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The Buzzing Force of Truth
by Locust
Citation:   Locust . "The Buzzing Force of Truth: An Experience with Cannabis (exp61453)". Dec 3, 2009.

T+ 0:00
1/4 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 0:14 1/3 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 0:18 1/3 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)


The following was the strangest, and most unexpected of my many experiences with Marijuana. Reflecting upon it, I still do not understand why this experience was so intense. The only thing I am truly sure off is that it changed my beliefs about Cannabis, and the people I knew.

Before I begin recounting the experience I will provide some Background information on myself and those present.

I - Male, age: 15, Weight 187lbs, Height: 61, 2 years of experience with psychoactives. No prescriptions or Supplements.

Friend E- Female, Age: 17, Weight: 135lbs, Height: 5 6, 1 year of experience with psychoactives, Regular user of Claritin, and prescription allergy medications.

Friend R- Female, Age: 16, Weight: 130lbs, Height: 52, 3 years of experience with psychoactives, No prescriptions or supplements.

Friend L- Female, Age 17, Weight: 210lbs, Height 5 8, 4 years of experience with psychoactives, no prescriptions or supplements.

Friend Q- Male, Age 15, Weight 115lbs, Height 54, no experience with psychoactives, no prescriptions or supplements. Observer.

Friend M- Male, Age 15, Weight 120lbs, Height 53, no experience with psychoactives, no prescriptions or supplements. Observer.

The date was November 24th 2006.

I and my friends E, R, and L sat it lawn chairs under the stars in Js back yard. I was completely relaxed, my mind was at ease, and I was ready to smoke. I could hear the soft buzzing and thrumming of the air conditioner in the distance, as well as numerous small insect noises.

T 11:35 PM L brought out the bag of beautiful and highly potent hydroponic Cannabis. L prepared the first bowl of with a large green, silver, and orange bud, and lit it with a torch lighter. Next it was passed to me, and I took a single long draw. I coughed, surprised at the strength of the weed. Within 5 seconds of letting the smoke free I felt the high begin. The bowl was passed from me to E, and then to R. Each of us took a very large hit of smoke.

T 11:40 PM At this point the high truly began. I felt incredible, calm, peaceful, and at ease with my surroundings, that coupled with a warm glowing sensation to from the perfect high. So R, E, L and I sat and talked, about the world, about drugs, about life.

T 11:49-11:53 PM. Two more Bowls of equal or slightly greater size than the first are shared between R, L, and I. E sates that she has smoked enough for the night and so declines both bowls.

T 11:53 PM - This was when the experience became more than a simple smoking experience, and my when my high reached unprecedented levels. I took the final massive hit from the bubbler and felt as though I had punched through some barrier and was now higher than I had ever been. It felt as though a generator had been hooked up into my skeleton and now high voltage power was being passed through it. I could feel my bones buzzing, I saw everything with clarity and yet it seemed distant, and most of all I heard great noises. The thrumming and buzzing of the Air Conditioner shifted into a great booming which filled my ears and a shrill piercing cry which resonated in my skull. I could hear the insects as though they were perched upon my ears, and most of all I heard the voices of R and E (both of whom were nowhere near as high as I was).

They seemed to have changed in some way. Rs Boston accent gained a harping almost wailing quality to it, and Es seemed to become dark and full of a hidden malice. L remained unchanged but for a more dull and timid quality to her voice. However she seemed to change. She seemed almost sheep: timid, slow and stupid, but with a sound heart. I stared at her, intrigued by this, all the while feeling/hearing the great buzzing. I looked up startled to hear two voices, that of Es brothers Q and M, coming towards us. They did not and could not know what we were doing, and thus E and R quickly devised a plan to distract them so that I and L (who were far too high to conceal it) could go inside. R began to speak with Q and M and I then noticed the same change of perception of her and E that I had just witnessed in L.

R began to chat in her now twangy and wailing tone. She seemed to me to be most like an older woman, a witch even. She was quick, powerful, bold, but her heart was as cold as Ice, and her voice seemed to be filled with corruption. E meanwhile had undergone a similar transformation in my perception of her. She seemed to be some great evil. She sat knees drawn up to her chest in her chair clacking her nails, her face mostly hidden. It terrified me for every time she spoke I had the thought of evil, something cunning beyond all else, with a heart as cold as ice, a bold and powerful mind, and a palpable malice. Q and M seemed to be unchanged, if a little more annoying. I sat outside with the worst elements of my friends, paranoid, and filled with great buzzing for 35 minutes.

T 12:48 AM I finally had an excuse to leave when R convinced Q to strip. L, E, and I then ran for the house to escape that and moved into Es room. I had by this point come down significantly, and the buzzing no longer seemed to fill me, and the images that I had conjured in my mind had dissipated. By the time R re-entered the room at 1:00 all impression of the wailing Bostonian witch had vanished.

T 1:20 AM - I have now significantly come down all extreme effects of the Cannabis are now gone. I can simply relax and enjoy the high. I dismiss the images that I thought off as nothing more than the product of negativity, and paranoia. I sat and enjoyed the movie we were watching(Snatch) all the while growing closer to my friend R. I had now forgotten the Image that I had created of her earlier and now saw only the person for whom I had strong feelings.

T 1:35 AM - The high is still going strong and I feel wonderful. I have my arm around R now and we are pressed close together in a wonderful embrace while lying on Es Bed. At this point another curious effect occurs. I feel amazing, and I feel a tangible connection between R and I. It seems as though we are sharing emotions through some link. No matter how I try I cannot overcome the urge to sleep, and my eyelids close and I pass into deep slumber wrought with lucid dreams.

T 10:30 AM- I awake, feeling wonderful and rested. My dreams are a swirling vortex of sight and sound. They evade my grasp like sand within the palm of my hand. I begin the day and spend several hours with E,R and L. I do not recall the images of the night before, or the feeling of the night before. The buzzing has left me.

I remembered the extent of that night a week later. At the time I again dismissed the Images as foolish, a product no doubt of very potent weed and naught else, I did not think at the time that they would provide insight into my friends character. I merely thought them to be irrelevant pipe-dreams.

Yet it is not simply because of the strangeness of the experience that I have filled this account. It is the truthfulness of my visions while in the midst of the Buzzing that truly motivated me to do so. Great examination of the character of E and R on my part over the next few months would bring me to a clear conclusion, the visions I had on that night were a reflection of my friends true dark sides. I realized this when I truly thought into who my friends were and how they acted. R was to a certain extent corrupt as I perceived her to be. E possessed the dark side that was apparent to me that night. L also was exactly the same as I perceived her to be. The visions of the Buzzing were completely accurate.

The only question that remained to me, and one I still have not been able to answer was this. Why was I so effected by this weed? I had smoked high potency weed before, and in far greater quantities. So then what made this experience so powerful? This is a question that I am still unable to answer. However one thing is for certain. I shall never forget the truth that was revealed to me on that night. In that single experience I learned more about my friends than I had in the months that I had known them for. I also learned that Cannabis can be far more than just a means of recreation. This experience was not a happy, funny, adventure, it was a dark vision of the truth that helped me to change my view of the people I knew.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 61453
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 3, 2009Views: 8,094
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Cannabis (1) : Relationships (44), Mystical Experiences (9), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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