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The Physical Shell
Salvia Divinorum (10x extract)
by The Journalist
Citation:   The Journalist. "The Physical Shell: An Experience with Salvia Divinorum (10x extract) (exp61288)". Oct 30, 2009.

  repeated smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)


I have had pretty good experience with mind drugs. The usual ones I did were pot, xtc and lsd. I smoked pot for years, done xtc and lsd multiple times, but I have learned that salvia is on another level. On salvia, I have talked with spirits or Gods of a sort, or maybe just God, but I cant really tell. At first I thought maybe it was just all in my mind, but the further I went, the more I was convinced something was behind this drug or “more than meets the eye.”.

So out of my multiple experiences with Salvia, which is at least 10-20 times smoking it, I will give you the ones that stand out the most. I mainly use x10, though I have tried to get x20 but the smoke shop dealer I live by sells it for an outrageous amount, 40 bucks a gram, and when I am willing, he doesn’t have it. So I say ok to the x10, which is standardized.

Ok Here is one smoke session. I smoke alone, cause no one I know is in to smoking “Salvia”. I set up my Roor bong, its 18 inch so I get big hits. I pack the bowls pretty big, so when I cherry it up, I get a good milk and a huge rip. Now, because I have had numerous experiences with the “feelings” of Salvia, I will explain how they at least work for me in a session.

I smoke a big bowl and a few seconds I begin to feel a tug at my physical shell. It sometimes rips away at my face, but if I concentrate or close my eyes I can control it to an extent so that I don’t really notice it anymore. 15 seconds later, I begin to “Hear voices.” Typically at first they are people I know or I think I know and they tell me certain things to do, like take off my jacket, or lay down or close my eyes. I sometimes think maybe its just me, but I hear a voice which isn’t mine. I’m not schizophrenic, because I never hear voices when I'm off the drug or maybe the drug makes me schizo for a few minutes. Anyways, it goes away typically once I’m in just like boxers or something. Sounds hilarious I know, but I feel more free and since I'm in a room I feel a little trapped so that lack of clothing and being in my “natural” state, I feel more connected to the universe.

The voices usually cease, and I come back to have semi-lucid thinking. I remember my name. It's Ryan. I say my full name a few times, and sometimes laugh a little about it, but then I call out for Salvia. She talks to me sometimes. She usually says that if I want to be more experienced with her, I need to smoke more! Sounds crazy right? So I pack another huge bowl, maybe 3-4 minutes into the trip, and I hold it in for a while. By now, the physical sensation of being ripped apart is gone. Now its all mental. Now the visuals get more fun at this level. Things morph into one another and I get a feeling of being disconnected from everything happening that’s external.

Now after the second bowl I lose my concept of time. So I smoke some more bowls because I have this feeling that there is more of a level to reach. This is why I want x20. So as I begin to smoke more, I let the visuals take me away. What I have noticed from other drugs, which has also made me notice it when I'm sober, is that there is this flow of energy or vibrations that I can physically see with my eyes. If I stare at something enough I can see these white lines making a waving motion. At night they are black lines. Anyways, why they are relevant with my trip on Salvia, is that sometimes these vibrations and little white or blue lights, sometimes form images or shapes. I watched the line form a semi square and while I was on this trip, about 4 bowls in, I see what appears to be a face, made of white lines, but it disappears.

Now I had my Kundalini awoken for the first time on an acid trip, but I find that on Salvia, it is much stronger! I can feel mad vibrations throughout my body, which lifts the hair on my skin for 30 seconds to a minute depending on concentration. I can sometimes pulsate these vibrations throughout my spine into my arms and legs. It is a feeling I couldn’t imagine until I felt it myself. Now sometimes I become “Cosmic conscious” while on Salvia, but that kind of mind expanding I leave up to LSD. But there is one thing I have conceived on my mind a few times while really tripped on Salvia, and that is, maybe more than metaphorically, but actually literally, we are GODS. We have free will and conscious, which is a huge anomaly when it comes to a specie that has evolved on our planet. Regardless, I have seen shit from other perspectives, rather than the normality, and sometimes I see my self from a third person view that this physical shell is that of just another God having a physical journey is a universe to learn.

When I'm peaked or coming down, is when I can sometimes get a conscious connection to inanimate objects. This has sometimes lead me to an idea that maybe again its in my head, as I am skeptical by nature. But then I think about how little I know, and I know this because drugs have truly woken me up to how unintelligent we are compared to the universal conscious, though that breaks down the ego.

Back to Salvia trips I have had.

Another occasion: Last Week.

I smoked two big bowls within 20 seconds, and I completely lost my ego and most my conscious thoughts. I find that if I lay on my bed, I feel more tired and less a thinker. It seems like other people are controlling me. Sometimes I lose my identity so far deep, that I have to ask my self who I am, until I remember my name, but then it sometimes slips away just as fast. I don’t find a trip like this that enjoyable, because I feel that I haven’t “passed’ the physical feelings of Salvia and I'm being ripped apart. When I remember that I smoked Salvia, the feelings of being tugged at by some gravity usually go away. Physical Sensation on Salvia Is heightened.

What I am learning is that once I become stronger mentally while on Salvia, the physical sensations can come to my control. I find that sometimes I get very tired on Saliva, but that might have to do with lack of sleep sometimes. I find that I have already reached levels 4 and 5 and one time 6, just alone on my multiple sessions. I have had some sessions where I do visualize my room or wherever I am as being alien, and that my body and mind are in another dimension but I can get the same feelings and ideas on LSD or Shrooms and these are pretty normal conceptions on “Hallucinogens”.

I have found that pipe hits are really nothing compared to a big bowl hit in a bong(water-pipe). I have smoked salvia out of my pipe a few occasions and I only have reached levels 2-3 at high. I mainly get physical trips out of those more than mental trips.

My personal philosophy after all my trips is… that we are in a world that hardly anyone(identities) in the physical shell has truly found out what is really going on. The more I do things like this, the more I see signs in my average life. “Gut feelings, or warning, ecetera”. The more I do Salvia, the more I connect with the universe and its conscious. I used to consider things like that we are in a real “GAME”, literally and not metaphorically, or symbolically like it is said over and over, by people like Timothy leary. I thought it was like God created a universe, like turning on a screen and time flew past in billions of years, then he put in all his “Codes” and “inputs” behind the “Scene”, which are “laws to the universe” and “Intelligence or DNA”. My way of thinking of this was that it was like a creator or a video game like “The Sims” and “Civilization” mixed into one. Could be true in an “alternative” view.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 61288
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 30, 2009Views: 5,644
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Entities / Beings (37), Retrospective / Summary (11), Alone (16)

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