Is it Dog, the Gurd, Or Did I Brake My Brane?
Morning glory, Cannabis, & Methylphenidate
Citation:   ClintEastwood. "Is it Dog, the Gurd, Or Did I Brake My Brane?: An Experience with Morning glory, Cannabis, & Methylphenidate (exp61345)". Oct 3, 2009.

4 oral Morning Glory (seeds)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (fresh)
  .66 tablets insufflated Pharms - Methylphenidate (powder / crystals)
This was my first time with LSA, and also I'd only smoked weed twice in the last two weeks prior after being accustomed to smoking almost every day since the previous summer (this was in March).

It was a Saturday, one of the first days of the year that it was actually nice outside, and I had no obligations. A couple of my friends had been telling me about their recent LSA experiences and I'd been itching to try it. Today was the perfect day me thought. Me and two friends got started pretty early (one tripping with me and one driving). We ate 4 packets of morning glory seeds around 11am and we were both feeling nauseous within half an hour. I noticed my legs felt weird when I tried to walk (I'd been sitting in the car for a while). As the nausea passed, things were starting to feel weirder.

The guy I was tripping with was describing how he felt and I agreed with everything he said. By 1 we'd acquired some herb, and then we met up with some more people to smoke. It wasn't until I started smoking that I started tripping hardcore. The more I smoked the weirder it got. We left to go buy a blunt at some point and I could not function around people at all. It was like everything I said or did was wrong, even though a sober friend said I was fine. I felt so much better once I was back with my friends. This is around when time started blurring together. As I was still coming up I felt like I was on salvia, and I think I would have preferred to stay on that level for a while. But I was still smoking pot and the trip was still getting stronger. Some parts of it were amazing beyond description. There was some realization that I kept coming to, I don't remember...

what it was, but I kept reaching the same realization again and again and each time it felt even more comforting and reassuring. I was riding the spiral for a while, for lack of a better description. It was like I was something infinitely small and I just kept zooming out, kind of like at the end of the first Men In Black when it's zooming out of that galaxy thing. But for as much of this amazingness that I felt, there was just as much fear, doubt, and paranoia. I lost control of my inner thought voice at some point. It was like my brain and my body were disconnected from each other. The words that came out of my mouth were really comforting, but they had nothing to do with what I was thinking. It was like they were a step ahead of me. Then again was I even thinking my own thoughts?

Some divine power had a hold of me.. What it was I don't know. My sense of self was completely shattered. Everything that I was prior to that day no longer existed. I was a glitch in time, my life as I knew it ending as I returned to my true form. I was just an idea floating in some kind of weird idea thing. It was like anything that had any meaning to me, any thoughts, words, anything that I understood, was disconnected. I couldn't understand anything. My thoughts were trapped in a neverending cycle. I still had the idea that I was a human and that I wasn't done living as a human yet, which made me think that I was just a human with a broken brain. I feared I'd be stuck on earth listening to this voice in my head keep talking forever (my own voice which I didn't have control of), and that I'd thrown into an asylum or something. The voice in my head told me it was God, but I refused to believe it. I thought that either a) it was really God just messing with me,

b) it was some evil spirit tormenting me

c) it was the spirit of the morning glory plant teasing me, or

d) I'd just straight up broken my brain..

At some point I thought that I was the plant, the spirit of it I guess. I also thought at some point that I was the word doubt, because I just wouldn't believe that it was God. Us humans are creatures of doubt though, that's why it's so hard for us to believe. It's why people try to prove things scientifically instead of looking at them for what they really are. But is that just the drug talking? I'm doubting again. My thoughts kept going around and around like that until at the peak of my insanity I woke up. I guess I'd fallen asleep in the car while my friends were doing something, although I never noticed the transition from being awake to being asleep. I woke up as soon as they came back to the car though, and instantly I was back to reality. The body high was still there, but my head trip was over.

At first I thought I was transported to another point in time, a couple months ago, but then I realized it was still the same day. It might've been 5pm by now, my sense of time still wasn't there. My friends informed me that they were getting acid, but my head was still too messed up to even think about doing that any time soon. So I went with them to get their acid as I was still getting reacclimated with reality. This guy that was with them gave me some Ritalin. It was the kind with the little balls in it. A little later when I was with other people I snorted about two thirds of it and gave some to my friend. While I was with people I didn't really pay attention to any visual effects of the drug, but by the time I eventually got home that night (around midnight) they were still there, subtle but enjoyable. The Ritalin added a little to the body high and kept me awake longer, although I kept forgetting I took it because I was still so blown away by the morning glory seeds.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 61345
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 3, 2009Views: 14,150
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