines and pulled back. All of these faeries were not working at this place. They were not members at some club. They were daughters of Mother Nature. Even the queen was only a physical depiction of this botanical force. These beings were not selfishly motivated leeches: Rather, they were direct branches of a tree which was everything. It was a completely feminine force, and it spread by being impregnated by that which is masculine, therefore putting a high premium on male travelers such as myself to attain seed. I look back at this now, over a year after this experience, and I find this hilarious in a cosmic way that is divinely subtle. There was no nonsense about this desire. This femininity was fertile, and was on a diatribe to reproduce.

Without getting into further detail of the sexual endeavors of this strange and foreign custom, I soon awoke in my room, on my bed, after having been in a half-trance. My turbo powered trip down the rabbit hole had emptied into unconsciousness. To be honest, halfway through this Cosmo-faerie fantasy, I began to come back from the trip, and proceeded to force myself out of the default third dimension back down into whatever world this was, because in all fairness, my room as usual doesn’t hold a toothpick to elven orgies. Hence, I cannot be sure that at least the end of this experience was completely valid and brought on by the primary chemical assistance. But what is valid!

The funny thing is, if someone were to read this, I have a feeling they'd say, 'Wow man, cool. That's like, Alice and Wonderland stuff! I've got to try this.' But the thing is, during this experience, there was no separate 'I' experiencing it all. Ram Dass said in BE HERE NOW, 'You have to give it all up before you can have it all.' All of this looks like a real wild trip on paper, but by the time you get your ticket to admission and take off into these worlds, the experiencer dissapears, and there's no distinction between the experiencer and the experienced. It all just sort of **is**.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 60805
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 24, 2007Views: 14,463
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Alone (16), Mystical Experiences (9), General (1)

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