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The Trip That Broke the Camel's Back
by Daytripper
Citation:   Daytripper. "The Trip That Broke the Camel's Back: An Experience with LSD (exp62055)". Dec 9, 2007.

1 hit oral LSD (cookie / food)


It was an ordinary February day, I had a sugar cube hit Iíd obtained from my buddy A. I had done acid once prior, and still experienced flashbacks from it, distortions of my visual field, borders and definitions would disappear. I had all but given up on mushrooms, I had done them 5 times and had 5 bad trips, The last 2 times both ending in paranoid breakdowns. I felt I had done something horribly wrong, everyone hated me or was reporting me to the police, I saw girls from past relationships in the mirror looking back at me, but nonetheless I decided to trip one last time.

Hallucinogenics take a long time to manifest themselves in me, usually a hour and a half to two hours, I had eaten lightly the previous day and had been ingesting Vit C for about a week prior, Thatís about all the preparation knowledge I have, but it works for me. About 90 mins after ingestion, I noticed my hands were about 3 times bigger than usual, each finger the size of a whiteboard marker. I closed my eyes, I started falling through blackness, actually being drawn into it, the blackness tore open and revealed a field of red, green and blue stars and planets racing past me, a familiar hallucination that occurs in me on just about any drug, or even if Iím just very tired.

All sorts of odd sounds seemed to be coming from outside my room, detuned saxophones, people yelling, soft piano lines, then these sounds would slowly fade back to the traffic on the nearby highway, The world outside my window beckoned me, trees moved slowly in my direction, their branches curving around to from ornate designs, I stepped outside to the bluest sky I have ever seen, I lit a cigarette, looking at it and my hand, something seemed amiss, the scene looked very distant. I walked around my neighborhood, feeling very tall when walking downhill and about 6 inches tall when walking uphill.

When I returned home I was fully tripping, it had been about two and a half hours, After using the bathroom I glanced at my reflection, this is when I completely disconnected, mirrors are usually what grab my attention when tripping and this time was no different. The light was off, so all I saw was a dark figure that seemed to be about fifteen in front of me, The figure was unrecognizable, but as soon as I though that, it became reality and my mind was gone, rather my ego, I wasnít me, The only thing in existence was this scene of the dark figure lifting its arms, it was in my field of vision but I didnít feel I was even there, It was just the only thing their, After five minutes of this (or maybe only 2 seconds) I composed myself and turned on the light, My face immediately began to melt, Then my shirt became my old football uniform, complete with shoulder pads, My shirt was black and red, so the uniform was too, unlike the purple one I actually wore when I used to play, Then my reflection became her again, a former girlfriend that I often dream about, I loudly said ďNo!Ē and jumped back, shaking my head, I felt exhausted so I lay down.

I put on my Ipod and lay down listing to radiohead, my ipods white backlight seemed trippy, so I held it up to my face, with a rush my whole consciousness was sucked into the sea of white light, I was in my ipod, Each note making my body jolt with a myriad of tactile sensations, Thom Yorkes voice was fluctuating from fast to slow motion, new parts of the song formed, which I remember, but donít actually hear when I listen to it now, For another hour I just laid down on my bed immobile, glued to the ground, part of it. Staring at my ceiling, It glowed brilliant White, then faded to Pitch Black, then slowly became nothing. Not Black, Not White, Not Gray, it was just nothing. A sort of transparent indescribable cloud, Kaleidoscopic arrays of color came next.

I went outside to have another cigarette. I had the quintessential false feeling of sobriety, I wasnít hallucinating but something just wasnít right. I sat on a curb at the bottom of my apartment complex, To this day Iím not sure if the next events actually happened. A car pulled up, its owner got out, went over to the lease office, opened the mail slot, looked inside then left, Another car did this, then another, When I predicted that the next car driving by would do the same, it did, two more times. I saw a woman walking on the street, then I would see one of the exact cars that had already passed me, pass me again. I floated home in confused stupor. While trying to sleep I suddenly felt a deep religious conviction, God was talking to me, I felt a massive sensation of guilt for all my past sins and broke into tears, After about an hour I fell asleep after twelve hours of tripping.

Since then, The world has never been the same, every horizon appears to be painted, with all sorts of specs of light dancing in it. Stationary objects stand out much more, I occasionally experience flashbacks of varying degrees, sometimes a clocks hands disappear, sometimes I mistake a car or bush for a fully formed person, in khakis watching me and smoking a cigarette, I was diagnosed with Persisting Perception Disorder, and Schizotypal Personality Disorder in 2007 and have since ceased the use of hallucinogenics, I still remember the last trip I had though, It was undoubtedly the most profound and mystical experience I have ever had, But if your mind is still clear, and you havenít tripped yet, remember its not for everyone

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 62055
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 9, 2007Views: 11,216
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LSD (2) : Alone (16), General (1), Relationships (44), HPPD / Lasting Visuals (40), Health Problems (27)

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