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The Slinky Effect
Alcohol, Cannabis & Unknown
by Erik Nelson
Citation:   Erik Nelson. "The Slinky Effect: An Experience with Alcohol, Cannabis & Unknown (exp60827)". Apr 30, 2007.

6 glasses oral Alcohol (liquid)
  1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)


I had one of those nights last Friday that teaches you to distinguish between a hard night and bad night. Breaking up with a girlfriend, that’s a hard night. A bad night is one where you’re at a party with a group of friends you’re trying to break into, one of which is the attractive girl you’ve had your eye on, when your world starts to spin you black out and wake up in the hospital.

I was trying to break into this new group of friends. You know … get to know them ... make some new friends, expand my dating pool. So I do the normal party thing. Some White Russians, a couple of shots of rum, and a few beers. Then I head outside and we hit the pipe a few times. Five maybe 6 hits of some type of pot they were calling “cheese”.

I’d estimate that about fifteen minutes later my world starts to spin. Things start moving as tough they’re out of a bad drug movie. And then my world disappeared. This is when I can only recount what strange thought processes went through my head and what I think happened.

I passed out on the chair and was having a nightmare. I was dead or at least thought that I was experiencing death. My penultimate fear in the world is death... more exactly the unknown beyond it. This scares me out of my passed out state and I grab my glasses with both hands … pull them off my face and scream a long guttural scream as though trying to press through some incredible pain. I black out again….

I recall being in the hallway crouched down with Amanda, the girl who was having the party. This part is really hazy and my field of vision is almost as though I can see my eyelids cutting off the top and bottom of my sight.

“Was that … that epilepsy?” Amanda asked.
I mumbled incoherently as I shook my head no. Then one of the other few familiar faces from the party comes by. The person, who brought the weed, Bill, walks into the hall and leans in.

“Was it a Panic attack?” He asks.
I blearily nod yes and I’m gone again.

I come to in the garage. By this time though my visions must have started because all I really remember is begging Bill not to leave. I remember the concrete floor and the single overhead light. I just wanted bill to keep me from slipping back into the terrifying lack of consciousness and bizarre visions I was having. But I was gone again.

This is when I start to remember my thoughts. Time was violently ramping up and down. Forward and backward. I was begging the slow moments to come. They were my chance to escape. I thought I was dead. I thought that this was what life was really all about. That it just started over and that the past and future don’t exist. Just the moment that you’re currently trapped in. The slowest moment, and when that moment would end it would all start again and start at a rapid pace until you got to your next moment which was slower then the last. I knew at that moment it was how life worked … like a giant slinky connected at the ends and when you finally reached your slowest moment the moment when you really die you start the whole thing over again.

The worst part about the fast parts was that it was like falling through everything you knew or ever will know. And you know that by the time you get back to your current moment you’ll forget it.

There’s one line from my visions that I remember clearly. “And now I know exactly what it’s really all about. I screamed it to myself as the thought raced by. I wanted to hold onto that thought. And then I was in the bathroom. Things in there get really strange.

I remember asking to talk to Amanda. I think I thought she was an ex-girlfriend of mine named Tammy. I remember talking to a guy I met there that night named Air. I kept talking about TV shows and I think I was getting kind of touchy feely with him, which is when I think I thought he was a different friend of mine named Paul, who happens to be gay. I only remember talking abut the TV shows House and Nip/Tuck with him … I think I was trying to ask for a doctor. I tried to write something down, but it was totally incomprehensible. I knew it while I wrote it to but I just need somebody to help me.

I slipped again... back to the time shifts. I remember thinking about the parallels in life … Life and Death. Black and white. Pleasure and pain. I felt an excruciating pain. Like a pinpoint of light boring through my body. I thought about vomit. At least three times that night I remember vomit going through my head. The next day I didn’t have that puke taste in my mouth or throat so I don’t think I did, but I’d swear I did.

Back in the bathroom … sitting on the counter… my hair is wet. My reflection. That’s me! Gone again. Slipping through time… getting back to the new moment. Wait. Hold on a second. Amir, the bathroom … why have I been there more then anywhere else. Those are important get back there. GET BACK TO THE BATHROOM! GOD FUCKING DAMNIT GET BACK THERE! AHHHHHHHHH!

Next thing I know I’m spitting at an EMT as I’m being restrained in an ambulance. That god awful oxygen mask. Get that off me … “We’re not taking that mask off. You’ve already spit on us twice,” said the male EMT. “I won’t ... not again,” I manage to blabber out. I can remember the side of the ambulance but that’s it. And black.

I remember being moved to the hospital bed and calling a nurse fat and then shoving the woman who was giving me an IV away. They made me drink charcoal. After that I was gone and remember very little.

The doctors told me that from the way I was acting they think I had some X or Acid in my system. I don’t remember taking either. Maybe someone dropped some for themselves and drinks got switched … maybe I picked up a shot glass someone used to spike a drink and got some leftover. Maybe the weed was laced and I just reacted badly.

I know I was VERY agitated. Very aggressive, but I knew not to hurt anyone. Amanda at one point offered or me to lie down in her bed. I refused because I knew if I went in there I’d try and do something stupid. I was on the offensive the whole time. Trying to fight off paranoia, this in retrospect is probably the most basic form of paranoia. I also remember being very apologetic, I was sorry for running the party It felt like every bad drug trip you’ve seen in a movie.

When I finally was lucid at the hospital I realized that I had my wallet, but was missing my phone, keys, glasses, shoes and my right sock. After they discharged me the next morning I took a cab back to Amanda’s house to get my things. She was terrified of me. I went to hug her any she skittishly jumped away from me.

I was a long night, and the first BAD night of my life.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 60827
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 30, 2007Views: 21,251
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Alcohol (61), Cannabis (1), Unknown (120) : Combinations (3), Difficult Experiences (5), Bad Trips (6), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Overdose (29), Large Group (10+) (19)

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