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A Day at the Imaginarium
Citation:   Semanticatica. "A Day at the Imaginarium: An Experience with 2C-T-2 (exp61051)". Mar 11, 2007.

T+ 0:00
12 mg rectal 2C-T-2 (liquid)
  T+ 4:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
Iím a middle aged male, passionately interested in psychoactives. Iíve taken on psychedelics as a personal study and have worked with many different substances. I have also experimented with other psychoactives, but I am primarily drawn to psychedelics for the benefits they bring in the way of personal growth and enlightenment.

Iím going to provide a brief account of a 2C-T-2 trip I took on the weekend, but first, I want to talk about rectal administration of psychedelics. Perhaps you wonít want to hear about it, donít want the details, itís yucky Ö or perhaps it somehow compromises your sexual identity? Well, I guess the first thing I would consider is this: If you are reading this right now, you probably have an interest in psychedelics. If the idea of administering a drug rectally makes you squirm, or blush, or feel sick or embarrassed, perhaps a few more doses of psychedelic medicine might help you get beyond those fears. Seriously, Iím not trying to be a smartass here Ö there are just bigger things in life to worry about. If you enter into this field of research and self discovery for any serious length of time, leaping over invisible barriers like these is inevitable, and who knows, if you read on, it might be as beneficial for you as it has been for me!

Your first question might be: Why?

Well, a few reasons: rectal administration (also known as plugging, which is a word that provides an un-necessary connotation in my opinion) involves inserting the dose through the anus, where it is absorbed via the epidermal tissue of the rectum. This method avoids the first pass metabolism in the gut, and therefore presents a few potential advantages. Many people, including myself experience far less body load with this method as well as a much shorter come-up time. I find a significantly smaller dose is required as well, thus using up less of my valuable substance. Accordingly, one should start low when dosing this way for the first time. I find a 50% smaller dose than the oral route is a good starting point.

I got into using this method because I suffer from debilitating body load. I often get nauseous, shaky, crampy, grumpy, you name it. The 2C family is the worst for me, and I was almost going to swear off them forever until I discovered this administration method via some online research.

With a serene mental set, I put 12 mg of 2C-T-2 powder into a shot glass, dissolved it in about 4 ml of warm water and drew it up into a syringe (no needle!!!). I then got on my back, leaned upside down against the wall, and inserted the syringe, ejected the dose, and that is it. It is a bit uncomfortable at first, feeling as if I have to go to the bathroom, but that passes after about 15 minutes or so. No other ill effects are noted.

First alerts were experienced in about 15 minutes, and I was into a full-on but moderate plus three experience at only about T+01:15. Typically with 2C-T-2 orally, I am usually peaking at about the 2-2.5 hour mark, so this was a welcome change. It beats pacing the floors anxiously waiting for the trip to come on. Most important though is the lack of body load. I was able to venture out into public and stroll around all day with only minor fatigue. My typical position while on a 2C family chemical is flat on my back, on the couch, dealing with stomach cramps, muscle tremors and body aches throughout the trip. This day I had little to no nausea, no cramping, only very light tremors/speediness Ö damn, it was wonderful!

I was aiming to have myself a ďmuseum level experienceĒ as I believe Shulgin referred to it, and accordingly I went to the local art museum with my awesome psychonaut girlfriend (my sitter on this day) to see how it would all work out. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be a bit more than a museum level experience. This 12 mg trip was significantly stronger than a previous 20 mg oral trip, so I was pretty glad I didnít take any more than I did. Coming up on the train on the way into the city was a bit unusual and trying, but Iíve got enough experience now to weather those situations reasonably well, and I had my trusty lover holding my hand through the whole thing.

Once in the gallery, I found it hard to keep a straight face while the floor was undulating in a sea of waves, and bright chromium flashes of light rippled across the artifacts and paintings. The effect was a bit strong for gazing at paintings, because I was unable to process the meaning and symbolism behind the artwork, something I enjoy doing. It was all too complicated for my tripping mind, but the accentuation of colours and the morphing of faces in the portraits was interesting to say the least. I enjoyed the artwork more after about T+2:00 when the peak began to roll off, and I was able to process my thoughts more clearly by that time. Apart from a small amount of fatigue my body felt quite nice Ö slightly numb, and tingly.

This mystical substance opened up my heart fully and allowed me to perceive the artwork to a much deeper level. At one point, while sitting and admiring a huge blown glass piece by William Morris, I was reduced to silent tears, overtaken by the subtle beauty of his work. I found myself welcoming tears many times that day, wallowing not in pity, but in absolute emotional bliss. I was nearing baseline by about T+04:00 and smoked a little weed outside, hoping to extend the trip a little. As we walked back in for one last go-round, I remarked to my girlfriend how much art and psychedelics continue to stimulate my mind, and allow me to sail beyond the storms of everyday life.

After we left the gallery, and a little sad to be embarking on the final leg of my journey, we went down the street for some sushi, and enjoyed some very emotional and stimulating conversation. I almost always experience my most important psychological breakthroughs during the comedown of the trip, after the strong psychedelic effects have begun to dissipate. I find 2C-T-2 to have tremendous therapeutic benefits. I feel grounded and peaceful after I return to consensus reality, and more in touch with my own true nature.

This was perhaps the best 2C trip I have had to date. It was a beautiful day. Thank you for reading. I hope someone out there finds this description of this less used administration method most helpful.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 61051
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 11, 2007Views: 18,351
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