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Welcome to the Sweet Forest
by Justafreak
Citation:   Justafreak. "Welcome to the Sweet Forest: An Experience with 2C-B (exp6136)". Apr 10, 2001.

25 mg insufflated 2C-B (powder / crystals)


Leave the rotten towns of your father
Leave the poisoned wells & bloodstained streets
Enter now the sweet forest
-- J.D. Morrison, The Crossroads

Deep music and a friendly talk are well-known, trustworhy helpers of the psychonaut. However, after the Nth trip, you might feel that taking psychedelics at someone's home, when accompanied by your pals, by music, and by soft furniture, becomes just as habitual for you as visiting pubs on weekends is for the silent majority. You might feel that you need a change.

When I got that feeling, I decided to take a solitary trip in the forest. No music, no friends, no civilization. Summer came, and one day I found myself in my parents' country house with a dose of 2C-B in a pocket of my bag. In the evening I told my mom and dad that I was going for a walk, and set out. The good old forest that I had known since my early childhood met me with the quiet whisper of the wind in the leaves, and with absolutely no gnats.

[T+0:00] I sit down on a soft pile of needles under a pine, take two plastic cards, a business card and the precious packet out of my pocket, and snort the substance using the above items. (Imagine you are playing a quest game: How would you do that?)

[T+0:05] I feel the very first effects. The sounds of a rather distant highway become clearly audible. Bloody technocratic civilization won't let me out! (Actually, I wasn't upset by the traffic roar at all, just decided it would add a touch of 'industralness' to my trip.) Still sitting under the pine smoking a cigarette.

[T+0:15] Wow, I'm pretty high! But who the hell is stomping behind my back? It appears to be local folks gathering edible (not magic) mushrooms. Have to relocate.

[T+0:30] The forest begins to show its magic to me. I would never have thought that watching a small bug running along a blade of grass can be such a great source of pure psychedelia. The bug runs, changing its colour like a chameleon, and the wave of new colours washes over the entire blade. What a wonderful creature! Each plant becomes a personality. Rind morphs into strange but friendly faces. The forest is a kind place.

[T+1:15] The day is wearing off. It's getting cool in the forest, so I decide to go. The road leads me out of the forest right into a meadow. I become instantly overhelmed by its bright yellow colour and the chirr of myriads of grasshoppers and other unseen insects. I see a lilac thicket forming a sort of a grotto over the road, and I get a strong feeling that it's a mysterious cave with someting extremely amazing expecting for me in it. The feeling transforms into pure euphoria, which rises higher and higher with each my step, literally tearing me apart from inside (in the good sense).

[T+1:30] I reach a rise in the road due to a slope of a ravine. To prevent the ravine growth, people terraced its slopes with trees long ago. The terraces remind me of an amphitheatre, so I decide to take a seat and watch the performance. The distant trees of the forest become the scenery, the meadow turns into the scene itself, the grasshoppers form the orchestra, and the lonely bushes and small trees are actors. Everything shifts and twirls. It's very impressive. The theatre's only spectator is nearly clapping his hands.

[T+1:50] The performance is approaching the end. I leave the theatre and go up the road. While ascending, I can distinctly feel the air getting warmer with each my step from the bottom of the ravine to the top of its slope.

[T+2:00] I feel I'd like to visit a small spring purling nearby. On the way to the spring I meet a countryman who resembles a green-faced goblin, and then I see a human figure far off accompanied by something looking like a horse or a big dog. I'd in no way like to get bitten, or kicked with a hoof, so I leave the road and take a side trail across the field.

[T+2:10] While I'm approaching the spring, I see a family that came by a car for fresh water. They've already filled their jerrycans and are bustling around trying to embus into the car. I feel that I don't want them there right now. It seems they feel my feeling and begin to fuss about quicker and quicker. Finally, they slam the car doors and start trying to do a U-turn on the clearing. I can hear their talk. The wife to her husband: 'Hey, you idiot! Do you see you're driving right into a ditch?' - 'Nope. Haven't you ever noticed the 'Blind man at the wheel' sign on the windscreen?' Ugh, they manage to turn around and vanish into thin air. I spend some time watching the water running and preparing myself for
returning home.

[T+3:00] I return home. I'm nearly at the baseline. I have a talk with my parents, then go to my room, light an Indian incense stick, meditate for a while on how amazing the trip appeared to be, and fall asleep until the morning.

[T+12:00] I wake up in the morning very joyful and full of positive energy. I stay in the extremely good mood for a week or two. Thank the forest.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 6136
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 10, 2001Views: 46,920
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2C-B (52) : Various (28), Nature / Outdoors (23), General (1)

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