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Just the Right Dose
MDMA & Ketamine
by Kam
Citation:   Kam. "Just the Right Dose: An Experience with MDMA & Ketamine (exp61317)". May 14, 2019.

  insufflated MDMA (powder / crystals)
      Unknown (pill / tablet)
    smoked Tobacco  
  1 line insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)


I'd never done K before, and never seriously intended to. Having boshed half a gram of MDMA the night before and drank a skinful, I was planning on a quiet night in with a smoke and some films, but a telephone row with my ex spurred me to say 'Fuck it, I'm gonna go get wrecked'
a telephone row with my ex spurred me to say 'Fuck it, I'm gonna go get wrecked'
, so I quickly shoved the rest of my MD up my nose and went to a Hard-house rave. I enjoyed the party, but not completely as I would have liked, for my ex, and how much she'd pissed me off, was always in the back of my mind. . .

After we left, my friend and I ended up a mates flat, in fairly drunken and pilled-up spirits. There was a lot of ketamine on the table, and one friend offered me a small line of Ketamine, enough, as I requested to feel the effect without being too overpowered.

What struck me was how easily it went up my if I was breathing air. And after around five minutes, I was immediately struck by a vague humming sound in my ears and an urge to sit down A few moments later, I was beginning to dissociate a little. My body felt fine... With a little effort I could roll cigarettes, make tea, stand up, but after a short while, thinking began to become difficult and disjointed, in a very pleasurable way. I was still feeling the pills and a little of the MD, and had a real urge to communicate, but found myself slurring and babbled, forgetting my train of thought just as soon as it began.

However, there was an extremely pleasant warm sensation, and everything felt physically comfortable, as if wrapped in cotton wool, and the hard wooden floor began to feel like a matress. I became aware of the dulling of the senses. I was trying to describe this to everyone, and ended up slapping myself repeatedly in the face to demonstrate how little it hurt. There was no pain, physical or emotional, in my body whatsoever. Almost like somebody had released a steam valve on my brain and all negative sensations had evaporated. But my attempts to articulate ended up disjointed. Despite this, my friends seemed to understand what I was feeling. There were brief moments when I forgot that I had a body, or where I was, but it was never too hard to get a grip. Not that it felt a problem if I didn't get a grip, because I felt safe in my surroundings, and besides, I was intesely enjoying NOT having a grip, because I am a man who worries FAR to much about being in control.

I picked myself up to get to the bathroom and the posters were undulating and rippling. I had to work a little harder to perform basic motor functions, but performing them just seemed more pleasurable. I couldn't think about why they were pleasurable, nor why I was laughing so much, but everything just felt fine - that I could happily stay in this state for ever. But most importantly, was that I was not at all anxious, and everything that had been stressing me out seemed completely far away and non existent. I no longer cared what had happened in the few days prior to now...something I could not have said despite all the drink and drugs I had consumed that week. Ket, in just the right amount, was the drug I had been looking for. I hadn't crossed the line into the K-hole that so many people fear, but was just in a soft-fluffy candyfloss world where I was hovering above my body and my mind was given some well-deserved rest from the trials and tribulations of modern life.
I was hovering above my body and my mind was given some well-deserved rest from the trials and tribulations of modern life.

I had traversed, for just an hour or two, into an innocent state of primal being, where words or language or ideas were not important or even relevant. Where nobody had to look clever and nobody judged one another. Where I was no longer concerned by being a human or what that means or how I should act, but perfectly content being an innocent, ape-like being, doing whatever came naturally, and whatever came naturally being perfectly alright with the world around me. And my fellow ket-friends were with me, unable to speak, or communicate, but perfectly content to be there and appreciative of each other, like a family of apes. It was the least paranoid I have been in at least ten years.

Someone said once 'He who makes a beast of himself, gets rid of the pain of being a man'. I never truly understood this, but Ketamine has proved it to me, in no uncertain terms, and I intend to continue my experience with this very strange, powerful dissociative.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 61317
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 14, 2019Views: 1,169
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Ketamine (31) : Combinations (3), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), First Times (2), Various (28)

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