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I Never Knew This Was Here
Salvia divinorum (20x extract)
by Lisid Masta J
Citation:   Lisid Masta J. "I Never Knew This Was Here: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (20x extract) (exp61918)". Feb 27, 2010.

  smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


T, R, and I decided the day before to do salvia. I had read a lot about it, have done mushrooms in the past, and described to them what to expect of the experience: that many people don’t hallucinate the first time and if my friends did hallucinate, it wouldn’t last too long and I assured them it would not result in a bad trip, as long as they believed that it wouldn’t. T had already tried it two days prior and said it felt as if a ton of bricks hit him in the face and that he had to lean back, but he did not hallucinate. R and I had never tried it before.

I told them that they had to hold it in as long as possible so that we could take the fewest hits and feel it to the fullest. I also asked that we all pass it quickly so as to not waste any. Since I bought the salvia, they decided I should take the first hit. Before I started, I got my music ready because I enjoyed music when I was on mushrooms and noticed it intensified and added to the trip while it was playing. I specifically and carefully chose music – stuff that I really enjoy and songs that have a lot of emotions embedded in them.

I packed the bowl, took my hit and passed the piece. I held the hit for about a minute and then exhaled. Once I exhaled, I began to feel minor effects. The way I described the feeling was like being really high on weed. I also got a pretty warm.

I went to pack another bowl because I could tell I wasn’t as far as I was going to be able to get during this experience. My hands were a little unsteady, I was laughing hysterically, and I had difficulty determining how much I had put in the bowl so far, so I just filled it all the way. I hit it again, having difficulty remembering how to take my finger off the carb, and passed it. I was listening to “Hey You” by Pink Floyd. After I held in the hit as long as I could, I exhaled and felt like I should sit back. I was at the part in the song about the “ear against the wall” when the hallucinations began.

It felt like it took forever to lean back against the mat behind me. While I was leaning back, I had to duck a bit as a green half-dome (like a sideways awning) came up over my head in proportion to how far back I leaned. I thought of it as a sort of shield, but I’m not sure why. Things quickly progressed from there.

The left side of the room was normal, but the right was strange. Just to the right I could see myself floating above and a bit to the left of a stone wall. Everything beyond the wall was bluish-gray and seemingly snow-covered. I realized I was choosing to stay to the left because “to the right of the wall was insanity, but the left was still sane,” and I wanted to remain there to tell the others what I was seeing. I was also very scared that if I went over the wall I would never come back and that I would possibly be wandering around in some sort of self-created Hell for the rest of my life. Over the wall, there was no sign of human influence. It was mostly empty with sparse patches of grass, some bushes, and a few hibernating trees, all still in grayscale and with some snow on the ground. It was beautiful, pristine, and eerie all at the same time. As much as I wanted to look, I couldn’t quite seem to turn my head to look over the wall to, I had to use my peripheral vision. I came back to reality to “but it was only a fantasy. The wall was too high, as you can see,” or right around that part in the song. During this “scene” I felt as if Roger Waters, himself, was talking directly to me.

After explaining what I had seen to T and R, we all decided that we should do more, mostly because they weren’t feeling too much and I was really excited that the salvia had worked. During this time “Breathe in the Air” by Pink Floyd was playing. I filled the bowl again and started it up.

This time the hallucinations came on full-force. The song playing was “Opening Mandlebrot” by Blue Man Group. I said, “Woah, I gotta sit back… Uh… I’m f***ed... You guys continue if you want… Go ahead and fill it again if you want.” The transition was seamless and I didn’t even realize for a while that I was hallucinating. I don’t remember how it began or what happened for a while. I finally realized that I was standing on a low, yellow pier or dock of sorts leading to an ocean of the bluest, purest water imaginable. There were a few people talking at the end of the dock outcrop that led the furthest into the ocean, but I regrettably didn’t pay much attention to them*. Another person or being was next to me. Although I could not see it, I felt it was there and I believe it was trying to talk to me*.

*I had a feeling that these two instances played a larger role in the part of the hallucination that I can’t remember. All I remember is saying, “They’re telling me things,” but I don’t know what those things were. R, who was sitting across from me, was the only thing from the room that was I could now see and I proceeded to tell him everything I was seeing in as much detail as I could. When I came back to the room, Muse’s “Starlight” was half over. I also noticed that T was there and I was a little surprised. I quickly remembered that he had left on a sailboat for a long journey earlier in my trip. (Later I discovered that at that time, he was half-hallucinating about the old Mickey Mouse on a steamboat.)

I asked them what I had told them about what I was seeing, but they said that I didn’t say too much, that I was barely talking. I was shocked and a very scared about their response, but they clarified their statement by saying that I was whispering and mumbling a bit, but they couldn’t really understand what I was saying. I believe the reason for things happening specifically to the right of me was due to me only putting the right ear bud in. They still said they didn’t feel much, so I decided to fill one last bowl and I let T start it, and when it came back to me, I finished it. “Map of the Problematique” by Muse was playing, and this time I absolutely had to lean back – it felt as if some force was pulling me back.

The various items on the floor weren’t really staying in place, they were sort of moving in little circles. There was also a part on the carpet that seemed fluid with two streams beside each other – the left stream flowing towards me and the right flowing away. I noticed that there were some slanted “lines” moving across the wall. These lines were the imprints of waves on the room. I suppose I had hallucinated before seeing those lines, but I don’t remember it. I then decided to see what closing my eyes would do for me and I put the other ear bud in.

I immediately moved back behind my eyes. I could see the backside of my face and it was full of action. The backside of my face had a dark blue color to it and there were all sorts of lighter blue patterns morphing and dancing about. The “air” or the rest of what I could see that wasn’t my face was red. I was completely amazed and baffled by this scene and I remember thinking, “I never knew this was here!” My vision then started to move back to my eyes, slanting more and more down until I could barely see the backside of my face with its amazing display. I was thinking, “I’m not ready [to leave] yet,” and I was very sad that I had to leave, for a while I fought to stay. However, I soon accepted that it was time to leave and I moved back into my eyes and opened them.

Most of the time throughout this experience, I forgot that the others couldn’t hear my music and I would talk over it so they could hear me or reference it. The whole experience only lasted about 30-45 minutes from sitting down and starting to getting up and leaving. That night I also had an insanely detailed dream that was just as amazing as the experience itself.

I came out very amazed at all that had happened to me during my first experience with salvia. I was very excited and fairly pleased with what happened, though I wished I focused more on what the other beings had to say - were they the same beings that other users often talk about?

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 61918
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 27, 2010Views: 4,270
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Salvia divinorum (44) : First Times (2), Music Discussion (22), Entities / Beings (37), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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