Quite A Surprise At 10mg IN
Citation:   Xanadu. "Quite A Surprise At 10mg IN: An Experience with 2C-T-7 (exp6145)". Erowid.org. Apr 10, 2001. erowid.org/exp/6145

10 mg insufflated 2C-T-7 (powder / crystals)

My apartment, the usual setting for my psychedelic experiences, so I felt quite comfortable.

The Experience:

5:00 PM:

After doing some research I decided that I would get the most out of the 2C-T-7 If I were to insufflate 10mg. Hearing that the burn was quite bad, I decided on numbing my right nostril with some Benzocaine Gel. After I felt it was sufficiently numbed, I insufflated all 10mg at once. I had some slight fear as to whether I should have taken less, especially since this was my first experience with the chemical. Unfortunately, the Benzocaine Gel did not seem to help the burn very much.

5:05 PM

Only five minutes (I was not surprised by the quick come on of the effects, but I was surprised by the intensity of it) and I'm feeling slightly uncomfortable. My throat feels as if it's missing it is so numb. (At the time, I assumed that was due to some Benzocaine Gel I may have swallowed, but in later experiences without Benzocaine, I still felt the same effect.) It did get me quite nervous because I did not think I would feel the puke coming up that was surely going to come (but never did.)

5:15 PM

I'm feeling nauseous, more uncomfortable, and I detect a definite change in perception, visuals are slight, and I can feel the intensity growing. At this time, I felt a strong urge to defecate, and so I journeyed to the bathroom. That experience was very similar to Shulgin's report of defecating while on a 12mg dose of 5MEO-DiPT.

5:30 PM

The discomfort and visuals are intensifying to the point where fear is getting irrational. I am slightly concerned and so I think to myself 'Perhaps it was too much for a first time experience?' At this point the visuals were somewhat akin to LSD: Shifting patterns in my carpet, wood grain and reflections were very sharp, and wavey. The visuals were accompanied by a VERY fast strobing effect, which seemed to cause visuals and sound to echo. I had to spend a 10 minutes or so in bed, trying to ease my mind, did a little meditation as well because of the growing discomfort from the body feelings. There was a definite speediness with the 2C-T-7, which didn't help matters at the time. I still had a great fear of whether I had done too much, which seemed to dissipate as I hit the plateau about an hour later.

6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

I seem to be peaking now, and the visuals are full blown. The best way I can describe them as is 'waves of colors, purple, yellow, red, blue, perhaps some green as well, covering everything and emanating from everywhere.' It seems as if these 'waves of color' are semi-transparent. It is as if they are right in my field of vision...everywhere, and yet I can see through them. Text on my computer screen looked like cryptic symbols, somewhat like this: '3#$%GH' and so I gave up reading anything and wandered around my apartment.

The mental effects were minimal. (What I mean by this is, there was a lack of any 'mind-fuck' or any 'zoning out' In fact if anything, my thoughts had sped up.) I had been talking to people online before the visuals really kicked in, and I did so after the visuals died down a bit, and I could tell I was a lot more philosophical than usual, but I did not detect any thought loops, or any interesting though patterns.

One effect that stood out from the others (besides the visuals) was time perception. Time slowed to a crawl, which made the experience all the more enjoyable. What was a 2 hour plateau seemed to drag on for 4-5 hours. This 'time stretching' continued throughout the rest of the trip making the 4-hour experience seem more like 8 hours.

At Or Around 8:30 PM

While the visuals have diminished quite a bit, the time perception dragged on. By this point, my body felt quite sore all over. I could no decipher text well enough that I picked up a pen and began compiling notes on my experience.

The effects lasted until around 11:00 PM and with the aid of some Melatonin (just to be sure I could fall asleep) I fell asleep relatively easy at 1:00 AM. When I awokr 8 hours later, I felt fine, and if anything, only slightly tired (but this was probably due to the Melatonin which has a tendency to make me feel a little groggy when I first wake.)

In Summary/Comments:

2C-T-7 provided some of the most stunning and intense visuals of any compound I have tried thus far. However, there was a feeling of emptiness with the 2C-T-7. It seemed to lack 'soul'. I think that perhaps combining it with 5MEO-DiPT (or LSD for that matter) will fill in the emptiness. While the burn was quite bad, it was not bad enough to dissuade me from trying that route of administration again. After getting somewhat used to the body feeling (a lot of discomfort in that area for me) I decided that there would be no reason to go much higher with an IN dose (If anything, only to 15mg.) After getting more familiar with the over all experience, I definitely plan to combine it with some 5MEO-DiPT.

Quick Note: As I do the day before the experience, the day of the experience, and the day after the experience, I took 200mg of DMAE. As to whether it effected the trip in anyway is unknown to me. I do know that doing this seems to lessen some of the negative effects I used to feel the day after any psychedelic experience.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 6145
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 10, 2001Views: 31,833
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