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In The Woods
Morning Glory, Spice Product & Salvia divinorum (5x extract)
by Mem
Citation:   Mem. "In The Woods: An Experience with Morning Glory, Spice Product & Salvia divinorum (5x extract) (exp62157)". Dec 15, 2008.

T+ 0:00
16 seeds oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Products - Spice-Like Smoking Blends  
  T+ 5:00 0.5 bowls smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)
My Favourite and I had a couple of days booked off work together. We're both into our legal highs (my own area of interest being very much geared towards sacred herbs), so we decided to acquire something a little bit special for our time together.

He mentioned an interest in Ololiuqui seeds. I did a lot of searching and reading, but information on these seeds is very thin on the ground. From what we could gather, their effects are similar to Morning Glory but without so many of the usual side effects of LSA (nausea being the big one). I did some further reading into the traditional and historic uses of the plant, which revealed that it has long been relied upon as something of a healer.

Still, though, we were very much in the dark about the practical aspects of the plant. How long it would take to kick in, how long it'd affect us for, and so on. We decided to try it nonetheless.

We ate a good breakfast that morning. At approximately midday, we went to a ruined castle where we each consumed 16 seeds. All we did in the way of preparation was crush them in a pestle and mortar with a splash of water, and then scooped them into our mouths. We chewed them thoroughly, then held them in out mouths for a good ten minutes. I held mine under my tongue. The flavour was bitter with a slightly sour edge, but also slightly nutty and not at all unpleasant. We then made our way to a nearby woodland for a long walk.

As we walked and waited for some kind of effect, we drank a litre of orange juice between us (vitamin C seems to aid in potentiating LSA). I experienced a little mild nausea, but it quickly passed. The first sign that something was slightly different was my greatly increased sensitivity to the temperature - the sun felt very warm and pleasant, but it kept disappearing behind the clouds which left me feeling very very cold indeed.

After about an hour, we decided to take a break from walking. We strayed off the path and sat ourselves on a conveniently placed fallen log to smoke a bowl of Spice (legal smoking blend containing Blue Lotus, Baybean, Lion's Tail and Dwarf Skullcap among other things - it produces a lovely mellow high, similar to cannabis but dreamier). As we smoked, we both noticed some interesting rippling ground effects. We finished our smoke and got up to continue walking.

Then it hit me. The speed at which the LSA took effect caught me completely off guard, and at first it was frightening. My short term memory was wiped out, I couldn't remember where we were supposed to be heading and I suddenly became very afraid that we'd get lost in the woods. I also started experiencing some interesting audio distortion, as well as numbness in my legs. We took a little time out to get to grips with all of this sudden new sensation and sat down.

After a couple of minutes, the confusion began to fade. I began to look at the world with a newfound sense of absolute wonder and astonishment. We were completely surrounded by nature, and everything was just so beautiful. All the life surrounding us took on a character of its own - the trees suddenly seemed like figures of strength and protection, and I took a lot of comfort from their presence. The ground continued to ripple and flow like water, and the sun broke through the clouds once more.

The effects of the LSA grew. At times, the confusion build back up and I began to get frightened again - each time it got to be a little too much I felt something wash over me, lifting the confusion. Every time it happened, I felt myself embraced by a feeling of utter joy and contentment. It was cleansing and refreshing. In time, the confusion stopped returning and I was able to surrender myself completely to all the new feelings I was experiencing.

We got up and continued to walk, stopping at some point to sit down and smoke some more Spice. As I stared at the leaf litter, I allowed my eyes to go out of focus. Immediately, the ground began to swirl and morph - first into an intricate pattern of interlocking swastikas, then as I fell deeper into a trance-like state the swastikas dissolved and I found myself falling into the Spiral. It was altogether too intense, and with a little concentration it was very easy to snap myself back to reality.

We held hands and hardly said a word, the silence was not in any way awkward. My audio hallucinations grew, I kept hearing a dog panting right behind us. Further on I also began to hear jungle noises - primarily monkeys. It was mildly entertaining.

At one point we were out in the open, looking over an open field lined by trees. At the end of it stood a tall monument, which is where we were heading next. I suddenly felt as though we'd wandered into Disney's version of Alice in Wonderland. We stopped to smoke another bowl and the sun came out. As I gazed towards our destination, it seemed like we were just looking at some beautiful painting or a theatre backdrop. It looked flat.

Walking down that field seemed to take days. My Favourite and I took turns to close our eyes whilst walking and let the other guide us. When I shut my eyes I was transported to another world entirely. I had the most incredible closed-eye visuals, but the physical sensations to go with them were shockingly real. At one point I was on a rollercoaster, stuck in an infinite loop-de-loop, and as I tried to explain precisely what I was seeing I found myself shouting to be heard above the roar of the wind and the noise of the ride. At another point I lost all sense of gravity, and felt myself lift from the ground. When it got too much, all I had to do to bring myself back was just open my eyes. I was in complete control.

After a long sit down at the monument, we began to head back through the woods. By this point the audio hallucinations had calmed down, but I was still very very far from a normal state of mind. Everything looked so significant and symbolic and so very much alive. I felt as though our presence amongst the trees was welcome, even the branches reaching out over our heads seemed like they were offering us their protection. It was a truly humbling experience.

At one point, we paused to gaze out over a field of deer. Then My Favourite took me into his arms and gazed into my eyes. All I could think at that point was that I wanted to be with him forever, for all time, and in my head I found myself begging Him to let me be his for the rest of eternity. Clearly he heard me (as he frequently does) and his response came verbally - 'only fucking always.'

Approximately five hours after eating the Ololiuqui seeds, we decided to smoke some 5x Salvia extract. We found ourselves somewhere quiet to sit, marvelled at the beauty of everything for a while, and then took the plunge. My Favourite went first having never had Salvia before. After a couple of good tokes, He was overcome by a laughing fit of gigantic proportions. In my own somewhat less-than-sober state I found his joy very infectious, and this led to a good ten minutes of us both howling with laughter.

After this it was my turn. I've not touched Salvia for nearly five years, due to the fact that the last few times I have done it has scared me half to death. However, with My Favourite by my side I felt completely safe. I took one deep drag, and held for as long as I could. Upon exhaling, nothing seemed to happen. My Favourite pointed to a cluster of trees he'd been staring at before he'd started laughing. 'Look over there,' he told me, 'then let it take you.' Almost immediately a huge grin spread over my face. I gazed around at everything and started to laugh harder than I've ever laughed in my whole life - not because anything was funny, but because I was so blissfully happy and couldn't find any other way to express it. This lasted for about ten minutes, possibly longer.

Something happened to my legs. I don't quite know what it was. I tried numerous times to explain it, getting as far as saying 'You know what it's like when there's treacle... before losing it entirely and being swept up in another giggling fit. It occurred to me that I didn't need to explain, that EVERYBODY knows what it's like when there's treacle.

Eventually, having sat together watching the Sun sink lower and lower in the sky, we decided to tackle the final leg of the journey. Life retained a wonderfully surreal edge, though by this point I was mostly feeling quietly content my body was tired, but satisfyingly so. I felt a peaceful one-ness with the world and with My Favourite, and despite physical and mental fatigue I was still filled with a delicious warm energy.

Apart from the tiredness one would expect from having taken such a long walk, there were no after-effects whatsoever. I slept remarkably well that night, and woke up feeling cheerful and refreshed.

The experience has opened my eyes. I find myself looking at nature with a refreshed sense of wonder. I feel as though we have stumbled upon a real treasure with Ololiuqui, and am very much looking forward to trying it again (possibly a higher dosage or attempting to combine it with different plants). It is most definitely a healer, but not in any way that I was expecting.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 62157
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 15, 2008Views: 14,381
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