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Mundane, Crappy, Poor Piperazine
Citation:   Splatt. "Mundane, Crappy, Poor Piperazine: An Experience with mCPP & GBL (exp61228)". Mar 6, 2007.

T+ 0:00
4 tablets oral Ginger (extract)
  T+ 0:10 90 mg oral mCPP (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:53 2.1 ml oral GBL (liquid)
  T+ 3:20 0.7 ml oral GBL (liquid)
20:25 [T-0:10] Dropped four tablets of ginger root powder extract, to help with stomach and nausea issues I had with my first mCPP experiment, and a lot of other drugs.

20:35 [T+0:00] Dropped 85-95mg of mCPP in some rolly paper and then go and have a shower.

20:50 [T+0:15] Some colours are starting to stand out more than usual, but they are not the usual neon-grouped ones that stand out on say 2C-B, MDMA/MDA or LSD. More the browns, greys, yellows and darker colours. I am starting to narrate what I am doing and about to do in my head a bit more. I am feeling something ever so slightly, but definitely no real effects yet.

21:10 [T+0:35] Starting to feel nauseous and more saliva is building around my mouth than usual. I am also getting indigestion feelings and feel burpy. Starting to sneeze a few times in a row and my nose is rather blocked. The drug does not seem to have decongestive abilities. I am constantly getting gaggy feelings which are not comfortable and my eyes are running.

My forehead feels rather tight and tense, as does most of my face seem like it is under some sort of tension. I have got a semi headache and in other words I am not exactly feeling great but I try not letting this come up feeling hinder a possible good experience. Eyes do not appear dilated at all and the skin of my arms and hands feels rather sticky, like on mushrooms.

21:15 [T+0:40] Started feeling some weird extra sensations on my skin. Could be the start of those 'cold rushes' I have read about in other reports. Vision has become worse, harder to read, but not because I feel high, dizzy or am hallucinating. It just seems to have changed my vision somewhat in a non psychedelic way. Similar to how reading becomes harder on opiates.

21:20 [T+0:45] Colours arent exactly brighter or anything, but anything I look at, the dominant colour seems to stand out much more, and so will all other things in my peripheral vision of that colour.

21:22 [T+0:47] Just threw up in the toilet. Somehow some shitty sweet and sour pork microwave meal came up and I ate that about 7 hours ago. But some toast and some crackers with cheese I ate many hours after that did not. How does that work?

21.25 [T+0:50] Starting to feel a bit hot and have a fair bit of sweat on my forehead. Just put on some music (a freeform hardcore set) and it doesn't sound like I'm on a psych or MDxx. Sounds pretty normal but every now and then I can convince myself otherwise. I close my eyes and am only just able to get a very slight 'I'm on something' or dissociate feel. Starting to get random blood vessel or pressure point twitches and also random quick sharp pains, they are pretty tolerable though.

21:30 [T+0:55] Face is drooping somewhat, although it feels like it is dropping much more than it actually is. My feet are getting restless and I keep stretching the top of my foot and fidgeting them a lot. I now notice some medium warping and morphing going on but the visuals stop as soon as I realise it was in sync to my shallow breathing. I start to get that feeling that my front top gums or top teeth or pushing out more, that I get on ecstasy.

21.35 [T+1:00] Feels like heat isnt being regulated properly and getting constant muscle annoyances, such as twitching and continuous jumping. So far I don't rate the body high very good at all, and the mental high is lacking severely.

21:40 [T+1:05] I'm not a violent person at all, but I found some forced images going on in my mind of beating up dead corpses sarcastically funny, but I didn't laugh about it. Seems to bring out my forced dark humor.

21:45 [T+1:10] This drug has ruined my creativity or drive to be a bit insane like I usually am, or just do weird shit, walk funny or make weird noises and talk to myself in a different character like usual. I am definately 'on' a drug now. I don't feel this drug has much of it's own character, and what little character it has is pretty uninteresting. Boredom quickly turns into a sort of anxiety or just a general feeling of wanting it to be over, not because its bad, but because I would rather be sober.

I do not really like the facial tension I get on it, it's doing something weird to my sinus, and it is making breathing slightly harder. I am still not taken over by any complete high yet, like a stream of consciousness or just any complete and continuous effects. I did stretch my arms and back though and it felt pretty good, but it probably would normally too. So far though nausea isn't as bad as it is in the first hour and an half on MDMA for me.

22:00 [T+1:25] This must be the peak or nearing it now and there is no push in any direction. This is boring at best. Random pains and tensions are persisting. I would definitely rather be sober. I am thinking of having the remainder of my GBL I have been saving to straighten things out.

22:10 [T+1:35] No new or stronger effects at all. Same old flushed, puffy face feeling. Still got the shitty facial tension and now the nausea is creeping back up. I am very gassy. There are less than pleasing tastes in my mouth. Where are these cold rushes? I just feel overheated worse than on pills.

22:35 [T+2:00] Nothing has changed really, I now know that the high isn't getting any better or more intense. I have been talking to someone on the internet for the past half hour or so. I don't have the motivation to go for a walk in the dark, and feel it would be uninteresting at most anyway. Still feel hot like my face is flushed red, and feel tension under my eyes. I am still sweating with my fan on.

22:50 [T+2:15] Unless it is because I am still engaged in an internet conversation I am not feeling nauseous or feeling all the shitty effects as much now. But I do feel a bit too hot to be comfortable, maybe even hotter than before.

23:25 [T+2:50] I have been talking to the same person since the last timestamp, normally this is not what I would choose to do when taking a chemical, far from it. The only use of a computer would be to play music or watch something trippy if I am inside. But I find I have to be doing something on the drug to overcome its side effects. I could not just melt into my surroundings and enjoy any type of trip or feeling. I notice now that when I lay back and stare I get moving peripheral visuals, like something continuously moving away or scrolling in a certain direction. When I focus on that object, picture or pattern directly there is no moving anymore.

23:27 [T+2:53] The feeling is still pretty much at that same uneventful level so I have 2.1ml of pure GBL in some orange juice.

23:40 [T+3:05] The G has kicked in but I'm not overly sedated or relaxed, I just feel better as expected. There is no amazing synergy at all, unlike meth and G which feels wonderful. It's like I am not feeling the full G effect either, or the mCPP much anymore. Somehow, it is like they have both cancelled each other out to a degree.

23:55 [T+3:20] I have the rest of my G which is only about 0.7ml. Mixed with orange juice again.

00:00 [T+3:25] More of the same. Not really feeling any different, slightly down from the background mCPP buzz which is actually what I wanted. The G is having some effect which I can enjoy. G really is the wonder drug for any time and place!

00:15 [T+3:40] Feeling kind of hungry I go and eat some Weet Bix with milk as chems, especially GBL cause some gut problems for me along with some gross bowel movements. Fiber normally fixes it somewhat.

00:20 [T+3:45] Check eyes, they are ever so slightly dilated. I sit back for a few minutes to digest the food and feel the rest of the G feeling.

00:30 [T+3:55] It feels a tiny bit like I am on a meth comedown, but without the body stimulation, and the mind isn't the same mechanical and habit-based structure like on meth or its comedowns. To tell the truth I would rather be on a meth comedown as this is still pretty subtle at most.

I ring a friend to see what he is doing. We talk shit for a while, he tells me his net is still down so I tell him to retype his password in. He told me there would be no use as he hasn't touched the password in his router configuration or any settings at all. I tell him to try it in a very 'knowing' way. He does so and it connects instantly.

00:45 [T+4:10] It feels like sleep won't be all that easy so I opt to masturbate for a while to help with sleep. This would not be a sex drug. Too much up and down and when erect it isn't as strong as like on G alone or even on a meth comedown. More like the kind of hard on I can get after a few MDMA pills, i.e. not the greatest.

01:20 [T+4:45] After a lot of up and down I cum and its not near as intense ejaculation wise or feeling wise as meth, but I think the G made it feel better than it would of, and it was better than a sober orgasm. I thought maybe because viagra is a piperazine this drug could help achieve a better erection, but then I remember BZP which I had no hope of getting it up on (or after) at all.

Wish I had more G so I could blow out (G-Sleep) as I am over this drug, and over being awake. Not that it is doing anything it's just keeping my mind a bit awake, but my body doesn't feel stimulated besides my jaw slightly. Still a bit hot but nowhere near as bad as before. I never got those cold rushes people talk about.

01:30 [T+4:55] It feels like sleep still won't be all that easy so I go and play some classic Unreal Tournament online for about an hour then go to bed.

02:45 [T+6:10] Well sleep is harder than I thought, but no rapid closed eye movies like when trying to sleep on meth, and no eye tension from trying to keep my eyes shut, just semi-awake boredom.

Had some pretty weird dreams through the night. A repeated dream I get at times of being driven on a bus down some really winded, very narrow, bumpy hill-side road and other cool scenery, to some pool caves where everyone goes after it has rained for a few days.

Then as usual a friend from my past talks to me as a ghost. Telling me how by killing himself he is stuck in limbo and cannot progress and can only live in this area (he jumped off a cliff similar to the one in my dream), and needed my help to get him back into the real world. After finding a fool-proof plan to get him back alive, he decides in the end it is better for him to stay in limbo as he would disappoint himself, family and friends or something like that. And has his own solo life now in limbo. Very odd dream, it is like my friend really is communicating with me. Dreams can be so intense and delusional, even more so than a psychedelic trip.

I woke up some time around midday feeling pretty normal. Not down at all but my forehead still feels hotter than it should be.

I have tried mCPP once before this experiment, at 65mg with a 25mg booster about an hour and a half into it. I had similar side effects as above, especially nausea and didn't really enjoy it, but I thought if I made a push on myself in a positive direction I could enjoy the experience. I felt a sedated effect about 2 hours later, where if I smiled I could trick myself into thinking 'this is okay' for a few seconds, but beside that I didn't enjoy it.

I'm not going to bother trying this drug again. It is a waste of time and has no decent effects for me at all. It is not in any way, shape or form MDMA-like. It is more like some dirty, uneventful stimulant with no positive or motivational push with no actual physical stimulant properties besides the side effects. I'll be giving away the rest to a friend who can maybe get something positive from it.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 61228
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 6, 2007Views: 30,059
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mCPP (102) : Alone (16), General (1)

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