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Temporary Mental Retardation
Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine)
by Kota
Citation:   Kota. "Temporary Mental Retardation: An Experience with Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine) (exp61018)". Oct 7, 2009.

900 mg oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)
The following is a recent experience I had with Dramamine. Due to my inability to recall all that happened in this long endeavor, I've been filled in on some major events by a sober trip sitter, 'H.'

Setting: About 8p.m. Good mindset. Took 600mg of Dramamine the previous night, but did not reach desired effects. Decided to take 18 pills [900mg] with 'L.' Accompanied by 'H' who remained sober.

T+ 0:00 Ingested 18 pills with L. Horribly bitter. Both of us take them on empty stomachs. Stupid as we are, we carelessly tossed the empty pill sleeves aside. [Keep this in mind for later.]

T+ 0:20 Starting to feel first effects. Feeling very heavy and 'drunk.' I make an attempt to walk up the stairs and stumble numerous times. I was shaking pretty bad.

T+ 0:30 We all decide to take a walk outside. It was a cold fall night, so we all start layering warm clothes. I tell H and L to wait for me, because I had to go to the bathroom first. I walk into the bathroom and sit on the toilet. I immediately forgot what I was there for. I looked around. I sat for a couple minutes. I was also chewing gum at the time and I found it very hard to multi-task. I began to pee, but forgot I was chewing gum, and it fell out of my mouth. I had to stop what I was doing, pop the gum back into my mouth and finish peeing. This was a difficult excursion.

T+ 0:40 We're finally outside. This is where I starting experience my first open-eye visuals. We walked down L's driveway and I looked up the street. I saw two grown men on children's bikes, barreling down the street. They were wearing business suits, their ties flapping wildly behind them. I shouted to H and L 'Bi-cyclists! Watch for the bi-cyclists!' half laughing, half serious. I looked at H and she just laughed. This was very, very confusing. I looked back up the street. The cyclists were gone. I wasn't really noticing the drunken stumble feeling anymore, although Im sure it was there.

T+ 0:55 We walked around the block a few times. I wasn't seeing many visuals, and I didn't FEEL really messed up, but I'm sure by then I was. L was also feeling strong effects at this point too. At one point, L shouted 'COPPPS!' I forgot how messed up L was, and I actually believed that there were cops coming after us. My first instinct was to run. It felt like I was running faster than I ever had before. For some reason, sober H ran with us too. Trying to 'evade the cops coming after us,' I took a sharp right into what I thought was L's backyard. It turned out it was her neighbors' yard. Convinced it was L's, though, I started trudging through the piles of leaves and rocks looking for the door. A couple minutes later, L came into the neighbor's yard and said 'Hey, the house is over here, let's go.' I felt extreme relief, knowing I didn't have to stomp through the yard alone, looking for the door anymore. I grabbed L's hand.

T+ 1:30 I have no idea what we did for a half hour period or so after getting to L's house. I do recall us all going outside for a smoke. I really didn't comprehend that I was smoking, but I did anyway. My cigarette just sort of dangled between my fingers, and I ended up taking only about 2 drags before it was down to the butt. With H's help, I lit up another. I walked inside the house and H shouted 'Hey, no smoking in the house.' Without responding, I stuck my arm out the door, but kept my body inside the house. I thought I was so clever for coming up with this, though I'm sure I looked ridiculous. All I recall other than this was L shouting 'Kitty!' [her cat Kitty was inside asleep]

T+ 1:45 - 4:00 We went into L's room and I laid down on the bed. L was on the floor, and H sat on the edge of the bed. At this point I just sort of drifted into a dreamlike state. Hours drifted by. But time was gone. I was having the most vivid hallucinations ever, and I honestly thought the things I was seeing were real. I was talking to myself too. L was gone into a dreamstate too. But H listened to everything I said. I remember having telling her in detail how I had to 're-vacuum the floor six times' and how 'the dishwashers are creepy.' Several times I'd begin a sentence, then forget what I was talking about. I'd stare blankly for a couple minutes, then remember what I had started to say several minutes before. Everytime this happened, H would just say 'What are you talking about?' and giggle furiously. This was almost frustrating. 'Why doesn't she know what I'm talking about? Am I speaking gibberish or something? I don't get it!' I often found myself thinking.

Perhaps the most vivid of hallucinations occurred when I saw a phone appear in front of me. It was floating and ringing. I reached out and answered it. It was 'my mom.' I had a good 5 minute conversation with her. It felt so real. She explained how she would pick me up the next morning and we'd go run errands. When I hung the phone up, it disappeared. I blinked numerous times, and ran my hands across the bed looking for it, figuring I had dropped it. I asked H to help me find it and she just raised an eyebrow. I looked away and decided to stand on the bed. Talking to no one in particular, I inquired, 'Where'd everyone go? The dishwashers were here a second ago.' There I was, going on about dishwashers again.

Soon after, my eyes came in contact with my hands. My hands! I could see each individual cell! I began counting them, losing count after about 7 or so. I had to show L. Who was still laying on the floor, looking at the ceiling. I believe our brief conversation went like this: 'L, look at your hands! Look! At the cells!' 'There are baby spiders,' She replied. 'No, look at your cells! You can count them!' I explained again. 'Woah, radiator, was her only response.

I laid next to L and looked at the ceiling to see what she was going on about. The radiator was sliding around on the ceiling, forward, backward, around. As if it was teasing me. I shouted to H to 'fix the fucking radiator!' But little did I know, H had left the room and gone to bed quite some time ago.

T+ 4:30? Time was still lost. I had no idea what else I had been doing during these hours, after H went to bed and was no longer accounting for my actions. I'm assuming I just sat on the bed, having conversations with people that weren't really there. I'm sure if I was in this mental state out in public people would think I was a schizophrenic crack whore. I do remember closing my eyes at one point, and picturing the Dean of Discipline from my school appearing at Ls house in her pajamas and a sweatshirt, knocking on the door because she knew what we did. This seemed very real, and for a 5 minute period, I really did think the Dean of Discipline was waiting outside the door for us. I tried to remain quiet. The anxious feeling subsided quickly.

T: 5:00? L's mom, who had been working the late shift, arrived home. As stated at the beginning of this account, we had carelessly tossed aside the empty pill sleeves. So it came as no surprise that L's mom stormed upstairs, gripping the sleeves with a confused look. L managed to tell her mom that she had found the pill sleeves sitting in the backyard and just threw them away. But L's mom wasn't stupid. She asked L why she was shaking so bad [apparently the shaking feeling we experienced at the beginning of the trip never subsided] and why her pupils were so big. Fucked up and confused, L came clean. L's mom then approached me and shook the empty sleeves in my face. 'And how many did you take?' she snarled. Still tripping hard, the room suddenly transformed into a quiz show like setting. I raised my finger and said, almost with a smile, '18 pills as well, Mrs. _____'

T+ 5:20 L's mom told me to call my parents. I didn't realize how screwed up I was until I actually tried to hold a conversation with my own mother. I was stuttering, forgetting what I was saying. All I managed to say was 'Mom, some shit went down and M's house, you have to come over now.' She asked me why I wasn't at L's house. I realized my mistake and corrected myself. 'Mom, I'm at L's house and you need to come over now.' She asked me what happened and I just kept telling her it was a long story and I'd tell her when she got to Ls. Needless to say my mother was confused, I had just woken her up in the middle of the night telling her to come pick me up. I handed the phone to L's mom and she finished talking to my mom. I heard the word 'overdose' several times. I paid no mind. When I made my way up to L's room, she was furiously ripping drug posters off the wall, hiding things, ripping things apart. All I could manage to say was 'Oh, shit. But for some reason, I didnt feel scared or anxious that we had just gotten caught. I dont think I fully grasped the situation.

T+ 5:50 When my parents arrived, we all sat down at L's kitchen table. Our parents discussed whether to take us to the hospital or not, and decided against it since the pills had probably fully absorbed into our systems anyway. My parents were trying to talk to me, but I was completely zoned out. Numerous times I tried to text my other friends 'Oh shit, we got caught.' I'd type the whole message and look down to see I wasn't even holding my phone. My parents would ask me things, and I'd just stare blankly. L later told me she had been 'watching TV in her water glass the whole time, until the news came on and she turned it off.' All of us sat at the kitchen table for a good hour or so, our parents just watching us as if we were gonna drop dead.

T+ 6:45 When my parents decided to take me home, I almost felt sober. But I was far from it. Whilst walking to the car, I looked across the street at some large oak trees [which I realized several weeks later, were not there to begin with]. I squinted, and saw my friend K scurry out from behind the trees. For some reason, I said 'Good, she's escaped the wrath.' My mom just looked at me as if about to cry. The car ride home was an awkward and long one. Ten minutes into it, I broke the silence with a spastic 'Yakkkk!' noise. I believe this was due to a hallucination of an animal walking in front of the car, and yak was the first animal I could think of.

Upon arriving home, I went straight into my bedroom and collapsed onto my bed. I have no idea how long I laid there before falling asleep. When I did finally fall asleep, it was a deep deep sleep, interrupted occasionally by lucid dreams.

When I woke up the next morning, I felt sober, but shitty. It wasn't really a 'hangover' feeling, but it was something. Something wrong. I walked to the door and attempted to open it. It felt like my hand was sinking through the door. It had been a good 15 hours since ingestion and I was STILL not completely back to normal.

Overall, I think the Dramamine experience was totally stupid. It seemed fun at the time, but it left me so totally inept and incapable of doing anything it's ridiculous. Since the experience, Ive had a friend [K, the one who I previously described as scurrying out from behind an oak tree] go to the hospital from a Dramamine overdose [1200 mg]. Of all the drugs Ive had experiences with, Dramamine is definitely the one that left me the most out of it. It is no way a social drug, and if I had to put it in a category, Id describe it as a dissociative hallucinogen, with periods of time similar to a Ketamine k-hole and a heavy mushroom trip, mixed with temporary mental retardation.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 61018
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 7, 2009Views: 52,626
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