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Calling of the Goddess
Morning Glory (Flying Saucer) & Cannabis
by Asymptote
Citation:   Asymptote. "Calling of the Goddess: An Experience with Morning Glory (Flying Saucer) & Cannabis (exp61067)". Jun 2, 2007.

150 seeds oral Morning Glory (tea)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)


So I was pretty run down from drinking too much wine the night before and having a lack of sleep. After I put my son down I decided it was time to try LSA (Morning Glory Seeds). So I had 150 of them which I ground up and let sit in a jar of water for 2 days. So at 7:30 after I put my son down I drank and ate all the seeds. I felt a bit nauceus and decided It might be best to smoke some cannibis to smooth things out.

Well I smoked that then at about 9:00 the onset was coming at full blast. I was really tired but couldn't sleep and I got really fidgety almost like a coke addict gets, I kept moving around and kicking and decided it might be best to take a bath as I was shivering and freezing cold. It was in the tub that I noticed my eyes were a big as a full moon. So I thought I better think of a deity or someone to channel to make this worth while. I thought well hey how cool would it be to call upon a goddess like Aphrodite or Eris.

After much discomfort and not being able to sit still or relax I got really sensual feeling, I had all my clothes off and was just wrything around in my bed. I was initially playing some Dead Voices on Air on the CD Player but that procedd to be FAR too dark, so I decided to listen to Download's 'III' as that is my all time favorite record and the ethereal techno beats would sail me away. That's when she came to me I thought it was Eris but perhaps it was Aphrodite, and it was amazing she was EVERY beautiful woman, she kept changing her appearance.

I just kept having visions of a beautiful woman who would morph into another beautiful woman, she was every nationality and every color hair and look. So It was like I was making love to her and it was SOO sensual but I couldn't climax. I felt EXTREMLY sensual but alas despite all the images and get feelings I couldn't climax, I could almost get there but then just couldn't finish.

She said something to the effect of 'I take it if I need it' If not I don't, and right now I don't.' I don't know what she meant, possibly an orgasm, but then afterwards she said, don't think you get all of this without some sort of lesson.

So I said well what is my lesson and she said 'Stop fucking around'!!! Stop all this constant experimentation and trying to figure out the universe and all it's secrets. She basically was telling me I was selfish and that my main priority is to be a father and a hero 'To that little boy in the other room' and to learn that I am wrong it's not all about your own individual experience, it's about love and teaching. So that I was too filled with lust, lust for experience, women, recognition, adventure, etc.

That night it was black out sleep, not recalling anything after that, The next morning I was really shaking and felt upset. I felt especially close to my little boy and decided to go wake him up and play with him. After that I dropped him off at daycare, came back home and called in sick, as I felt drained and really needed to have the entire day to really reflect on what the hell happened to me and to work on my priorities.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 61067
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 2, 2007Views: 7,454
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