Euphoria, Courage, and Glory
Amanita muscaria
Citation:   TehGreatMutato. "Euphoria, Courage, and Glory: An Experience with Amanita muscaria (exp61136)". Apr 16, 2007.

25 g oral Amanitas - A. muscaria (dried)
I am 23 years old with a high metabolism, if it matters any. I had done my research on this mushroom, prior to consumption, to ensure that I was not going to die as a result of devouring it. Chances are that if you ask someone if they've heard of the mushroom called Amanita, they will tell you something along the lines of 'Yes, it's deadly.'

Most of the accounts I read, were nothing more than profuse sweating, drowsy, nausea, and eventually vomiting. Thinking back, their vomiting was likely the reason for their lack of a 'trip'. The other end of the spectrum, where there where but a few accounts of people who went into other dimensions, but could not explain their trip. They could not even begin to, so they said. As a result, I didn't know what to think was going to happen to me, but I had a gut feeling that it wouldn't work since so many things were going wrong in my life at the time.

I bought one ounce of 'Siberian Amanita Muscaria Caps (Grade A)' from a widely known source, and upon arrival 2-3 days later, the cap was dried and crushed all to hell within the bag it came in, with a small portion of it in almost a powdered form now. The taste reminds me of Psilocybe Cubensis but, not entirely. They taste fine but, I love the taste of Cubes. One problem though, it felt like I was eating clams because of what felt like a light film of sand amongst the soft mushroom. **Crunch... mush, mush, mush... crunch... mush... etc.**

From what I understood 1/3 of the bag should give a mild trip, 2/3 will give a good trip, and the whole oz (28 +/- grams) should only be taken if you are 'very daring.' The first two hours are supposed to be composed of sweating, nausea, constant urge to vomit and feeling very tired. After the first two hours, the good effects are supposed to come on and the bad vanish.

I know that eating shrooms on an empty stomach is good for increasing the effects, so upon waking that morning, I grabbed a glass of water to help get the dried mushroom down, but didn't want to drink too much, which could allow me actually vomit, instead of dry-heave.

It was 1:00 PM when I started eating it, and by 1:12 PM there was little more than half the bag gone. I did feel a tad bit 'buzzed' by then, but it was very, very minimal. I was also feeling a bit ill in my stomach. I ate all but about an 1/8ths worth (looks wise, not weight). I wanted to eat all of it, that was my intention, however, as I said above, I began feeling sick in my gut and if I even thought of downing more I would have puked right there.

It took about 2 hours from eating it until the good effects started, from 1pm until 3pm. During those first two hours I felt like total shit. I kept salivating and thinking every second 'here it comes' (puke) but I was able to resist by distracting myself with a movie that was on and other methods learned from many hangovers. Which, by the way, those first two hours felt like a really, really bad hangover.

A little past the two hour mark, my 'illness' went away, just like that, poof! Then the good effects started to kick in. I was laying on the couch up until now and got up to take a leak, and felt like I was floating and every thing was in slow motion. When I tried to think of what I was going to say, or when I said it, it came out goofy, such as 'I better piss myself before I piss 'cause I gotta piss'. Yeah, kinda screwy, however the effect's did have some effect on my speech, it wasn't focused on it, I could still communicate. The high lasted about 4 hours and reached it's peak during the third hour. The main effect was feeling like I had to physically interact with something, mainly swing a punch at someone and fight them, I had to fight, but not necessarily hurt anyone, I just wanted rough, physical contact with something, anything(!), but preferably living.

I also felt invincible. I was watching a werewolf movie and all I wanted to do was jump in there and kick it's ass. I knew I could do it! I would snap it like a twig and throw it across the room, and let out a mighty roar or achievement! After about an hour into it I released my urge and rough housed with my german shepherd, which reminded me of the last time I was drunk. I ended up getting my hand mashed on his tooth and hitting my head on a dresser, Neither of which hurt, but both bled quite well. But, regardless of my injuries, I pushed on and brought him to submission - I won. I felt like I had and could at times almost see that there was a one foot buffer between myself and everything else - A fluffy/watery blue buffer. At one point I felt like a strong bubble was covering my mouth and giving it a muffled, trapped sound.

After that was over with I began to talk to people (real people) and I was talking a mile a minute. It was like I was on speed, or coke, even the euphoria and more vivid sights, and yet at the same time physical things were slowed down. I was even drinking a cup of coffee in one hand while bouncing a basketball in the other, hardly even looking and doing it all with ease, while thinking to myself about how interesting this is and if the others had noticed yet that I was on something.

Around this time I laid down on the couch again to relax and was talking with my father about mushrooms and he was telling me of his past experiences with Psilo C. and I found that I could not pay attention. It was very strange. It was as if my mind would take in 3 seconds of my surroundings, his words, etc. and then it would skip ahead a few moments. I was skimming through time. If you have seen the movie 'Click' with Adam Sandler, what he was going through, was what was happening to me only at a much hightened speed. Much heightened. I was here, then next thing I knew, I am there, then over there, then someone is talking to me, then they appear to be waiting for a response and next thing I know I'm sitting on the crapper. I mean, it's weird, allowing you to skim through your life and be aware at times, and at others your body seems to be running autonomously, without your input - Just like as it was explained in that movie.

It is sometimes so fast that my life is composed of snapshots, screens. Like an old black and white film on a projector spitting out the frames at a rate that you can differentiate one from the other, but none in between. Like blinking my eyes as fast as I can while drunk/high. Along with this whole frame/time distortion effect, I felt as if I were out of sync with my body. I would move and then a moment later, I actually moved. My body was lagging.

This lagging/out of sync effect was what caused my hand to get mashed while fighting my buddy. I have my own style of fighting, made up of various martial arts, street fighting, etc. and when that happened to my hand I was distracting him and preparing to attack, with my arms extended as if I was hugging a giant ball in front of me and swaying side to side, moving my arms, jumping, etc. and I swung at his face and and my arm was lagging this time. By the time my arm reached him, my attack was too late and he began to defend himself, causing my hand to end up in his mouth.

Looking back on it the lagging I experienced is quite normal. However, when our minds are not altered in such ways by drugs we do not pay much notice to it. *Thought comes before action* Even still, everything I did at a higher speed was like watching myself do it, then watching myself do it again within the 'shadow'(?) of my first. I see this used in some movies, like actions or Samurai types for example, where they swing to attack and you can see the previous frames of their arm and sword swinging out, and the further from the actual arm the more transparent they are. And then at any point before/after impact, they quickly replay that scene with his arm swinging out. That's what it was like. It looked and felt just like that.

It was a very different high than psilocybin, and in no way similar - Not in the least. It reminded me of having a good buzz on (alcohol) and having that ballsy 'gotta start a fight' feeling. Along with the speedy/cocaine-like effects. IMHO, as nice as the high was, it wasn't worth the two hours of gut wrenching and non-stop salivating during the first two hours.

I'm sure my trip would have been much more enhanced if I would have finished the cap, but I just couldn't, I even gave it two more tries after the first two hours, while I was eating something else (breakfast: bread, chicken, carrots and peas) and only got down to little bites and couldn't do a third without puking, even when mixed with my food, so I immediately gave them to a friend to get rid of, knowing I would never go through that again, and he gave them to one of his friends. Another thing, about 1/3rd of the shroom cap left in the bag, was powdered, so I'm thinking that stuff likely held a good bit of the active ingredient. My high would have been hightened quite a bit if that's the case, maybe doubled, had I eaten it. Maybe next time I will eat two ounces.

So, the amanita cap did get me high, but it is not worth repeating due to those first two hours. Bottom line, neat effects but I'm sticking to Psilocybin.

(I have changed my mind on this lack of repeating, like most people who get a hangover, yet go out drinking again in the future. I will use them again.)

One last thing: The sweating that many others reported as being very common, I did not experience that at all. I did however feel cold but that may have just been the room temp.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 61136
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 16, 2007Views: 25,142
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