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Simple Preparation and a Powerful Juice!
Syrian Rue & Morning Glory
Citation:   Hongkongbong. "Simple Preparation and a Powerful Juice!: An Experience with Syrian Rue & Morning Glory (exp62098)". Mar 4, 2008.

T+ 0:00
2.5 g oral Syrian Rue (tea)
  T+ 0:00 13 seeds oral Morning Glory (tea)
  T+ 2:00 2.0 g oral Syrian Rue (tea)
  T+ 2:00 12 seeds oral Morning Glory (tea)
Jaded by the lack of street-acid I recently ordered a quantity of Syrian Rue and morning glory seeds from a well known auction site. This was after researching the various herbals available and deciding that these there the most attactive proposition.

I am fairly well experienced with hallucinogenics mainly our indiginous scottish psilocybe mushrooms - so most of the LSA reports made perfect sense ( including the reports of nausea which in my experience is usually a feature at some stage during a psychadelic journey, and therefore was not at all daunting) The MAOI interactions concerning the Rue is a wee bit disconcerting but we do not take any other prescriptions and a quick check list on the 'avoid' list gives us the all clear to proceed.

So.. a friend and I had decided one evening to indulge in a wee taster of each herb, to establish the potency, test the method of ingestion and to ensure its not complete poison!

The syrian rue had come all the way direct from Turkey - i had read a little on the preparation , and my version was to add 5g approximately into a stainless pot, juice from 1/2 a lime( no lemon), and a mug of water. then simmer whilst grinding the seeds with a spoon, before straining into a cup. Product: 1 steaming cupfull of dark brown liquid largely without sediment.

The morning glory seeds had been purchased as garden seeds grown by a wee old man - therefore no industrial chemicals. i had read various guidelines on refining with solvents etc. but improvised as follows : - 25 morning glory seeds approx placed inside folded paper and coarsely crushed using steak hammer. Ground seeds placed in a pot with a generous 50ml of Famous Grouse. ( at 40% this was the strongest alcohol in the house on the day therefore decided it was most suitable for the brew). Heated gently in pan (not too hot - didnt want to evaporate all the alcohol), again grinding seeds with the spoon before straining into a glass, and adding a bit more whisky for flavour. Result :- 1 big shot glass of rich toffee looking liquid complete with seed bits.

Time 9.00pm - ingestion

Friend and i first gulped half the cup of Rue mixture each. Tastes like bile but definitely tastes like it contains 'drugs'!

After grimacing a bit we gulp half each of the whisky/morning glory shot. It actually tastes very pleasant - like butterscotch.

We retire to watch TV , drink beer, listen to music.

Time 10.00pm - has become a little 'strange' like coming up on E or something. cant quite put our fingers on it - we put this down to the fact that these are 'different' drugs therefore not strictly comparable.

Time 10.30pm - a peculiar feeling of definitely being a little wasted but then again maybe not? slight trails in vision. very slight nausea. music enhanced.

We decide at this point to 'cook up' another batch since it is clear that no harm has come from the first. The same quantities roughly are treated in the same way and promptly guzzled. Rue mixture definitely tastes like bile! yuk i cant finish it so.....We take the opportunity to mess about with the remaining Rue mixture under blacklight - this is incredible!!!!!!! the morning glory whisky mix is still tasty.

Time 11.15-12.00 midnight Back to music and lying on the couch, as walking has become a little difficult! trails from vision all over the place. each time i move my eyes its like a discoball, visual inertia ( everything a bit jelly like ). Lost in own thoughts. Difficult to have much of a conversation. Very happy - (not giggly though) Each object / thing seems to emit its own colour, and own frequency of low hum. Time a bit harder to follow. TV seems be morphing from one shot to the next ,but we think this was just clever editing. There is still this strange feeling of ambiguity about whether or not im actually under ther influence. i cant seem to make up my mind the extent - it comes in waves.

Time 1.00am - im going to head to bed, since i have to get up for work, can hardly walk to bed! like being on a boat in a storm, discoball going overtime. ( slight nausea and taste of the rue mixture at the back of the throat but nothing serious ).I am without a doubt tripping - nothing too hardcore though. Eventually get to sleep and wake up at various stages over the night and in various states of dilerium , pleaure, comfort. All pleasant though.

Time 7.30am - time to get up for work - still a little wasted, a bit uneasy on my feet! this wears off over the rest of the morning and no ill effects except a slight headache and a loose stool in the afternoon.

Similar story from my friend who stayed up a little later to watch the swirling TV until the second lot of brew peaked and there was no point watching tv as it made no sense.


The amateurish preparations were certainly effective.
From what i understand to be a fairly low dose of each herb i was most certainly completely wasted!
I am not sure if the effects we were getting were from the Rue or the Morning Glory... well i presume from both but i dont know what each was contributing to the fun - maybe someone can help enlighten me?
The Rue tastes really horrid, disgusting, and i blame this for the slight nausea.
I wouldnt have said these were party drugs in any sense- expect maybe a small amount of the rue for its amazing luminous UV property!!!
I would definitely experiment a second time, on a quiet evening - with close friends. Round two is going to be less Rue, considerably more morning glory.
I could imagine that a larger dose of Rue could detract from the pleasantness of the experience.

I will definitely do this again as a cheap and interesting experiment. Certainly something had a bit of a kick about it!!


Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 62098
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 4, 2008Views: 18,297
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Syrian Rue (45), Morning Glory (38) : Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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